How much is Russia’s real strength underestimated?

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Original: Xu Jijun source: official account: Han Tang glory wechat id:hantangjunji

Before the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the general impression of the world was that Russia was militaristic and its economy continued to shrink, leaving only military power to show off.

A core element of the above view is the so-called gross national product (GDP). It is reasonable to use GDP to compare national economic strength. The biggest mistake is to convert domestic currency into US dollars for comparison.

Due to exchange rate factors, the GNP of China and Russia converted into US dollars is not as good as the PPP comparison data.

According to the exchange rate between China and the United States, the economic scale of China is $18 trillion and that of the United States is $23 trillion. There is still a gap of $5 trillion between China and the United States, which is equivalent to the economic volume of Germany. However, if the purchasing power parity is used, the size of China’s economy will reach $27trillion, while that of the United States is still $23trillion. China exceeds the United States by $4trillion, nearly 20% more than the United States.

If compared according to purchasing power parity, China has long been the world’s largest economic power!

If calculated according to the exchange rate between the United States and Russia, Russia’s GDP in 2021 was about US $1.77 trillion, ranking 11th in the world, equivalent to Guangdong Province of China. If calculated using purchasing power parity. The economic scale of Russia is $4trillion, and the economic scale calculated by German purchasing power parity is $4.4 trillion, which is almost the same as that of Germany, the largest economic country in Europe.

In the economic structure, the service industry accounts for about 77% of the U.S. economy and 70% of the EU economy.

In the period of economic prosperity, the service industry means light assets, low pollution and high profits, but after the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, the so-called service industry advertised by the United States and Europe played little role in the War confrontation.

What really determines national strength is still land, resources, energy, military industry and population!


After the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian Ruble rose against the trend, reaching a new high in recent years, which is enough to show that the country’s heritage is extraordinary!

From the perspective of land, resources, energy, military industry and population, Russia is a real superpower, and its strength is still far beyond that of European powers and close to that of China and the United States.

Russia spans two continents of Asia and Europe, with a land area of 17.1 million square kilometers, and is the largest country on earth.

The proven reserves of Russian oil are about 8.2 billion tons, equivalent to 5% of the global reserves, ranking eighth among all countries in the world.

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine, despite the joint sanctions of the United States and Europe, Russia has still become the country with the largest oil output in the world. Russia has the world’s largest natural gas reserves, with 47.57 trillion cubic meters available for exploitation, equivalent to 27.5% of the world’s total natural gas reserves.

Coal is another important fossil energy besides oil and natural gas. Russia’s proven recoverable coal reserves account for 17.3% of the world’s total recoverable coal, about 157.01 billion tons, ranking second in the world, second only to the United States.

Russia has 867million hectares of forests and 80.7 billion cubic meters of forest timber, accounting for about 20% of the world and ranking first in the world.

Russia has 210million hectares (3.02 billion mu) of agricultural land, 125 million hectares (1.9 billion mu) of cultivated land, and the per capita cultivated land area has reached 0.85 hectares, far exceeding the world per capita level of 0.32 hectares.

On May 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is still the world’s largest wheat exporter. Russia is still the world’s largest wheat exporter in the field of agriculture, ranking first in the world.

Russia is the world’s largest exporter of nitrogen fertilizer, the world’s second largest exporter of potassium fertilizer, and the export volume of phosphorus fertilizer ranks third in the world.

Russia is rich in fresh water resources, with Lake Baikal, the world’s largest fresh water lake, with a water volume of 23.6 trillion cubic meters. The total runoff of surface rivers in Russia is 4270 cubic kilometers / year, ranking second in the world.

Russia is rich in metal resources, and the reserves of manganese, iron, copper, zinc, lead, nickel and other metals are among the best in the world.

Russia is the country with the largest number of nuclear power plants in the world. Russia is a world leader in highly enriched uranium for nuclear power demand and nuclear fuel exports. Rosatom has a 40% market share in global uranium enrichment services and a 17% market share in nuclear power plant fuel supply.

Since 1991, six mathematicians born in Russia have won the most prestigious fields prize in mathematics. Five physicists born in Russia won the Nobel Prize in physics.

40% of countries in the world need food from Russia and Ukraine, and 30% of countries need oil, gas and fertilizer from Russia.

These strategic resources and energy are not only economic values, but also of indispensable significance in the field of military strategy!

In addition to its unique resources, Russia’s military strength still ranks second in the world. The key is that in the face of Russia, it is not easy for the United States to rank first in the world, because Russia is enough to destroy the United States.

Globally, only China, the United States, Russia and France have a complete military industry, including fighter aircraft, missiles, tanks and warships. Only these four countries in the world can independently develop these weapons. According to the ranking of the military strength of various countries released by the global firepower over the years, Russia has always ranked second in the world, second only to the United States.

Russia’s Aerospace Science and technology are leading in the world. Material technology and nuclear technology are also in the leading position.

The Russian rocket force has 517 intercontinental ballistic missiles and more than 6000 nuclear warheads, with the trinity of nuclear strike capability and secondary nuclear strike capability. Hypersonic missiles, “dagger” and “salmat” are enough to break through the missile defense system of any country, with asymmetric advantages.


The “salmat” missile can carry 10 heavy or 15 medium-sized sub missile nuclear warheads, with a maximum range of 16000 kilometers, and five of them can destroy the United States.

On June 17, Russian President Putin delivered an important speech, expounding Four Views:

First, Russia has the world’s most advanced hypersonic weapons.

Second, the “unipolar world” order has come to an end.

Third, win-win cooperation between China and Russia. China and Asia are becoming the world center.

The fourth is to announce that Russia has entered a new era of powerful sovereign states.

It has not only the hard nuclear strength of the superpower, but also the confidence and ambition of the superpower!

This is Russia!


After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian leadership, academia, the middle class, and many civilians have realized that the hostility of the United States and Europe to Russia cannot be changed, and the future Russia has only one option to look East. Therefore, Russia is bound to join hands with the eastern powers to develop its economy, achieve common prosperity and safeguard world peace with its vast resources.

Russia will continue to consolidate its position as the leader of Slavic countries and establish a cultural system independent of eastern and Western civilizations through close economic and cultural ties.

Using the war between Russia and Ukraine, the United States and Europe achieved unprecedented unity and assembled 50 countries to form a power alliance to intervene in the global situation.

The plan of the United States and Europe is to use the Ukrainian proxy war to continuously weaken Russia, but Russia is not afraid to rely on the East. Facts have proved that it is the EU that has been weakened. How humiliating this outcome is.

It provoked a proxy war and could not achieve the purpose of weakening Russia. The United States was in a dilemma, but there was no retreat.

In the eastern battlefield of the Asia Pacific, the United States is still trying to compete with China in an all-round way. Whether it is geopolitical or economic and trade relations, the scope of competition between the United States and China has gradually expanded from the hinterland of Asia to Latin America.

China’s diplomatic strategy is to attack each other, go to the enemy’s rear, and steal his nest!

Of course, China’s hard power does not need to be exaggerated repeatedly. Conventional power will surely be the first in the world, and nuclear power is also constantly developing!

According to the information disclosed by the US intelligence department, China is studying a new strategic nuclear missile code named “Arctic light”, numbered dongfeng-51.

The “Arctic light” heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, the Dongfeng 51 intercontinental ballistic missile, is China’s first heavy intercontinental ballistic missile. It uses a two-stage solid rocket motor to provide thrust, with a carrying load of up to 10 tons and a maximum range of 15000 km to 20000 km. It can achieve global attack, and can carry 14 500000 tons or 8 1 million tons of thermonuclear warheads. At the same time, it can also carry 1 to 30 sub missile warheads, with a total equivalent of about 40million tons.

Dongfeng 51 intercontinental ballistic missile will use many of the world’s top science and technology, and the strike error will be reduced to within 100 meters. Dongfeng-51 not only adopts new technologies in thrust, but also realizes many new technologies in missile launch, such as hypersonic flight, missile self orbit change, sub warhead attack, self endurance and so on. No anti missile system can effectively intercept it.

Of course, Dongfeng 41 is enough to destroy any country, and the performance of Dongfeng 51 has overflowed.

However, in the face of the US Russian intercontinental missile arms race, we have no reason to retreat!

It is precisely because China and Russia also have unchallengeable hard power that they can be separated from the powers of the United States and Europe at both ends of the world.

At present, in the face of the provocation of Europe, China and Russia are still avoiding complete confrontation with Europe, pulling and fighting against Europe, trying to awaken the great power ambition of Europe.

From the overall situation of the global game, China and Russia support each other and truly safeguard the justice of the world.

For a long time, many people are used to using western theories to compare the national strength, but often ignore the internal strength of the country.

In fact, in terms of comprehensive strength, Russia is gifted and has no reason to fear any country. This is worth thinking about!

In fact, China, like Russia, has super comprehensive strength, and there is no reason to fear any country!

Hard up and fight out will become the first choice of China and Russia’s future strategy!

Let our enemies tremble under the wind of the east wind!

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