How many gods were there before Pangu? Who are these gods?

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Today, the Xiaobian of China story network brings you three great gods earlier than Pangu. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Not to mention the sequence of character archetypes, just from the internal logic of myths and legends, there are three predecessors of Pangu immortal. Pangu’s story comes from the “three five calendar” written by Xu Zheng, a scheming literary man of the state of Wu during the Three Kingdoms period. It is recorded in the book that at the beginning of the flood and famine, heaven and earth were in chaos. Pangu was born in it, and heaven and earth began to open. After 18000 years of age, the Qi of Yang Qing rose into the sky, and the Qi of Yin turbidity fell into the earth. The sky rises by a foot, the earth is thick by a foot, and Pangu’s body increases by a foot every day. After 18000 years old, Pangu’s body dissipated, his eyes turned into the sun, moon and stars, and his blood turned into rivers; Bones turn into mountains and flesh into soil and trees.


This story looks simple and crude, but in fact it is much better than the Western God, because he is at least a kind of “materialism”. Material has the basis of material production, not foolishly where: God said to have light, so there was sun and moon, and there was light; God said there should be water, so there is water in the world. I always feel that there is a rush of street acrobatics. To get back to the point, Xu Zheng’s Pangu myth says that Pangu was born in chaos, and there are three great gods that existed before the chaotic world.

Zhuangzi, a famous comedian of the Taoist school, once told a story. He said, there are heavenly emperors in the southeast, northwest, middle and five directions. Three of them are good friends, and the other two are little transparent, which has never been mentioned. The northern emperor of heaven, the southern heaven and earth and the central emperor of heaven were relatively close. At that time, there were no creatures or humans on the earth, so probably the immortals didn’t have to go to work. They traveled all day and slept when they were tired. Anyway, there is no need to punch in, and no one will deduct their wages. Immortals don’t need to find food and drink. Anyway, they can’t die anyway. So, these three are playing chess all day. Anyway, there is nothing serious. They don’t need to save the earth or be disturbed by other species.

But there is a problem, that is, the central Heavenly Emperor. He has no five senses and nine orifices. He is a meat ball. Anyway, you can’t say what he looks like. Can’t see, can’t hear, can’t smell, can’t taste, everything depends on the mind. The northern emperor and the southern emperor felt that this man was too poor to enjoy anything. What’s the meaning of living? So they came up with a good idea – to help the central emperor develop a set of facial features by hand, so that they can share all kinds of fun with themselves. So they picked up chisels, axes and hammers, and beat drums on the body of the central Heavenly Emperor, chiseling an opening every day. A week passed, and this great project was finally completed.


But tragedy happened: the central emperor of heaven died. Zhuang Zi’s meaning of this fable can be summarized in Lao Tzu’s words: it is because there is life that there is death; It is because of feelings and feelings that we can separate from heaven and earth, which is the root of death and life. This truth is too abstruse. You can make do with it. If you don’t understand it, read uncle’s articles more. After a long time, you will understand it naturally. In fact, there is a similar righteousness in the Buddhist scriptures – it is precisely because of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind that there is sound, fragrance, color, taste and touch of the six dust methods, and it is precisely because of the six dust that there is obsession and death.

But if you look at this story from another angle, you will find that Zhuang Zi inadvertently told a great secret – the central Heavenly Emperor was a great God earlier than Pangu immortal. Because the central emperor of heaven itself is chaos, heaven and earth are one, and there is no difference between heaven and earth, sun and moon. He has an alias called chaos, and Pangu came into being in chaos. Chaos begets Pangu. Of course, Pangu is a descendant. It’s that simple.

Another great God was earlier than Pangu, because he was also one with heaven and earth. When he opened his eyes, it was day; As soon as his eyes close, it is night; When he exhaled, there was a hot wind, so the world entered spring and summer; As soon as he breathed in, a cold current was used, and it was winter all over the world. This great God is Zhuyin, the God of Zhongshan. According to Shanhaijing Dahuang Beijing, “there is Zhangwei mountain in the north of Chishui, outside the northwest sea. Among them, there is a god man, with a human face and a snake body. His sleep is dark, his vision is bright, and he does not eat, sleep, and rest. Wind and rain is a call, a candle nine Yin, and a candle dragon”. The world is white when the candle Yin opens its eyes, and the world is black when the candle dragon closes its eyes. He didn’t eat or sleep, didn’t sleep, and there was no wind and rain.


In fact, what it expresses is a realm of the integration of heaven and earth and the integration of heaven and God, which shows that the great God is integrated with the celestial body. His actions can represent the movement of the universe. The book of mountains and seas overseas North Sutra also expresses the same meaning, but adds that the candle dragon lives on Zhongshan Mountain and is the God of Zhongshan Mountain. In this way, Zhongshan should be a sacred mountain more ancient than Kunlun, or at least coexist with it.

There is also an ancient god with similar divine power. He is shh. “Shanhaijing ยท western classic of the great wilderness”: “in the great wilderness, there is a mountain called Riyue mountain, which is also called Tianshu. Wu zhe Tianmen, which is entered by the sun and moon. There is a God, the human face has no arms, and the two feet belong to Toushan, which is called shush…. it is located in the Western pole, followed by the sun, moon and stars.” In other words, it is Shhh, the great God, who is controlling the operation of the sun, moon and stars to maintain the order of the operation of celestial bodies. On the contrary, he is also integrated with heaven and earth, or the spokesman of heaven and earth. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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