How far are we from normal life when the travel code is picked up and the isolation period is shortened?

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Author: north wind source: beifengxuelin (id:beifengxuelin)

On the 28th, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council released the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan for novel coronavirus pneumonia after 13 months.

As the first hot search in the whole network, people all over the country are concerned about “shortening the isolation period between inbound personnel and close contact to 7+3”

Many friends asked me to write an article in the message area to analyze whether “this policy change” means “a major shift in epidemic prevention policy”?

I didn’t write this article because the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan for covid-19 pneumonia has more than 150 pages, which is very detailed and important.

According to the prevention and control plan, many epidemic prevention policies we are familiar with will be changed or cancelled in the future, so we need to look at the subsequent changes.

On the 29th, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced that the “epidemic city with star” function of the itinerary code was completely cancelled. Therefore, this is a major change that will have a greater impact on our lives and social economy than shortening the isolation period.

The new policy includes “detailed and clear” provisions on “medium and high-risk area division”, “red and yellow code code assignment conditions”, which greatly reduces the space for local governments to “add code layer by layer”.

So, how far are we from normal life?

I. is “shortening the isolation period” moving towards “lying flat”?

Before the release of the ninth edition of the new crown prevention and control plan on the 28th, the policy of “14 days of centralized isolation +7 days of home health monitoring” was implemented for overseas entry personnel and close contacts of domestic confirmed cases, totaling 21 days of “epidemic prevention and isolation”.

It must be acknowledged that since the beginning of this year, after the overwhelming majority of countries in the world have been flat in the face of Omicron epidemic prevention, China’s “14+7” epidemic prevention and isolation policy has greatly affected the economic, trade and cultural exchanges with western countries.

Even foreign officials, including the new US ambassador to China, openly “question and attack China’s epidemic prevention policy” in the media.

Therefore, many people think that China’s “shortening the isolation period” is a “compromise” to western countries!

In fact, no matter the United States or the European Union, there is no such “strength” to make us yield.

We have changed the “isolation period” only because China has conducted more careful and detailed research on Omicron and its widely spread strains.

According to scientific research, it is confirmed that Omicron and its variants have the following five characteristics: faster transmission speed, shorter incubation period, lighter viral dose, and enhanced immune evasion ability. At this stage, the vaccine is significantly effective in severe and fatal cases.

The incubation period of Omicron and its main variant strains imported into China at this stage is generally 2-4 days, and the rate of reinfection after more than 10 days of incubation is very low.

It is precisely based on the incubation period characteristics of Omicron that it is significantly different from the delta strain targeted by the first generation of Xinguan and the eighth edition of the guidelines for epidemic prevention last year. Therefore, it is inevitable to change the “isolation period”.

At the present stage, China’s “import prevention and strict control” is still the top priority to prevent the epidemic outside the country.

Therefore, the isolation period has been reduced from “14+7” to “7+3”, and the “urgency” of external defense input has not changed significantly.

With the shortening of this isolation period, the biggest beneficiary groups are the flow between major cities in China, and the “production and life impact” on closely connected and sub closely connected people is minimized.

Second, the trip code should be picked up by “prevention and control thinking”!

Compared with “the isolation period of closely connected people is shortened from 14+7 to 7+3”, the trip code picking stars obviously affects more people and has a greater impact on economic life.

Since the beginning of this year, the negative voice of “travel code with stars” has become louder and louder.

Today, when “precise prevention and control” has become an important indicator, sporadic epidemics are common across the country. Under such circumstances, medium and high-risk areas in various cities have been “accurately divided”.

In this context, even if it is far away from the medium and high-risk areas, it is still “starred” because of “the same administrative division”, which obviously gives us a great feeling of “sitting together”.

Especially in March and April, the Omicron epidemic spread along the economic aorta, and there were sporadic outbreaks in more than 70 cities at one time.

At the same time, there are not many high-risk areas and daily cases in China, but the “life and mobility” of hundreds of millions of people in more than 70 “star cities are limited.

More importantly, the “logistics system” of star cities has stagnated, and the supply of living materials has been affected.

Therefore, “sporadic epidemic cities with stars” is one of the main reasons for the lack of economic vitality and slow recovery of consumption in the first half of this year, especially the poor logistics and the almost collapse of tourism and other consumer industries.

Now the summer ‘tourist peak’ has come. Only two hours after the policy of “picking stars by travel code” was announced, the number of train ticket inquiries across the country immediately increased by 1.5 times.

Although the “retaliatory consumption” has not come in the past two months, if the “journey code picking stars” is implemented, retaliatory tourism may come, and explosive travel will certainly come!

Of course, the policy of “travel code with stars” for more than two years, and the policy of “travel personnel with stars” for more than two years, such as avoiding snakes and scorpions, may need to be changed slowly if they want to make a complete change.

Therefore, the technical problem of the Ministry of industry and information technology’s “journey code to the stars” is easy to overcome, but it is more important for everyone in the country to “go to the stars from the psychological level” for outsiders from “epidemic cities”.

III. Sixian County, Anhui Province, where to go?

Whether the isolation period is shortened or the travel code is picked up, it means that the epidemic prevention and control has shifted from the macro level to refusing to increase the burden at all levels.

However, at the micro level, the epidemic situation in Sixian County, Anhui Province, I hope to get the attention of the whole country, especially the national epidemic prevention guidance department.

Sixian County, Anhui Province, has a special background for the “resurgence of the epidemic”.

Since the beginning of this year, the epidemic prevention in Anhui Province, especially Hefei, has “stood the test and won the war” even if it was impacted by Omicron.

Anhui Province, especially Hefei City, even issued open letters to “low-risk groups” in epidemic cities across the country.

However, on June 11, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the state council criticized Anhui’s “excessive epidemic prevention” by name, a typical example of which is Sixian County, Anhui Province.

On June 18, Anhui released the control measures for Shanghai personnel coming to Anhui.

On June 22, Hefei, Anhui Province canceled the normal nucleic acid detection.

On June 26, three asymptomatic infections were found in Anhui.

On June 28, 15 asymptomatic infections were found in Anhui Province.

The key point is that on June 28, 13 of the 15 asymptomatic infections in Anhui were in Sixian County, Anhui Province. At the same time, Sixian County, Anhui Province announced 10 positive cases in the preliminary screening on June 28 (confirmed as asymptomatic infections on June 29).

In other words, Sixian County, a small county in Anhui Province, found 23 positive cases on June 28, and 9 of them were found in {key social groups}.

This proportion, I am afraid that the epidemic situation in Sixian County, Anhui has spread in the society.

The first “positive case” in Sixian County, Anhui Province was found on June 26. By June 28, 23 new cases had been found every day.

By the 28th, the epidemic in Sixian county had been confirmed to affect the provincial capital Hefei, Nanjing and Wuxi.

On the 29th, Sixian County, Anhui Province announced the “full closure of the city”, a policy that triggered an online dispute over the new “guidelines for epidemic prevention”.

Under the requirement of “no expansion of medium and high risk areas and no impact on the normal life of residents in low risk areas”, some people questioned the “comprehensive closure” policy of Sixian County, Anhui Province.

However, in Sixian County, Anhui Province, from one positive case to dozens of positive cases in three days, I’m afraid there are reasons behind this for “being named for excessive epidemic prevention”.

Today, the rhythm of 9 cases a day for “key social groups” is likely to have spread in the society. How can we control it if the city is not closed?

Although Sixian County in Anhui Province is a small county, it is a county that has been named “over epidemic prevention”. Now the epidemic situation has come back in an all-round way, and it has been forced to “close the city for epidemic prevention”. This case should receive the attention of the highest level.

Only when the highest level takes out a model for epidemic prevention and accountability in Sixian County, Anhui Province, can the country see a “case ruling” that is “more realistic than the provisions”.

Where to go in Sixian County, Anhui Province, may let us see how far we are from normal life!

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