How powerful is the sacred animal rosefinch? How did the image of the sacred animal rosefinch come from?

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The sacred animal rosefinch, with eagle beak and eagle eyes, is powerful and vigorous. Its whole body is red. Its body is covered by fire and never goes out. How powerful is the sacred animal rosefinch? How did the image of the sacred animal rosefinch come from? Today, the China story network Xiaobian will bring you relevant content. If you are interested, please come and have a look.

However, like all the mythical animals in the legend, rosefinch is not a real living creature, but a virtual creature created by the ancients to carry a certain symbolic meaning. The mythical image of rosefinch originated from the ancient star worship.


According to ancient books, Phoenix is a kind of beautiful bird, and it is the king of birds with its song and appearance. It can bring good luck to the world. At the same time, it also has the special spirit of “not resting on Wutong trees, not eating on bamboo trees, not drinking on Liquan Springs”. Rosefinch, also known as “rosebird”, is like a phoenix in shape and the God of the south.

Because it looks like a bird and is located in the south, it often appears in the shape of a phoenix in the game But in fact, rosefinch and Phoenix are two different creatures. The Phoenix is the king of birds, while rosefinch is the spirit beast of heaven. It is rarer, more noble and more destructive than the Phoenix.

The rosefinch symbolizes the old sun (sun) in the four symbols, which corresponds to the summer in the four seasons. The trigram in the eight trigrams matches the five elements. The rosefinch represents fire and its attribute is fire. Because the rosefinch stars can be connected to form a bird, the ancients also sketched out the specific image of the bird like beast and surrounded it by fire – this is actually visualizing the fire attribute of the rosefinch, It has become the common image of rosefinch in the four images and ancient relics today. It is precisely because the mythical image of rosefinch comes from the stars that the rosefinch can help people become immortals or lead the souls of the dead to heaven.

In the Han Dynasty, the image of rosefinch was often depicted on the portrait bricks at the main entrance of the tomb. It can be speculated that this is also related to the symbolic significance of rosefinch. Rosefinch symbolizes the old Yang (sun) in the four images, that is, the Yang of rosefinch is sufficient, and the Yin of the tomb is too high. The ancients hoped that the Yang of rosefinch could be integrated with it, so that the tomb can achieve a balance between yin and Yang, or hoped to use the protection of rosefinch to resist those evil spirits with too high Yin.

With the accumulation of time, the rosefinch has gradually become a cultural symbol because it has been endowed with enough meaning. It carries rich cultural connotations and ideas, not just a kind of mythical beast invented by people’s rich imagination. The rosefinch, the green dragon, the white tiger and the basalt are all like this. These cultural connotations also make them a very convenient writing tool.


For example, the ancients attached great importance to the arrangement of the four symbols when marching and fighting. The book of rites, Quli Shang, said: “when walking, the vermilion bird (bird) is in front of the line and the basalt is in the back. The green dragon is on the left and the white tiger is on the right, flaunting on the top.” “Front rosefinch and back Xuanwu” means facing the South and back to the north. The direction system of the ancient Chinese belongs to the South system, that is, to respect the south. In the congenital eight trigrams, the Qian trigram representing heaven is located in the south, the Kun trigram representing the earth is located in the north, facing the south is to respect the sky, back to the north is to rely on the ground. In addition, the South belongs to fire. Fire, as an important factor in promoting human civilization, primitive people generally worshipped fire.

The South corresponds to summer. Everything is full of vitality, representing strong vitality – all these can explain the ancient people’s behavior of respecting the south, and it is obviously more appropriate to replace the simple location word “south” with rosefinch.

From the initial virtual image designed for the convenience of distinguishing and remembering the stars to the final cultural symbol bearing many complex meanings, this actually reflects the formation process of the culture with Chinese characteristics from a certain aspect. Almost all beliefs and civilizations are gradually formed and enriched in the process of human beings exploring the world and seeking ways to achieve harmony with the world universe. When we return to the original source, You can find the simplest answer. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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