How tall is Zhang Wanyi? What’s the matter with Zhang Wanyi being scolded

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In recent months, Zhang Wanyi has attracted the attention of many netizens because her partner Yang Zi acted in the Tencent s+ ancient puppet drama everlasting longing for each other. Many netizens have started to buy shares of Zhang Wanyi and are optimistic that he will explode after everlasting longing for each other is broadcast. There are many people who like Zhang Wanyi. Naturally, there are many black fans. How tall is Zhang Wanyi? How did Zhang Wanyi get scolded by netizens? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

How tall is Zhang Wanyi

Zhang Wanyi’s black fan likes to use his height to black Zhang Wanyi, saying that Zhang Wanyi is only 170cm in height. The official data of Zhang Wanyi did not show his specific height. However, there are many versions of Zhang Wanyi’s height on the Internet. The most common versions are 176cm, 178cm and 181cm. Most of Zhang Wanyi’s fans agree that the version is 178cm. Because Zhang Wanyi introduced himself to the group a long time ago, and during the live broadcast, he was 178cm tall.

178cm should be Zhang Wanyi’s real height. Later, after signing a contract with the company and gaining popularity, it is estimated that, like many other male stars, he has injected water into his height. However, those who say that Zhang Wanyi is only in his early 170cm are going too far, which is obviously slandered by black fan. Zhang Wanyi and Bai Yu had worked with the children of the Qiao family before. They shared the role of wearing slippers in the play. In the play, Zhang Wanyi was a little lower than Bai Yu. Bai Yu’s official height is 183cm, so Zhang Wanyi’s height of 178cm is the same.

How did Zhang Wanyi get scolded

In addition to spreading rumors about Zhang Wanyi’s height, black fan always roast about Zhang Wanyi’s soil. Zhang Wanyi used to follow the drama route, so many of his shapes are also very simple, and he did not dress himself in fashion like some small fresh meat. After all, Zhang Wanyi is not a lover of beans, and he does not want to follow the flow route. But now that he has played everlasting longing for each other, he must also want traffic, so the working team will work hard on Zhang Wanyi’s makeup and hair in the future.

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