How powerful is Yuanshi Tianzun? Why is the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty Taoism “ Sanqing ” God first?

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Taoism takes “Sanqing” as the highest god, and the first heaven in the Yuan Dynasty is the most respected among “Sanqing”. So why? The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction, and then read on~

Yuanshi Tianzun, the full name of Yuanshi Tianzun in Yuqing Dynasty, is also called Yuanshi Tianwang. In the market, many people think that it is because the romance of gods preceded the journey to the west, so many people will think that this is the reason why Yuanshi Tianzun ranked first. But after many experts’ verification, it is not for this reason, because according to the records, “journey to the west” was before the “Romance of gods”. From the point of view of creation, the romance of gods has a trace of plagiarizing the journey to the west to a great extent, so it is not for this reason that the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty ranked first.

Since we would feel strange when it comes to ranking, we need to talk about the relationship between the three people. These three are all disciples of Hongjun Lao Tzu, and the supreme Lao Tzu is also the eldest disciple of Hongjun Lao Tzu. Therefore, many people think that the Supreme Master should be the first. After all, he is the eldest disciple and elder martial brother. Naturally, he should be the highest of the three.


However, anyone who has read the romance of gods will find that the list of gods is in the hands of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, not the emperor. That is to say, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty is the person in charge of who can be gods. Based on this, it should be that the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, not the emperor. In addition, the Supreme Lord became the Supreme Lord after he left his school. His predecessor was Lao Tzu.

In addition, there is another major reason. The so-called Yuanshi Tianzun was born naturally. That is to say, when nature exists, Yuanshi Tianzun also exists. In terms of birth order, Yuanshi Tianzun is the earliest, so naturally he should be in the first place.

Besides, since the Yuanshi Tianzun was born with nature, that is to say, his noumenon will never disappear. As long as nature is always there, he will always be there. Only with nature can there be all things on the earth and all kinds of immortals. That is to say, Yuanshi Tianzun created the gods. In terms of status, Yuanshi Tianzun is the most noble among all the immortals, and naturally ranks first among the three.

Back to the Taoist culture, the Taoist ancestor, the Supreme Master, is higher than the Jade Emperor in terms of status. In Taoism, the Supreme Master opened the heaven, which makes the jade emperor the God. The full name of the Jade Emperor in Taoism is “the Supreme Master holds the talisman and the imperial calendar, which contains the real Taoist Haotian Jade Emperor God”.

In fact, it can be seen from the placement of the statues of Sanqing deity in the “Sanqing Palace” in reality that the Yuanshi deity of Yuqing was in the middle, the Lingbao deity of Shangqing was on the left, and the moral deity of Taiqing was on the right. The ancient Chinese rites were mainly in the middle, and the most honorable were the left civil servants and right military generals. The supreme Lao Jun ranked third.

In addition, Taoist classics can also be used to explain why Yuqing is called Yuanshi Tianzun? According to the three quotations from the book of taixuan Zhen Ji Jing in Volume II of the records of beginners by Xu Jian of the Tang Dynasty, it is explained that: " It is called Yuanshi because it is the beginning of all things. Yundao is extremely venerable in all aspects, and it is often in the second Qing Dynasty and out of the heavens, so it is called Tianzun. Ben Ye. The beginning, the beginning, is the innate Qi. “

This inborn Qi is hard to understand. There is a more detailed record in the Taoist Scripture: it is said that the original heavenly deity was born with natural Qi and existed before all things in the universe. Even if the land was completely destroyed, it would not affect his existence in the slightest. Whenever a new heaven and earth are formed, the Heavenly Master will come to the world to teach the secret way and rob people. All the people who spend their time are top-grade immortals, including the Supreme Lord, the naive emperor, the five heavenly emperors and other immortals.

This refers to the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, and the second is Lingbao Tianzun. This Lingbao Tianzun is called &quot in Laojun Shengji; Tai Shang Da Dao Jun;. According to the Dongyuan Xingjing, the name was given by the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.

In the Sanqing hall, the Lingbao Tianzun is enshrined to the left of the Yuanshi Tianzun, holding a Tai Chi diagram or jade Ruyi, symbolizing " Chaos begins to clear and Yin and Yang begin to separate; In the second century of the 21st century, the summer solstice with long days and short nights, when Yin generates Yang, will be the Christmas of Lingbao Tianzun.


As a matter of fact, the name of the Taoist Sanqing deity was already determined in the Tang Dynasty. The seventh volume of daozang Taiping Department Sandong pearl bag quoted from the old gentleman’s holy sign: “this is the Yuqing territory, where the first heaven is above 35 days; this is the Shangqing territory, where the king of Taishang Avenue (Lingbao Tianzun) is above 34 days; the Taiji palace in Taiqing territory, where the emperor is above 33 days.”

Yuanshi Tianzun lived in 36 days, Lingbao Tianzun lived in 35 days, and the Supreme Lord Laojun lived in 34 days. The Jade Emperor, who was in charge of heaven and earth, was also in charge of 36 days. From here, we can clearly understand the position of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty in the first place. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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