How heavy is Li Yannian’s “Republic Medal”?

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Source: wechat official account “national memory” (id:cctv Guojia Jiyi)

Since the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea in October 1950, in less than a year, the “United Nations army” led by the United States has shifted from strategic attack to strategic defense, and the United States government has had to sit at the negotiating table.

After several “sit in” negotiations, the Americans lost their temper. Thus, from August 18th, 1951, the enemy launched both a ground offensive and a “hanging and killing war”.

Liyannian was then the instructor of the 7th company, 3rd Battalion, 418th regiment, 140th division, 47th army of the volunteer army.


Li Yannian, who joined the army in Northeast China in 1945, worked as a guard and participated in the Liao Shen, Pingjin campaigns and the suppression of bandits in Western Hunan. During the war of liberation, he also studied systematically in the Northeast military and Political University.

On October 1st, 1951, van fleet, who was then the commander of the 8th group army of the United States, could not wait to issue the autumn offensive operation order.


The 47th military defense area of the volunteer army is the key offensive area of the enemy. The eyes of the belligerents gradually focused on the 346.6 highland to the west of Tiande mountain.

The war was very fierce, and the Highlands changed hands several times. However, by October 10, the 346.6 highlands were still controlled by the US Army. The hard bone Li Yannian and his comrades in arms want to chew is the 346.6 highland. This highland is a strategic hub connecting Lianchuan to Tieyuan railway and highway lines.

Late at night on October 10, 1951, Li Yannian’s 140th division succeeded the 139th division. The 7th company, as an auxiliary company, continued to counter attack the 346.6 highland controlled by the US Army.

At first, some soldiers of the 7th company complained that they could not attack the main attack. For the complaints of the soldiers, Li Yannian said, “what is the ability to complain? Those who have the ability to attack the auxiliary attack into the main attack!”

On the evening of October 10, Li Yannian and his comrades in arms began to take action. The 7th company soon approached the enemy’s position. After a battle, the first team took the first hill at one fell swoop. Then, the second, third and fourth hills were conquered one after another. There was only the last Hill left, but at this time, the 9 company, which was the main task, only came up with one class.


It turned out that the 9 companies in the frontal attack were covered by enemy gunfire and suffered heavy casualties. In this way, the auxiliary attack of the 7th company really became the main attack. Without saying a word, Li Yannian led the 7th company to launch an attack on the main peak, and finally won the 346.6 highland at one fell swoop and successfully recovered the position. However, just like the continuous change of hands in the 346.6 highland a few days ago, how to hold the position is the real test.

After dawn on October 11, the US army launched a fierce counterattack under the cover of more than 20 tanks and nearly 10 artillery groups.


In the continuous battle, the military and political work of the company fell to Li Yannian alone. Li Yannian even designated in advance the temporary successors of the cadres of each shift and platoon, smashing the enemy’s attacks again and again.

Soon the enemy’s fifth attack began. This time, the enemy learned from the lessons of the previous four blind frontal attacks and adopted the tactics of combining frontal attack with circuitous encirclement.

Li Yannian was well prepared for the change of the enemy’s attack mode. He specially strengthened the flank defense and smashed the enemy’s attack.

At this time, the new radio station of the division was also sent to the position in time. Before Li Yannian could report the situation to his superiors, he was praised by the division head: “the 7th company played beautifully! Made great contributions!”


The morale of the officers and men of the 7th company was greatly boosted, and they vowed to defend the position to the death under several attacks of the enemy.

Before dark on October 11, Li Yannian commanded the company to smash the enemy’s seven attacks and reorganize the battle sequence five times, which became one of the successful examples of the volunteer army’s offensive and defensive victory with a small number of troops in the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea.

At this point, the offensive launched by the “United Nations army” on the Western Front was forced to stop.

Peng Dehuai, who saw the war report, praised: “the 47th army fought well, bravely and tenaciously, and fought actively.”


On October 23, 1951, at the third session of the first CPPCC National Committee, Chairman Mao Zedong stressed that the entire Chinese people united extensively before the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea and waged a resolute struggle against the aggressive forces of US imperialism.

On October 22nd, 1951, the autumn offensive launched by the “United Nations army” was smashed. On November 27, the United States had to agree to the request of the DPRK and China to take the actual contact line of the two sides as the military demarcation line and withdraw two kilometers each as the demilitarized zone, and reached an agreement on the military demarcation line.

In November, 1952, Li Yannian was awarded the honorary title of “first-class hero” by the headquarters of the volunteer army. He scored a special merit and won the second-class Medal of freedom and independence of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the third-class national flag medal.


After his triumphant return from the Korean battlefield, Li Yannian did not take off his military uniform. Instead, he took the initiative to apply for transfer to the Guangxi border defense force and continued to stick to the border of the motherland until he retired.

From the war of liberation to the suppression of bandits in Western Hunan, from the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea to the defense of the country and the border, Li Yannian participated in dozens of battles and battles throughout his life. He was courageous and made great achievements. However, he carefully sealed the military honors of “first-class hero of the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army” and “special meritorious hero”, which were rarely mentioned.


The history of heroes has not been forgotten by the motherland. On September 29, 2019, Li Yannian won the medal of the Republic.

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