How do I usually analyze things?

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Now, when I analyze things, I mainly adopt the “source theory + economic chain analysis method”.

The two methods are very useful. They can be used to analyze specific events and historical problems of various countries and nations.

You may have noticed that this year, I wrote an analysis of the United States on the prohibition of guns, abortion, the funeral of the New York police, and the killing of a Chinese female doctor by the American police. Is it a progress over previous years? This year, I analyzed the evil forces in Tangshan in China, and my judgment was basically accurate only based on public information.

This is the result of the combination of the two methods. I feel I have made some progress, mainly because I have mastered this set of methodology.

Some excellent books we usually read are dragon slaying techniques, which only teach us macro theory, but do not teach us practical operation methods.

However, there are so many logics in this world that people are very confused and do not know which methodology is correct.

For example, when I was growing up, I read Houhei school, mind school, Neo Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism philosophy, economics, and mazhe, and I was also exposed to various religions. At the age of 20, I was most obsessed with Buddhism philosophy for several years. I thought these principles were mysterious. However, I encountered a problem that these things can only solve psychological problems, not immediate problems.

I have a thorough study of Buddhist philosophy. I still have to get up at seven o’clock tomorrow morning to squeeze the subway. My monthly salary is still 4000 yuan. I am so tired that I have to live and die. No matter how “no phase view” I am, no matter how trouble free I am, I have to eat when I raise my head, and write a planning report when I lower my head. I live very hard every day.

I have always wanted to find a methodology that can solve the painful problems in front of me. I can meet and solve problems, instead of sitting around talking about the philosophy of life and death thousands of miles away. However, the mind, Buddhism and Taoism are all playing riddles for me and do not give you a methodology.

I groped by myself, read and practiced constantly, and gradually summed up this set of practical philosophy of “source theory + economic chain analysis”.

We are tired of the economic chain analysis. Today we will mainly talk about the “source theory”.

I learned this method from Sun Yat Sen.

Sun Yat Sen has always been a seriously underestimated person. In the Chinese Internet world, he has been tarnished as a single-minded nerd, a person who only understands theory but does not understand practice, a person who shoots everywhere but does not do practical things. The most classic argument is that he said to Yuan Shikai that he would build 100000 miles of railway in China.

Sun Yat Sen probably, I mean maybe, did say this, but it is very stupid to completely overthrow and discredit a great man with one sentence, and he does not think deeply.

When I was writing Mao Zedong 1926 a few months ago, I needed to consult a lot about Chiang Kai Shek’s deeds. When I checked the history of Chiang Kai Shek’s prosperity, I found that Sun Yat Sen’s attitude towards Chiang Kai Shek was very rational.

From the very beginning, Sun Yat Sen had a thorough understanding of Chiang Kai Shek. He believed that Chiang Kai Shek was not broad-minded enough and had certain military talents, so he was only suitable for being a counselor, not a handsome man.

What Sun Yat Sen valued most were the three heroes under his command, Hu Hanmin, Wang Jingwei and liaozhongkai. Chiang Kai Shek was a scarce military talent who could be treated courteously, but he could only be a senior staff officer, not a leader in the army.

Chiang Kai Shek wanted real power, so he always quarreled with him. He constantly resigned and went on sightseeing trips to buy stocks. However, he wrote to Sun Yat Sen from time to time, pointing out military and political issues, and deliberately flirting with the father of the country. It seemed that he was competent, but he would not work hard if he did not give real power.

Most of the information said that in 1922, when chenjiongming rebelled, Chiang Kai Shek went to the Yongfeng ship to protect Sun Yat Sen, who was under siege. Since then, Sun Yat Sen began to put Chiang Kai Shek in important position and regarded him as a confidant.

In fact, No.

Sun Yat Sen still only let Chiang Kai Shek serve as the chief of staff of the base camp. He still worked as a military division and did not give real power. He was so angry that Chiang Kai Shek said that he “had been sleepy for a long time and wanted to commit suicide.”

Sun Yat Sen resolutely arranged his posts only according to his personality and ability, which showed that he was rational, calm and had his own unswerving philosophy.

After Sun Yat Sen’s death, the KMT senior leadership had a very fierce internal battle, killing a group of people, and finally the real power fell into Chiang Kai Shek’s hands for no reason. At this time, Sun Yat Sen’s prediction was true. Chiang Kai Shek, who only had talent but no handsome talent, really loved micro operation again and again after becoming the military leader, and was defeated by Mao Zedong again and again under the background of absolute superiority.

So I became interested in Sun Yat Sen’s philosophy of doing things and wanted to know how he thought and judged things.

In 1923, Sun Yat Sen inscribed an inscription on Chiang Kai Shek, which expressed his inner world:

Poor reason comes from the beginning of things, and it comes from the beginning of the mind.

To study something, we must find its origin, understand people’s hearts, and find its motivation. Only in this way can we understand things.

Hearing this, my heart suddenly opened. I felt that the door of the spiritual world had been pushed open again.

I quickly realized that my previous method of analyzing the United States was wrong, and I did not find the right way.

I am too dedicated to studying the life stories of Chuan Bao, pompeio and Biden, and to figuring out the proportion of people in red and blue states, the religious distribution, and the composition of economic leaders in each state. I am too tired, too hard, and have not found the right way.

After seeing Sun Yat Sen’s theory, I immediately adjusted my direction. I decided to start with the origin of the United States.

First, go to the market and buy back all the available books on the origin of the United States, preferably the books written by the Americans themselves, but those like Ann In this way, Rand boasted that the United States is the greatest, noblest and the only moral country in the original founding principle in the history of the world. I think this view is a little confused. I mainly look for books on American economy and geography.

According to my visits to various provinces in China, many of China’s economic changes rely on the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. Therefore, I believe that a country’s development, geography and economy are the underlying foundation. Therefore, when I found Martin in Shenzhen book city When Doyle wrote “the great river and the great country”, it really brightened my eyes.

The previous descriptions of the United States are all biographies of celebrities and American spirit. I think these are all packaged and whitewashed things, and they are too fragmentary, but the geographical description is difficult to whitewash. For the first time, the great river and great powers has roughly explained my understanding of the development history of the United States, from the east coast, to the Erie Canal, to the Great Lakes, to the Mississippi River.

The reason why I use the word “roughly” is that the books only tell a not very clear outline. These foreigners’ writing books is really a headache. They talk about it endlessly. Finally, they rely on the outline to look up the data, so as to understand the origin of the United States as a whole.

From the east coast to Los Angeles, the United States has gradually pushed forward, and all the slaves, the Great Lakes Industrial Zone, the western development, the Indians almost killed, guns and local autonomy that accompany this intermediate economic flow have been made clear.

So this year, I think my best work is “America can’t help shooting”. This is the first time that I have adjusted my thinking comprehensively and clarified the origin of the United States after learning the method of tracing the source from Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

After writing this article, I feel very happy. I have a pleasant feeling of running naked in the wind, because this article not only answers the root causes of many unique and unexplained social problems in the United States, but also answers all kinds of puzzles and troubles when I was 20.

Because I was a standard Wenqing when I was 20 years old. It was not until I was 30 years old that I changed my thinking habits. In those years, I saw almost all the famous movies one by one according to the IMDB ranking. Many movies about the United States, such as the godfather, dancing with Wolves, the past in the west, the liberated Jiang Ge, the burning years, the golden three escort, and a strange fate in the wind “American past” and so on. I used to know what happened, why, and the detailed progress of American history. I always felt that I knew little about American social problems.

After writing “America can’t help shooting”, I had a feeling of pain and pleasure. I answered all my questions when I was 20 years old. I knew why they were so difficult to deal with Indians. I knew the origin of American gangs, the reasons why the pioneering history of the western United States caused various local autonomy, and also knew the story of beef burgers in American fast food.

After tracing back to the source, the various strange social problems in the United States today are also clear, and there is no need to be brave to find theories.

I am particularly grateful to Mr. Sun Yat Sen for his words to Chiang Kai Shek. Whoever will simply say that Sun Yat Sen is a sun cannon in the future, I have to stand up and theorize. You underestimate a great man.

It is much easier to find the source of things and analyze things. Therefore, it is relatively easy for me to solve the problems of the United States and the Tangshan incident this year, because I have mastered a set of methodology.

This methodology can also be applied to all the affairs around you, such as common workplace infighting, neighborhood conflict, local hegemony, case detection, entrepreneurial dilemma, etc.

It is certainly too much to say that this methodology is the key to solving problems. However, I have been looking for a pragmatic philosophy to solve the current problems, rather than a spiritual philosophy that is too far away and always answers empty questions.

For ordinary people, it is much more important to resolve disputes with colleagues and how to raise wages than to resolve the unity of heaven and man. In China, there are 1.4 billion people, and the maximum number of people who can integrate heaven and man is 14. But more than a billion other people open their eyes every day, thinking about how to repay the mortgage today. Today, there is a seal to be stamped on their work, but the person who seals the seal is always asking me for trouble about the details of my life.

I think this set of pragmatism philosophy, this set of “source theory + economic chain analysis” is the most simple and crude, easy to learn and use.

The source theory finds the starting point of the problem, the economic chain analysis method finds the logical line of the problem, analyzes people, things, companies, nations and countries, and has rational rules and regulations.

I personally feel that many intellectuals in the world like to complicate simple things. In order to gain the respect of others and to mystify themselves, they can’t help but make the truth too dark.

Like me, a grass-roots class who has been seeking safety in food and clothing all my life, I don’t need to “ask heaven and earth, ask all sentient beings”. I just want to ask when the mortgage can be repaid. Therefore, I am more concerned about pragmatism philosophy, and can find a practical methodology to solve life problems. Therefore, I will slowly round the theory.

For specific application methods and results, you can go to my articles “Underworld without pulling out the net” and “the United States can’t help shooting”.

Because I have talked too much about economic chain analysis, I will only talk about the source theory in this article.

I don’t like long speeches either, because the reason is really simple. The “source theory + economic chain analysis method” can be explained in just a few words. In one sentence, thousands of books are falsely handed down. Ordinary people’s faces are covered with a thin layer of paper that blinds their thinking. To tear off this thin layer of paper, it is mainly because they can’t find a way, not because there is no way.

Finally, I will make a summary to facilitate you to digest the “source theory + economic chain analysis method” I want to understand:

1. as long as we find the starting point of things and personal motivation, we can find the truth of the problem.

2. strange and complex things and people can be solved by finding the source.

3. the source theory is responsible for solving puzzles, and the economic chain analysis method is responsible for solving logic and clues.

4. when you feel confused, use the source theory. When you want to judge the next step of the other party, use the economic chain analysis method.

5. if you are in a difficult situation, you can also use this method to find the source of your demons, analyze yourself, and then use the economic analysis method to change yourself.

I know that after writing this article, another person said that I am a good teacher. Bah, I just shared my experience. I didn’t package this theory into a big system. Then I took it out to give a lecture on the podium and told everyone to “understand applause”.

We, the grass roots at the bottom, only have a simple desire to share and the idea of common progress. We just want to breathe in the painful life. When thousands of mundane things are like ropes around us, we just want to untie the ropes and get a moment of economic and spiritual freedom of life.

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