How many monkeys are as famous as monkey king in journey to the west? What are the names of the seven great apes?

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Hello, this is the editor of China story network. Today, I will tell you about the seven great apes in the journey to the West. Welcome to follow.

When it comes to who the seven great apes are, Xiaobian has really heard about them for the first time. However, after many studies by Xiaobian, the great apes are actually monkeys like Sun Wukong, which amazes Xiaobian. However, there are many monkeys like Sun Wukong in the journey to the West. It is said that there are about seven before and after. Some people want to ask, what is the seven great apes? What are the differences? Let’s analyze and uncover the secrets together!


1. Lingming God ape Sun Wukong

Lingmingshen ape is quite good at change, and has quite a lot of research on celestial phenomena. It even has the ability to change stars, which is very powerful.


2. Tongarm God ape Yuan Hong

The monkey can hold the sun and the moon in his hand, or shrink the landscape at will. He has the ability to invert everything in the world.

3. Intelligent monkey with six ears

The intelligent God ape is very smart when he looks at his name. He is good at seeing and listening to the sound in the distance. At the same time, he is also more observant and knows a lot of things.

4. Xingshuishen ape has no branches

Xingshuishen ape is good at changing. As long as he is in the water, he will become very strong. Later people falsely believe that he is the jellyfish lady, but some people call him the great saint of water apes.

5. Yin Yang God ape Tang Xuanzang

Yin Yang God ape is a clever monkey. He knows a lot about human life and death. He is also good at prolonging life and avoiding evil.

6. Ventilation God ape Monkey King

Ventilation God ape, he also has all kinds of changes, haunting, and erratic movements. He is the most mysterious of the seven God apes.

7. Drive the holy ape King Yu

Driving away the sacred ape, the force is relatively strong, and it can even be an enemy of the immortals.


The above is about the introduction of the seven God apes. You can also see that there are many familiar figures. Sun Wukong and Tang Xuanzang are all listed. In fact, it is true. The Lingming God ape is a stone monkey, and Sun Wukong is a stone monkey. So Sun Wukong is a stone monkey, that is, a Lingming God ape. How can this Tang Xuanzang and Tang Monk become Yin and Yang God apes again? In fact, looking at the whole journey to the west, we can see that the Tang monk, who does not show the mountain and does not leak water and always needs to be rescued, is actually the most intelligent person. According to the records of the Tang monk, “a good man who has practiced for ten generations will live forever after eating a piece of meat”. However, he was forced to reincarnate eight times by the Tathagata, one time by the nine day Xuannv, and the other times by the Tathagata and Guanyin. At that time, the Yin and Yang God ape was killed. Guanyin also became a chess player here. He did not know that the Yin and Yang God ape was a monk of the Tang Dynasty and was killed with a knife. This is also the interesting part of journey to the West. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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