How the elder sister of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty please the younger brother of the Emperor: send stunning beauties continuously

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Three marriages of Princess Pingyang

In all kinds of film and television dramas about Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, everyone is no stranger to Princess Pingyang. She always occupies a large part. Queen Wang, the mother of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty Liu Che, gave birth to four women and a man. In addition to him, he also gave birth to Princess Pingyang, Princess Nangong, Princess longxie and Jin Su (half father sister). With Liu Che’s character of refusing to recognize his relatives and killing his children and wife, he has so many brothers and sisters with the same father or mother, and a little Pingyang is really nothing; But in the end, she was the only sister of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty who was granted the title of long princess.

The princess is better than the princes, and the long princess is better than the princes and kings; There were few long princesses in the Western Han Dynasty, so they had to be specially favored princesses to be sealed. This position was won by Princess Pingyang herself, and it was very difficult to maintain.

It is not easy for Princess Pingyang to please her brother. First, she sent a woman to the emperor’s brother. Seeing that Liu Che had no children for several years after he ascended the throne, Princess Pingyang found more than a dozen beautiful girls to raise at home. When Liu Che passed her house, she dressed these beauties up beautifully. Liu Che took a fancy to Wei Zifu, and Princess Pingyang asked Wei Zifu to follow him to serve the emperor “changing clothes”. The emperor’s brother was very happy and gave Princess Pingyang thousands of gold. Note that Liu Che did not take Wei Zifu away on the spot, but sent him to the palace after Pingyang “played”.

However, Wei Zifu was not favored for more than a year after entering the palace. However, Wei Zifu cleverly seized the last opportunity before being sent out of the palace, which made Liu Che happy and killed his son in one fell swoop. This is the first child of 29 year old Liu Che. He is very happy. Therefore, Wei Zifu got the respect and favor, and later successfully replaced Chen Ajiao as the second queen.

However, just sending a queen to her brother is not enough. After Wei Zifu fell out of favor, Princess Pingyang did it again. Once, Xie LV Du Wei Li Yannian sang to Liu Che: “there are beauties in the north, peerless and independent, looking at the city and then the country…” at this time, Princess Pingyang took advantage of the situation and said that Li Yannian had a sister, which was peerless. Therefore, it can be suspected that Princess Pingyang encouraged Li Yannian to sing this song. Mrs. Li’s favor also depends on Pingyang’s push.

However, those are just small favors in the palace. Princess Pingyang’s real glory comes from her third husband Wei Qing.

Wei Zifu’s younger brother, Wei Qing, was originally a domestic slave of Princess Pingyang. After Wei Zifu became Queen, Wei Qing also served as a lieutenant. Later, Liu Che took Wei Qing as a general and made meritorious contributions to the Huns, reaching the rank of general Da Sima. Huo Qubing, Wei Zifu’s nephew, also became a Marquis with military merit, ranking as the general of the great Sima Hushi. Because the military skills are extremely brilliant, for a time, the Wei family has a five marquis. Why are there five Hou? Because Wei Qing got married long ago, he had three sons, and the youngest was a baby in infancy.

At this time, the husband of Princess Pingyang was Cao Shou, the Duke of Pingyang. Princess Pingyang and Cao Shou had a son named Cao Xiang. Cao Xiang later married Princess Weichang, the daughter of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and Wei Zifu, which shows that Princess Pingyang is superior to all princesses; But later, Princess Weichang was forced to divorce and marry the alchemist and swindler Luan Da, which reflected from the side that the love of Princess Pingyang and the Weiqing family had declined at this time. Cao Shou was weak and ill, and died in the fourth year of Yuanguang (131 BC).

Then Princess Pingyang married Ru Yin Hou Xia Hou Po. Unfortunately, in the second year of Yuanding (115 BC), because Xia Houpo committed adultery with his father’s imperial maid and committed suicide, the country was also revoked. If Princess Pingyang married Cao Shou one year after his death, the marriage would last for about 15 years.

Princess Pingyang was widowed again. She also wants to get married. She asks everyone, who is the most talented among the princes? Everyone said it was general Wei Qing. The princess smiled, “he used to be my servant. How can he marry?” People on the left and right said, “the general is now extremely respected.” The princess agreed.

The birth and death of Princess Pingyang is unknown. However, Liu Che was born in 156 BC. Princess Pingyang is her sister, that is, when her second husband died, Princess Pingyang was more than 40 years old. I don’t know whether Wei Qing’s first wife has passed away. In short, Wei Qing married Princess Pingyang. After marriage, Princess Pingyang was promoted to be the eldest princess, and the Duke was compared with the princes. Besides the Queen’s sister, Wei Qing also gets more protection.

Since then, Princess Pingyang and Wei Qing have lived a life of power and thin ice.

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