How old is Bi Mawen? Why did Monkey King leave the heaven?

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The Monkey King caused havoc in the Heavenly Palace. Many people believed that the Jade Emperor was fatuous and did not polish the 24K titanium alloy dog’s eyes, which finally angered the monkey, broke the South Heaven Gate and triggered a chain reaction.

For a long time, the snail thought so. But when we re read the story of the original book for the Nth time, we found that we did not polish the titanium alloy 24K dog eye.

First of all, let’s take a look at this official.

If you look at it from the present perspective, it is really a little small, and you can even say that it is not an official: a horse breeder who deals with animals every day, with grass on his head and mud on his body, how can he compare with an official who has a big stomach, suits, clothes and clothes, and English with honey? Isn’t that insulting our officials and lowering our face?


But in the past, Bi Mawen was really not a petty official, at least a leader of a very rich department!

What was the most powerful service in the past? Cavalry! Genghis Khan, relying on the most valiant Mongolian cavalry, swept the Central Plains and then Central Asia, and established the Great Yuan Empire. China had the largest territory at that time, and its tentacles extended to Europe and Africa. If not because of the Fishing City incident, many Mediterranean countries might have become a province of ours. Now, there is no need to apply for a visa to go to those places. You just need to place an online order to buy something, and it will be delivered within a week.

Why can’t those long legged Luochai defeat the Mongols? Not because Mongolians are tough and handsome, but because Mongolian horses are powerful! The foreign devils’ horse displacement is 1.0 without T, while the Mongolian horse displacement is 3.0 with T, which is a fine product of turbocharging.

Now many countries dare not offend Americans because of their high-tech weapons. The reason why Mongolians conquered the world at that time was that Mongolian horses were the fastest high-tech equipment at that time.

No wonder many kings got a bloody BMW and immediately held a press conference to inform the world, which is even more exciting than the fact that the rich get a limited edition sports car.

What does Bi Mawen do? What the hell! Today I was called a keeper, and then I was called the chief steward of combat equipment! Let’s not forget that the horse controlled by Tianbi Ma is not an ordinary horse. It’s called Tianma. People’s parents have wings, can amphibious in the open, and each has divine power. If the lower bound is not much worse than the green cattle spirit! Can a wild ox run over a flying horse?

Bi Mawen, the manager of these divine beasts, holds their wages (nourishment) and control their dispatching power. If a well connected immortal wants to transfer a horse, he will give a horse with high combat effectiveness; When an unpleasant fairy came to lead the horse, he gave it to a horse who was not very skilled and had a strange temper. He overturned him on the way.

Who dares to offend Bi Mawen easily?


Look again at the files of Monkey King——

He was born as a poor and lower middle farmer, and came from a remote mountain area; The teacher is a private teacher, even without a teacher qualification certificate; Dealing with the underworld every day, the leader is the Bull Demon King; 342 years old, equivalent to the senior class children in kindergarten (the youngest immortal in the sky is also thousands of years old); I have no experience in politics, but I have been the production leader of the Watercurtain Cave Team in Huaguoshan Village

Wild children like this make a scene in senior authorities. Don’t talk about being an official today. Don’t interrupt his dog leg. It’s good to report missing in the middle of the road. How can you give him the position of high-tech equipment steward?

It can be seen that although it is far from being a provincial and ministerial cadre after graduation from Pig Bajie University, the Jade Emperor did not underestimate monkeys and gave him this lucrative post.

Where’s the Monkey King? Never expressed dissatisfaction. Let’s see his performance when he first became BiMaWen——

At that time, the Monkey King was happy and went to his post with the official of Mude Star. After that, Mude returned to the palace. In the prison, he gathered together the officials of the prison, the deputy officers of the prison, the code book, the strongmen, and officials of all sizes to find out the affairs of the prison.

It seems that Monkey King is very satisfied with this position. After taking office, he immediately started his work with great vigour.

The Monkey King checked the book and counted the horses. The Code Book of this prison is responsible for collecting and preparing forage; Lux officer is in charge of washing horses, pulling grass, drinking water and cooking materials; The supervisor and the deputy supervisor assisted in urging the handling. Bi Ma never sleeps day and night to nourish horses. It’s OK to dance in the daytime and watch over at night. But the horse sleeps, gets up to eat grass, and the man who walks catches the future slot. When those heavenly horses saw him, they lost their ears and gathered their hooves. They were all fattened.

It can be seen from this paragraph that Sun Wukong is very dedicated to his work. Others work eight hours a day, but he works 24 hours a day (“never sleeps day and night”). Not only can he follow his supervisor, deputy supervisor, Dian Shu, and Li Shi, but also his Tianma can’t stand it.

Yes, it’s strange that such a workaholic doesn’t go crazy!

Before Sun Wukong took office, how did these officials and warriors work? If you can be lazy, you can be lazy. If you can make some money, you can make some money. Now Monkey Sun has taken office. He is very clever. He can’t even be lazy if he wants to steal money. Will they have no complaints?


Finally, one day, these people caught the opportunity to retaliate.

The original work is written like this——

During the leisure time, all the prison officials arranged a banquet, one to meet him and the other to congratulate him. In the middle of drinking, the Monkey King stopped drinking and asked, “What is the title of Bi Mawen?”

The superior asks the subordinate, am I a big official? General subordinates will definitely immediately say: big, too big! For example, what is the future, what can be done conveniently, what resources can be obtained, etc.

Even if you don’t want to flatter, you will say: Bi Mawen is not bad. You have entered the official ape organization from demon to immortal, and at least you are a national cadre.

If the eunuchs say so, I believe that Sun Wukong will not be angry, nor will he oppose the heaven.

But what did they say? Please read the original work——

The crowd said: “The last. Such officials are the lowest and the least. They can only watch the horses with him. It seems that after the Tang Zun took office, this kind of hospitality only made the horses fat, but the word” good “came out. If there is a little bit of Da Lei, he will be held accountable; if he is very injured, he will also be punished.”

The lower level ridiculed the superior officer for being too small and a slave to the leader (the Jade Emperor). Isn’t that a slap in the face? Moreover, what they said is not the truth at all. Judging from the story behind Journey to the West, any waiter in the sky will always yell at others when he arrives at the boundary. He will accept red packets and eat human flesh at will.

As an official like him, as long as he goes to the grass-roots level to investigate Tianma, there must be a large number of local tyrants following him and sending their sons to be Tianma. (Didn’t the third prince of the Dragon King also become a horse?)

At the instigation of these subordinates, Monkey King finally got angry, kicked his desk, took out an iron bar from his ear, and shouted: “The routine in the city is deep, and I want to go back to the countryside!”!

After Sun Wukong ran away, what did these prison officials do? Run to report immediately. The original work is written like this——


But the Jade Emperor set up a court the next day, and Zhang Tianshi led the imperial horse warden, the prime minister and the vice governor, to worship and read at the red gallop: “Long live, the new Bi Mawen, the Monkey King. He went down to the Heavenly Palace yesterday because he disliked the small officials.”


Snail once wrote an article to analyze where Sun Wukong’s predecessor went. In fact, it does not rule out that he was framed or driven away by his subordinates.

Sun Wukong worked so hard that he didn’t give his subordinates a chance to make money. He would be surprised if his subordinates were happy. What subordinates said to him was actually complaining about their hard work. Unfortunately, the Monkey King didn’t recognize it. He was instigated by them. His head immediately became hot and he started to make a big trouble in the Heavenly Palace for the first time.

It is believed that there are also these prison officers who are forced to gloat at the foot of the Five Elements Mountain.

Therefore, when a skillful leader takes office, he will never be like Sun Wukong. Before the territory is ripe, the monkey burns three fires in a hurry, and finally burns all his hair instead of cooking the fried dough sticks.

What they did was first to win people’s hearts and find out the truth. Only when the overall situation is in control, can the means be gradually used. The one who should push the top, the one who should click, can work better if the team is straightened out. Otherwise, no matter how good your skills are, your subordinates will not be able to make you stumble.

As for the subordinates, such as the Imperial Horse Supervisor, the Supervisor Cheng and the Deputy Supervisor, the correct way is to communicate the truth to the superiors in a timely manner, pull aside and make them positive. If the superiors are promoted, they will also be promoted? The superior will also become his best guide and recommender.

When they drove Monkey King away, they thought they could finally stop working overtime for 24 hours, but they left a bad impression on their superiors that they did not cooperate with their work and were difficult to manage. Not only should the forced leaders pick them up, but the higher authorities will also transfer them from their posts and put them in the cold.

Even if nothing has changed, it is impossible to watch out for new leaders: What if such a scheming person, like a black monkey, would one day black me?

To work in a mechanism is to cooperate with each other and promote each other. If you have a bad heart and kill eight thousand enemies, you will lose ten thousand!

I’m very worried about the future of those little officials in the Imperial Horse Guard! Disclaimer: The above content comes from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If it infringes your original copyright, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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