How far can Biden go?

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Original: Shen Peng source official account: heihara childe has been authorized to reprint

Biden is in the Middle East these days. In order to “increase oil production” and for the mid-term election, he has to return to the “place where the United States urgently needs to get out” and perform another play with his old body.

Trump mocked: “Biden has physical and mental problems; he is kneeling down to the world and begging Iran and Venezuela for forgiveness.”

This article is not about Biden’s health. Although he is an 80 year old man who walks and wrestles, stutters and shakes hands in vain, we are talking about the political life of the 46th president of the United States.


Because judging from the current situation, Biden and his political kingdom are in danger. Even when trump made a mess of the United States two years ago, it was no worse than now.

People who advocated the superiority of the American system at that time have a famous saying: “the United States can operate normally even if a dog is tied to the presidency”.

In fact, politics is not a fairy tale, not a chicken soup stall literature of readers and Yilin. Politics is an organized and planned way of life and struggle of mankind. All boasting and taking it for granted will pay a price. When a political system is critically ill, it’s really OK to tie a dog


In the 2020 U.S. election, the reason why the U.S. political system replaced trump with Biden is to change the president and the way of governance. Can there be any change in the United States? So Biden came to power, added back the groups that trump had retreated, signed back the treaties that trump had destroyed, and invited back the illegal immigrants who had driven trump away… The basic anti Communist and Anti China strategy did not change, and did some patchwork.


But face saving can’t save the United States. Indiscriminate money, inflation, hollowing out of industry, productivity depletion, racial hatred, continuous shooting, the proliferation of drugs, the gap between the rich and the poor, and the continuous decline of people’s living standards – these are the fatal diseases of the United States.

“Pessimism pervades all corners of the country, all ages and ethnic groups, urban and rural areas, as well as the democratic and Republican parties.” On the 11th, the New York Times published the first poll of the mid-term election season. The results showed that 77% of the respondents believed that the United States was moving in the wrong direction. According to the New York Times poll, within the Democratic Party, 64% of people do not want Biden to run for reelection again, and Biden’s basic price will not hold.

Democrats once had high hopes for Biden. Farrier, a Democrat, voted for Biden in 2020. In an interview with the New York Times, she said she had hoped that Biden might make more efforts to bridge the differences in the United States, but now, as a single mother, she is preoccupied with how to cope with the sharp rise in the cost of living. Farriel complained, “I used to live a comfortable life, but now I can’t afford anything.”


After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the case of Roe v. Wade, the New York Times and Siena college conducted a national poll in early July. More than three quarters of voters believe that the United States is moving in the wrong direction. This poll shows that voters believe that the primary problem facing the United States is the economy, which is regarded by 20% of respondents as the most important issue, followed by inflation and the cost of living (15%), democratic status or political differences (11%), gun policy (10%), abortion and women’s rights (5%).

You see, the messy “universal values” of racial discrimination, women’s rights and interests, and LGBT are not fundamental issues. “The economic foundation determines the superstructure”. The problem of living and eating is fundamental.

The CPI of the United States rose 9.1% year-on-year in June, the largest increase since November 1981. It is estimated to be 8.8%, compared with the previous value of 8.6%. In June, the core CPI of the United States was not seasonally adjusted, with a year-on-year increase of 5.9%, expected to be 5.70%, and the previous value of 6.00%. After the quarter on quarter adjustment in June, the CPI of the United States rose by 1.3% month on month, a new high since September 2005. In fact, the CPI of 9.1% has been modified by the United States. According to the original algorithm, the inflation in the United States has reached the peak level of the Great Inflation in 1980 – Americans have actually “coexisted with high inflation”.

The purchasing managers’ index of the U.S. manufacturing industry in June fell by 3.1 percentage points from May, indicating that the growth rate of the manufacturing industry slowed down. Inventories in some industries are high and sales are declining. Personal consumption spending, which accounts for about 70% of the U.S. economy, also showed signs of risk. Data from the US Department of Commerce showed that us personal consumption expenditure increased by only 0.2% in May, and fell after adjusting for inflation. Americans are facing the worst inflation in decades, but their income has failed to keep up with the pace of rising prices, affecting consumption levels.

Wholesale prices in the United States continue to accelerate at a very alarming rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on June 14 that wholesale prices rose rapidly in May due to inflationary pressures on the U.S. economy. The producer price index, which measures the price paid to producers of goods and services, rose 0.8% this month and 10.8% in the past year. The monthly increase is consistent with Dow Jones’ estimate, which is twice that of 0.4% in April.

According to the latest forecast released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta on the 8th, the real gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States will shrink by 1.2% on an annual basis in the second quarter of this year. The final revised data released by the US Department of commerce at the end of June showed that the data fell by 1.6% in the first quarter of this year. If the prediction comes true, it means that the US economy has fallen into a technical recession.

“For Biden, the gloomy National Outlook pushed his support rate to a dangerous low.” The New York Times said that more than two-thirds of independent voters did not agree with the president’s performance, and nearly half of them strongly opposed it. “Don’t run again.” According to the times, Biden was “devastatingly rejected” by Democrats – 64% of Democrats did not want him to run for president again. Amid widespread dissatisfaction with high inflation and violent crime, Biden’s approval rating has fallen to a record low (33%). This is the level never seen in the current stage of the U.S. presidential term since Truman.

Biden is now “attacking in all directions” in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. What he wants is the dignity of the United States as the “world overlord”, but the skin does not exist, the hair will not be attached, and there is no inside. How to maintain a bright face? Aircraft carrier formation, strategic missiles, the world’s largest air force and Navy, still need to burn oil and money every day!

Let’s see how long this “face” can last?

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