How did Wutian become a demon in the Afterword of journey to the west? Only because the Buddha said four words after asho died!

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How did Wutian become a demon in the Afterword of journey to the west? Only because the Buddha said four words after asho died! The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

The former life of Wutian was originally the great protector “jinnara Bodhisattva” under the command of the Buddha thirty thousand years ago. He was ordered by the Buddha to spread Buddhism in barbarian places. Wutian not only influenced the villain a Dao to be good, the thief a Liu to give up stealing, but also the prostitute a Xiu to be good. However, to jinnaro’s surprise, the local high priest wanted to burn jinnaro, but he was finally saved by a shame. After that, Bashi expressed his ambition by death, and followed his good deeds by showing his kindness.


However, the Buddha at that time, youvara, said that the death of Asha was not pure. He was driven out of Lingshan, and Jinaro was deeply stimulated. The Buddha’s “six roots are not clean” made jinnara become a demon. Jinnara was originally a Bodhisattva with high cultivation. He had no desire and no desire, and had long cut off the world’s love.

It was a shame who fell in love with jinnaro, and jinnaro was just to help others. It has influenced Asha, and Asha’s death only shocked him. It can be seen from what a-shyan said to jinnaro when he was dying, “jinnaro, remember? I promised you never to let men touch me again, or I would die. Now it’s time to fulfill my promise. You are my man, the man who makes me tremble. I love you and I will die without regret.”.

Therefore, Ashi’s love for kinnaro is just Ashi’s wishful thinking. At that time, the Buddha thought that kinnara had an affair with Asha because of her death. The Buddha’s words “six roots are not clean” and “driving out of Lingshan” have made jinnara Bodhisattva, who has been practicing for many years and has been mindful, unable to accept them. Therefore, he felt that the Buddha’s treatment at that time was unfair. Even when he was finally destroyed by Wukong, he said to the saints and gods, “you gods are cannibals, but they are superior. They are all incompetent people who do not care about the world and are unreasonable.”.

“Unreasonable” is indeed right. Not only did the Buddha treat him unfairly at that time. Even the case of xiaobailong’s uncle Jinghe Dragon King was also caused by the Jade Emperor’s negligence. Finally, Wukong made a big fuss in Lingshan and Tiangong. Only when the Buddha came forward did the Jade Emperor order to behead the Wude Xingjun and the Weihe Dragon King. Only when the case of the unjust death of the Jinghe Dragon King was clarified and the unjust death of the Jinghe Dragon King was vindicated.

The predecessor of Wutian, jinnara Bodhisattva, suffered injustice and was charged with six impure crimes. Not only was he expelled from Lingshan, but also his Buddhist books. It was not only a great shame to him, but also a complete disappointment to the Buddhist world. No one, like little white dragon, has Wukong to help his uncle clean up his grievances.

Therefore, he can only rely on himself to change the Buddha realm, even the three realms. Therefore, after he became a demon, although he was pushed into the dark by the new Buddha Tathagata, he devoted himself to practicing magic and reached the extreme. In addition, with the help of the power of the peacock Daming king, the magic power is equivalent to that of the Tathagata, and it is transformed into a Wutian.


Wutian occupied the three borders and began to retaliate. Even if it is revenge, it is only against one person, that is, the Tathagata. At that time, the Buddha had passed away, so he targeted the Tathagata, the highest leader in the Buddhist world. After he entered the three realms, he first visited the ancient Buddha of lanterns. It can be seen that although he wanted to get the support of the ancient Buddha of lanterns. However, he claimed to be a little monk in front of the burning lamp ancient Buddha. It can be seen that although he has become a demon, he still knows how to respect his teachers.

Wutian came to Lingshan and said to the Tathagata, “I came back. I told you five hundred years ago that I would come back. Now it is time for you to go or I will send you away.”. Because it was a sentence of the Buddha that denied everything about him, so he came to be the Buddha of the Buddha world and changed the unfair Buddha world and the three worlds.


Although he occupied the three realms, he abolished the original gods of the Buddhists and the gods of heaven. Apart from the burning of lanterns and the passing away of the Buddha, no one was killed during the 33 years of the three realms under the command of Wutian. On the contrary, his respect for the ancient Buddha who lit the lamp and his appreciation and respect for the Wukong Sanzang made people think that he was not a devil but a Buddha.

Therefore, the Buddha’s sentence “six roots are not pure” makes Wutian completely become a demon, because this sentence negates the practice of jinnara Bodhisattva throughout his life, and he is pure from beginning to end. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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