How many of the twelve mythical birds do you know? Which are fierce beasts?

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How many of the twelve mythical birds do you know? Which are fierce beasts? The following is a detailed introduction by the Xiaobian of China story network. Let’s read on~

There are many mythical birds and animals. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the twelve mythical birds.

Ghost car, also known as nine headed bird and nine Phoenix, likes to attract people’s souls

According to the records of “baisetu”, the ghost car flies in the air, and the sound of circling is like the sound of ancient vehicles. It is named after the ghost car. The ghost car often falls on the roof of human habitation, sucking the soul of the owner of the house and killing people. It is said that there are blood stains on the roof where the ghost car landed. This is because the ghost car once had ten heads, but one of them was bitten off by a heavenly dog, leaving blood dripping from the wound. So where did the ghost car fall, There will be natural and man-made disasters everywhere. It is said that the nine headed insect in the journey to the west is a ghost car. In the original book of the journey to the west, the nine headed insect’s head is not a snake’s head, but a bird’s head, and its wings are feathered, so it is more accurate to say that it is a nine headed bird. But this is just a doubt, and it can not be determined that the nine headed insect is a ghost car. Therefore, the fighting power of the nine headed insect is not involved in the ranking as the fighting power of the ghost car.


Emphasize bright birds – drive wolves and tigers, subdue demons and Demons

Chongming bird is a mythical bird in ancient mythology. It is shaped like a chicken and calls like a Phoenix. Both eyes have two eyes, so it is called Chongming bird or Chongyan bird. It often shakes off all the feathers on its body, flapping its featherless body with its bare wings, and flies in the high air. It can expel jackals, wolves, tigers, leopards and other fierce animals, so that ghosts and monsters dare not harm human beings. It is very friendly to human beings and likes the paste of Qiongyu, so people often put Qiongyu paste in the courtyard to let Chongming bird come to roost. However, this bird is very attached to its hometown, and people can’t bear it, so they have to agree to let it travel freely. When demons and ghosts take advantage of Chongming bird’s absence to harm people, people cast it into the shape of Chongming bird with wood or copper and iron, and put it in the courtyard. In this way, demons and ghosts will be afraid when they see it, They hide far away and dare not make trouble.


Bi Fang, a powerful flame bird, once saved the Yellow Emperor

It is said that Bi Fang’s external image is a red crowned crane, but it has only one leg, a blue body and a white beak. It is surrounded by flames and has the ability to drive flames. It used to be the guard car god bird of the Yellow Emperor. There are records about Bi Fang in books such as the book of mountains and seas, the book of supernatural spirits and the book of Huainanzi. It is said that the Yellow Emperor was attacked by Chi you and other enemy ghosts killed by the Yellow Emperor in Mount Tai. It was Bi Fang who repelled them, And sealed in Mount Tai, so far Bifang has never appeared again.


Rosefinch – one of the four elephants, the God of the four directions, the southern rosefinch, bathed in fire

In the traditional culture of the Han nationality, the four elephants refer to the green dragon, the white tiger, the rosefinch and the Xuanwu, which represent the four directions of East, West, North and south respectively. The rosefinch refers to the south, that is, the guardian spirit animal of the south. There are no relevant records in ancient and modern books about how powerful the rosefinch is. We can only judge from the position of the rosefinch in the myth system. The rosefinch is one of the four gods, and also refers to the seven stars in the south, The status should be similar to or a little stronger than the 28 stars in Taoist mythology. What is the status of the 28 stars in heaven? I have no status. There are no 28 stars in the “Sanqing, Siyu, Wulao, liusi, seven yuan, eight poles, nine Yao and ten capitals” in the Taoist mythology system, and kuimu wolf in the journey to the West belongs to one of the western white tigers, which can not beat the monkey king. Therefore, the rosefinch should be stronger than the common spirit birds and weaker than the descendants of the divine birds, the golden winged ROC and the peacock.

Cinnabar finch is one of the four spirits of heaven in ancient Chinese mythology, which originates from the worship of ancient stars. It is the southern God representing the Yan Emperor and the seven Southern constellations. It is separated from the eight trigrams and dominates fire in the five elements, symbolizing the old sun in the four elephants and summer in the four seasons. In the family of divine birds, the status is second only to that of Phoenix. During the nirvana period of Phoenix, the cinnabar bird served as the king of all birds.

Golden winged roc – catching the monkey king like an eagle catching a rabbit

This is a monster we are very familiar with. In the journey to the west, we can easily catch Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong can’t escape when he grows big or small. It can be said that he plays with Sun Wukong in his hands. His force value is far greater than that of Sun Wukong. He is not afraid of five hundred Arhats and cannot be caught unless he is a Buddha. According to the Buddha, the golden winged Dapeng carving is born of a Phoenix, the younger brother of the peacock king Daming, and the uncle of the Buddha; The golden winged giant ROC carving is extremely powerful. It can cover 90000 miles with one beat of its wings. It is one of the few truly helpless demon kings of monkey king in the journey to the West. Later, it was recovered by the Buddha.


Peacock – even the Tathagata dares to eat it. It is honored by the Tathagata as the peacock king Daming Bodhisattva and the mother of Buddha

The peacock here refers to the peacock in myth, which is completely different from the peacock in reality. The peacock dogs in reality can chase it away. In the journey to the west, when the Tathagata talks about the golden winged ROC, he also tells the origin of the peacock. The peacock is also born by the Phoenix, and the peacock is the worst when it is born. He swallowed the Tathagata in one gulp. Fortunately, the Tathagata has great magic power to cut open his back and come out. Because he once came out of the peacock’s belly, Therefore, peacock was named the mother of Buddha. It can be seen that peacock’s strength is also very strong. Otherwise, how dare we not even pay attention to the Buddha? Peacock and Dapeng are both born of Phoenix, and their strength should be similar. But peacock has eaten the Buddha after all, so it is placed in front of Dapeng.

Three legged golden black — the son of the emperor of heaven and the incarnation of the sun

Many people say that the three legged Jinwu is the son of the first emperor of the East. In fact, this is fabricated by modern novels, but the three legged Jinwu is indeed the son of the emperor of heaven. According to the records of ancient books such as the book of mountains and seas, the three legged Jinwu in the sun myths and legends of ancient China is the son of the emperor of heaven, Emperor Jun and Xihe. The three legged Jinwu is the embodiment of the sun. With the true fire of the sun, it should be infinitely powerful and powerful, Even if it is placed in the first place, it is not too much, but according to modern myths, such as journey to the west, the Phoenix was born at the beginning of the world, competing with the dragon and the unicorn, even earlier than the emperor of heaven at that time. In addition, nine of the three legged Jinwu were killed by Hou Yi, which seems very fragile, so it ranks second. According to ancient myths, such as the book of mountains and seas, It is recorded in the Shanhaijing · Southern classic of the great wilderness that “Xihe, the wife of emperor Jun, was born for ten days”. The Shanhaijing · Eastern classic of the great wilderness also contains: “there are buttresses in the Tanggu, which arrive and emerge in one day. They are all carried in Wu”. The three legged golden crow is the ten sons of emperor Jun and Emperor Xihe. It is also the ten suns in the legend of Hou Yi shooting the sun. It looks like a black three legged crow burning with flames. It rises from the Fusang tree in the East in turn and turns into a sun bird shining everywhere. As the son of the emperor of heaven and the incarnation of the sun, the three legged Jinwu has the status of Prince and the function of shining on the sky and the earth and nurturing all living beings. It is indisputable that it has the highest status in the ancient divine bird.

The Phoenix is only the king of all birds and has no special magic power, so it ranks first in the three legged gold and black, but if it is arranged according to the ancient myth, the peacock and the Dapeng can’t be ranked at all.


Blue bird — the messenger of the queen mother of the West

Qingniao is a three legged divine bird. It is said that Qingniao is the emissary of the queen mother of China and the West. We can’t see each other in the world, but we can only see each other in Penglai fairy mountain. However, there is no way to Penglai, so we have to rely on Qingniao to send messages. It is said that before the arrival of the queen mother of the west, there was always a blue bird to tell the news first. It is bright in color and light in shape. It was originally the messenger of the queen mother, and later generations regarded it as the messenger to deliver happy news. In untitled, Li Shangyin, a famous ancient poet, wrote that “there is no way to Pengshan, and the birds are eager to visit.”. Therefore, no matter from which perspective, it is a divine auspicious thing.

Phoenix – King of all birds, born again

Phoenix is the king of birds in myths and legends. It likes to perch on Wutong trees. There is a record in “Wen Wen Jian Lu” that “Wutong birds dare not perch and stop avoiding Phoenix”. It is said that Wutong is the king of trees. It is said that Wutong is a spirit tree and can know the time and the order. Only Phoenix can perch on the ground. It is said that Phoenix can know the rise and fall of chaos in the world. It is said that when the Zhou Dynasty rose, there was a phoenix chirping in Qishan, which indicates that the Zhou Dynasty will prosper. Therefore, there is an allusion to Fengqi chirping.

The book of mountains and seas records that “there are birds, which look like chickens. They are written by five people, and they are called Fenghuang”. Phoenix is recognized as the king of birds and the leader of birds in China’s myth system. The male of this family is called “Feng” and the female is called “Huang”, so it is generally called Phoenix. Phoenix is often used to correspond to the dragon and symbolize auspiciousness and harmony. There are many types of Phoenix, which can be roughly divided into five types according to color. According to volume 10 of primary school cyan beads, there are five Phoenix images, five colors and red phoenix, yellow Phoenix, green Luan, purple Zhuo and white swan. In addition, it is said in journey to the West that peacock and Dapeng are the sons of Phoenix. In short, the Phoenix has a transcendent status among the ancient sacred birds.

In modern mythological novels, the Phoenix was born at the beginning of the world. It is as famous as the dragon and the unicorn. It is said that it has the ability to leave the fire for nine tastes, the ability to regenerate from the fire, and the almost immortal existence. There are peacocks and Dapeng, both of which are demon king level figures with strong magic power. There is another saying that the Phoenix breeds nine young, which are golden phoenix, colorful Phoenix, fire phoenix, snow Phoenix, Blue Phoenix, peacock, Dapeng, Thunderbird and gale.

The book of mountains and seas records that “the head of Dongting mountain is 2800 miles long, and its divine shape is the body of a bird and the head of a dragon.” Some people say that Longque is a kind of Phoenix in legend. But it is not as colorful and auspicious as the Phoenix, but rather ferocious. It is also said that the Dragon finch is the descendant of the Phoenix and ZuLong. It has a pair of black wings that block the sun, the moon and the stars. In addition, the Dragon finch is fierce and withdrawn. Therefore, although the Dragon finch has a huge size and powerful divine power among the ancient divine birds, its status and popularity have not been high.


According to the book of mountains and seas, there is a Snake Mountain in the North Sea. There are birds of five kinds in the mountain. They fly to cover a township and are called yiniao In other words, this yiniao not only has colorful plumage, which looks like a Phoenix, but also is large enough to block out the sun. Spreading its wings can cover a village. Among the ancient god birds, the yiniao is also very outstanding in shape.

Nine Phoenix

Nine Phoenix, also known as nine headed bird and ghost car, is an ominous strange bird in myths and legends. It is said that it has nine heads, a human head and a bird body. It is also said that Jiufeng originally had 10 heads, but later one was shot off.


The book of mountains and seas records that “there are mountains in the North Sea, which are called the mountains of Youdu. The black water flows out, and there are black birds on them.” In addition, the book of Songs contains: “the mysterious bird of heaven’s destiny came down and gave birth to Shang. The ancient emperor ordered Wu Tang to live in the other four directions.” Xuanniao was a very popular sacred bird totem in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. It is said that Xuanniao was also the ancestor totem of the Yin and Shang Dynasties. It was under the protection of Xuanniao that Chen Tang became famous for hundreds of years. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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