How did Zhang Han lose his popularity

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Although watching the TV series meteor shower together was also criticized by many netizens in that year, it is undeniable that this drama really made several people popular, and Zhang Han also became a first-line actor with the role of Murong Yunhai. Why is Zhang Han not angry? Why did Zhang Han’s popularity decline so badly? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Why is Zhang Han not angry

Zhang Han’s sense of presence in the entertainment industry in recent years is indeed very low. He feels that he has no good film and television resources now, so he can only rotate in the entertainment industry. There are many reasons why Zhang Han’s career has declined so badly. The first point is that Zhang Han shot too many Sino Korean joint-venture dramas a few years ago. As a result, these dramas could not be broadcast after the South Korean restriction order came down. Therefore, Zhang Han’s efforts in those years have been nothing.

This is what happened when Zhang Han fell in love with Zheng Shuang and broke up, which also brought a lot of influence to Zhang Han and has been resisted by Zheng Shuang’s fans until now. Moreover, after Zhang Han became popular, he was picked out by netizens for dragging the traffic police and causing the death of the traffic police. This matter completely made Zhang Han’s wind evaluation very poor, resulting in Zhang Han’s loss of popularity. If it weren’t for Zhang Han’s protection, he would really be blocked by the entertainment industry because of this matter.

How did Zhang Han lose his popularity

Zhang Han’s popularity has declined sharply. Another point is that Zhang Han’s acting skills themselves are not very good. Zhang Han was able to act in some idol dramas a few years ago, but now he will be ridiculed by netizens if he plays idol dramas at his age. However, Zhang Han’s own acting skills can’t stand firm in the drama circle, so he has basically been in a situation of no drama to shoot in recent years. If the actor of idol drama doesn’t transform in time, it’s easy to flop after a few years. This is the current situation of the entertainment industry, and Zhang Han is not the only one.

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