How powerful is the land mother? How to sacrifice to mother earth?

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Don’t you know how powerful the earth mother is? How should the earth mother be sacrificed? The following Chinese story net Xiaobian will bring you detailed answers. If you are interested, please come and have a look.

The earth mother is the Houtu, also known as the earth mother, the earth mother Yuanjun, the supreme mother of the void, and the Houtu lady. Heaven and earth are moving and static, and Yin and yang are rooted in each other. The heaven wants to change things, and Yin and yang are combined. The heaven essence is taken from the top, and the earth essence is taken from the bottom. Yin and yang are pregnant, and the Qi is transported into dust. The dust has a mysterious path, and the essence converges, and gradually begins to be born. People stand in it. Nuwa is a Phoenix, Xuanshi Tianzun, mends the sky to create people, and establishes marriage.

The emergence of the empress of earth originated from the land and women worship in the ancient natural worship. After about the Tang Dynasty (618 AD), it was called empress of earth in the folk. After the Song Dynasty, Taoism was listed as one of the four Royal deities. It was in charge of the fertility of yin and Yang, the beauty of all things and the beauty of mountains and rivers. The Taoist temple also set up a back earth hall. The folk built empress Houtu temple, which is said to be the Christmas day of empress Houtu on October 18 of the lunar calendar every year, is a grand sacrifice. She is called the mother of the earth and the earliest king of the earth.



Earth mother Houtu, the full name of “inherit the heaven and imitate the earth emperor and earth God”, is the fourth God among the “four emperors” of Taoism, commonly known as “empress Houtu”. She and the Jade Emperor, who presided over the heaven, were the female gods who dominated the earth and mountains.

It is the Earth Goddess believed by the Chinese farming people in their worship of the land in the primitive religion. It is the mother of the earth and the living creature of all things. In people’s mind, it is kind and noble. It is regarded as “the mother of all things and the mother of the earth”. For thousands of years, people have built temples and statues to worship the earth mother in order to survive and achieve the goals of adequate food and clothing, living and working in peace and contentment, in order to bless and eliminate disasters, and bring auspicious health and peace to all living beings. Worshiping and praying for the Earth Mother God has become a great religious event for the people of all ages.

Taoism’s description of the empress Tu Huang Di Zhi (the supreme mother earth)

To the heart, I converted to the ritual of Jiuhua jade palace and the seven treasures of the imperial palace. The emperor holds the handle of yin and Yang at the time of receiving heaven’s order. Tao is respected and contains magnificence, and virtue is stored in softness and purity. Imitate Haotian and fundamentally cultivate the beauty of Kunyuan. Manifold products generate the benevolence of Shi Mu Dao. Mountains and rivers become wars. Great mercy, great wish, great holiness and great kindness. Following the example of the heaven, the earth became the emperor.

Volume 24 of the seven Xies of the cloud collection by zhangjunfang of the Song Dynasty states: “Xuanji Xingjun, with words in line, outlines the six star masters and the tiger responsibility of the heaven.” It is listed as one of the four emperors.

Gouchen the great emperor’s functions are: to assist the Jade Emperor to take charge of the north and south poles and the three talents of heaven, earth and man, to control the stars, and to preside over the military revolution.

Chinese history has entered the bronze age. The people live a life of slash and burn cultivation, fishing and hunting animals. Their intelligence has been greatly developed. (the sea is salty and the river is thin, the scales are hidden and flying, the gold is born in Lishui, the jade comes out of Kungang, the sword is called Tu Xing, the pearl is called night light, the fruit is Zhen Li Nai, the vegetables are heavy with mustard ginger, the leap is more than a year old, and the Lulu tune the Yang) these sacred and great tribes have spread their branches and leaves in the future, forming a diversion, which is spread all over the country. About 100000 years ago, there were human activities in Jiande, a mountainous area in Western Zhejiang. Called Yue people.

About 7000 years ago, in the process of merging with the Phoenix saint, some of the Yue people migrated to Taihu Lake and Shaoxing to form the later Wuyue, some migrated to Honghu, Hubei, and merged with the descendants of Shennong to form the later Jingchu, and some went to Poyang Lake, Jiangxi to form the later Miao Li ethnic group. The other part sailed across the sea to the Ryukyu Islands and the South China Sea Islands. Therefore, the Phoenix saint was the source of the “Baiyue” culture that gradually spread throughout Southeast Asia.



The earth mother sacrifice, also known as “sacrificing the earth Lord”, is a folk religious festival held by Achang people in the Lianghe area to sacrifice their ancestors zhepama and zhemima. It is held three times a year, on February, May 28 and June 25 of the lunar calendar. The first sacrifice prayed for the ancestors to bless the people, the second sacrifice prayed for the ancestors to bless the prosperity of the six livestock, and the third sacrifice prayed for the ancestors to bless the bumper harvest of grain. On the memorial day, it is necessary to stop work for one day. No earth, rice, or outsiders are allowed to enter the village.

Vow to bless the twelve major Earth goddesses in Tibet forever: the famous earth mother, the shale Fuyou earth mother, the universal sage earth mother, and the queen of evil earth mother are the four evil goddesses; The mother with unique eyes, the mother of a virtuous and virtuous princess, the mother of a strong and honorable woman, and the mother of a white Dragon Queen are the four medicine fork goddesses; The mother of Zang Tu Fu you, the mother of Taiyi Jishi, the mother of LiZhi Bingxin and the mother of Cui Cong green Ju are the four female medical gods. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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