How many possibilities does Abe have?

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been reprinted with authorization

Today in the Western Sichuan Plateau, I wonder if I can have a drink? Abe is said to have been shot. According to his original physical condition, it is estimated that he will go to see his ancestors eight times this time.

Who did it? This is the answer we all urgently want to know, but the official information will not be so fast. Second, even if the official information comes out, it is generally not credible. As long as a mental illness certificate is provided, all plots will not be plots. This is the custom of his godfather Meidi.

So if you want to find the answer, you have to find it yourself. At the outset, let me make a conclusion first. The person or organization who assassinated Abe this time is definitely someone who doesn’t want to fight.

Why am I talking about people or organizations that don’t want to fight, rather than anti war organizations? Because the difference is big.

Anti war organizations are generally motivated by justice or righteousness. But there are many kinds of people who don’t want to fight, some are afraid of fighting, some are for peace, and some are for their own interests….. Wait, wait…

So let’s analyze these people who are unwilling to fight.

The first is the anti war organization, which is unlikely, because the current anti war urgency has not reached the point of killing and blocking the war, and it is of little significance to kill Abe. The most important thing is that Japan’s current strength is very weak.

Second, people in Japan who feel that war is not in their own interests. This force may exist in Japan. I have always insisted that Abe, Kan, and then Kishida are actually an overall plan of Japan’s right-wing group. The purpose is to amend the Constitution and even provoke China and the United States to fight. For this reason, Japan may take risks in the South Kuril Islands. Moreover, this risk has been supported by the vast majority of Japanese right-wing groups, so the possibility of assassinating Abe is not high. At present, the international situation is facing the trend of changing dynasties, and the Japanese elite has basically reached a consensus, that is, taking advantage of the opportunity to make a profit. From the current point of view, this psychological state is consistent with my consistent inference.

One of the reasons for this psychological state is Japan’s history and geography, and the other is Japan’s unwillingness to replace the United States by China. Japan has studied the West for more than 100 years, and its various systems are embedded in the European and American systems. Although it has been harvested many times and has little say, it is still unwilling to let it become an affiliate of China. Most Chinese people can understand this truth: Japan, this thing, will not talk well without a fight.

Therefore, Shinzo Abe, who has become the leader of the main war faction, is unlikely to be sniped by his own people for his interests.

Then, there is another possibility that the Americans did it. Americans don’t like to fight in East Asia. The situation in East Asia can be hyped and used, but if it breaks out, Americans have little interest, especially when the current situation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is unclear. Once the Western Pacific erupts, the United States may not be sure that China will definitely take the opportunity to be swung back by Europe, which may not even be able to hold Europe. Although Abe’s current hop does not seem to be physically destroyed, Americans have always liked to kill Japanese politicians. In recent years, it is not uncommon for Japanese politicians to die of conspiracy theories.

These are those who don’t want to fight, and those who want to fight may also start to kill Abe. The September 18th and July 7th incidents are all caused by Japan killing its own people first, or taking advantage of its own people, and then looking for an excuse to start the war. Nowadays, it is not surprising that Japanese right-wing extremists use a dying spiritual figure as a pretext to forcibly amend the Constitution and even launch war.

It is even possible that Abe himself is the one who kills Abe, because he wants to complete the great cause of constitutional amendment too much. What’s more, he has been in poor health. It’s also a secret. It’s better to make another contribution to Japanese militarism with their own remains. It was July 7th yesterday. Does Abe really want to continue today?

Today, I scribbled my thoughts on my way to West Sichuan. What do you think of the truth? Also, my friend Dr. Li, can I have a small glass at an altitude of 3000? After all, if it were the first few cases, the Japanese right wing would be cold. Abe is dying, so he is not afraid of death, but those politicians who still want to live a good life, don’t they need to weigh it?

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