How high is Zhenyuan immortal? Why is ginseng fruit so precious?

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How high is the level of Zhenyuan immortal brought to you by the Xiaobian of China story network today? I hope it can help you.

The immortal Zhenyuan in journey to the west, as the owner of Wuzhuang temple, is a very curious figure. After all, the ginseng fruit planted in his yard can’t even be eaten by monk Sha when he was a fairy. It can be seen that this ginseng fruit must be eaten by a very valuable fairy, and it must be on the flat peach banquet of the queen mother. But he gave it to Monk Tang generously, and one or two. Who is he, and what level is he among all the immortals?


Zhenyuan immortal is known as the ancestor of earth immortals. This title sounds very weighty, but I’m afraid the most curious thing is his ginseng fruit. He gave two ginseng fruits to Tang monk at random. But Tang Monk didn’t see this kind of fruit. He thought it was a child and refused to eat it. As a result, his two disciples qingfengmingyue were cheaper. After the three brothers saw it, Monkey King also went to eat a few, but was found by qingfengmingyue, tangled, Monkey King was angry and uprooted the fruit trees, and all the ginseng fruits disappeared.

And this ginseng fruit tree is extremely precious. The setting in the book is that it can be eaten for 10000 years, but there are only 30 fruits in 10000 years. Even if you don’t eat it, you can live to 360 years old by smelling it, and you can live to 47000 years by eating one. Just because it looks like a child, it is misunderstood by Tang monk, so there is the following thing. Moreover, ginseng fruit will enter the soil as soon as it meets the soil. It must be bagged with things and picked with specific tools, otherwise it cannot be picked.

In the final analysis, ginseng fruit is extremely precious, but why can Zhenyuan immortal plant a ginseng fruit tree? Zhenyuan immortal’s skill must be very powerful. After all, when he fought with Tang Monk several people later, he put them all into his sleeves. If it weren’t for the monkey king’s quick wit, I’m afraid no one would be able to invite Guanyin and move rescuers. Monkey King came to Guanyin. Guanyin revived ginseng fruit trees with a jade bottle, which finally resolved the gratitude and resentment between them.

In fact, if it’s an ordinary immortal, I’m afraid Guanyin won’t care about these things, and according to his disciples in the book, Zhenyuan immortal’s status is very high. His status in Taoism can be equal to that of Sanqing, or he can be said to be an alternate of Sanqing. Even if he is an alternate, he must have the conditions that he can be an alternate, such as status and ability, before he can become an alternate, even if this is an alternate, It can also dump other immortals in many streets and stand near the top of the food link.

Therefore, the origin of Zhenyuan immortal is very powerful. Even if Guanyin comes, he can’t be ignored. Such a person is willing to send out two ginseng fruits, naturally because he knows that the Tang monk is a golden cicada son. Otherwise, how can he get this kind of ginseng fruit that even the gods covet? Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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