How do we fight a public opinion war with the Americans?

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

The effect of beating chicken blood and drawing big cakes is always limited.

The biggest problem facing our propaganda is that when we talk about the United States, it is always difficult to solve a problem. The living standard in the United States is good.

Biden is an old hand in the color revolution. Biden can make a color revolution, smash the Tunisian suspects, smash Libya and split Ukraine. Although his own work is important, it is also very important that the United States provides him with a background.

This is the difficulty of our propaganda work. We should encourage the masses to tighten their belts. However, when the masses see that Americans have not tightened their belts, life is still good, and they have doubts.

The resources Biden can use are the living standards of Americans. No matter how Americans’ living standards exploit the whole world, no matter how the US dollar collects taxes from the whole world, how the masses see this. The masses are very tired from work every day. How can the masses have so much time and energy to think about this.

If the masses can think about this and have the energy to think about it, they will not be the masses. The poor political literacy of the masses is due to the fact that they really have no choice. Recently, there was a variety show to let artists experience the work of the masses. The artists also said that if I was put in that position, I would really be indifferent to the masses.

The masses can only look at the current situation in the United States, that is, the living standard is high, and they can’t think so much.

At this time, Biden came out to make a speech. The high living standard in the United States is due to American democracy. The masses have no time to understand that Saudi Arabia is not democratic but has a high living standard. Honduras has a poor democratic living standard. Puerto Rico fully copies the system of the United States and has the highest poverty rate in the world.

The masses will only see the high standard of living in the United States. Biden said that the American system is democratic, so the American Standard of living is high, and the masses believe it.

If you want to fight sugar coated shells, you must first have sugar coated shells. Most countries don’t even have shells. Public opinion can’t beat the United States.

Propaganda can not solve the problem of high living standards in the United States. The reason why Biden can fight public opinion is that the living standard in the United States is good.

Only Americans can help us solve this problem.

The standard of living in the United States is high. Is it true that everyone has a high standard of living? Who is America?

The United States is the United States of transnational financial groups, the United States is the United States of the global military industry group, and the United States is a global hegemony.

We can’t solve the problem that American living standards are high. American living standards are the foundation of high living. It is because American financial oligarchs can suck blood from the world and American military industrial groups can collect taxes everywhere.

Russia’s finance can be fully decoupled from the United States, and the Russian army has been victorious in Ukraine, so the Russian media can compete with the Americans.

Our military can now spank Australia and the US in the face.

However, China’s financial system cannot be completely decoupled from the Americans, because our foreign trade still depends on the current world order. Therefore, our public opinion war is still slightly inferior to that of the Americans.

Our trade cannot be stopped. It involves people’s livelihood and employment. Therefore, we cannot fully confront the United States in the military field or fully decouple from the United States in finance.

However, we should not treat the masses as fools. We should not draw big cakes for the masses. As long as we tighten our belts, we can win. The masses are not fools. When the masses see someone going to the United States to have children, they can also know what is going on in their hearts.

Our correct strategy is to encourage nationalism in the United States and diminish their universal values. Nationalism benefits the white people at the bottom, while universal values only benefit the oligarchs at the top.

There are only some Americans who can fight against some Americans. We must go out in the field of propaganda, pay attention to the people’s livelihood in the United States, pay attention to the lost living conditions of white Americans, and pay attention to the bottom Americans who have not benefited in the process of globalization.

We must tell them that the upper level Ansar Jewish group is not in the same heart with them. The upper level Ansar Jewish group has no lower level people in the United States. Only by smashing the rule of the Ansar Jewish group can we return to the beautiful era of one worker working and raising a family of two children and a dog.

It should not be our masses who want to tighten their belts against the United States. It should be the masses of the United States who want to rise up against the unjust ruling group.

If nationalism and extreme nationalism in the United States are promoted, the financial and military industrial groups that run wild here will be hampered everywhere.

As long as we burn the battlefield into each other’s public opinion space, we can take the initiative and lead them by the nose.

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