How to break the “brainwashing” movement of the United States and the West towards Chinese society?

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming Shuzatan WeChat ID: laomingdashu

In the past two days, some readers asked me to pay attention to the so-called “highly educated” people in Chinese society who frequently made “confused” remarks.

What is “Kochi”?

On the surface, it means “senior intellectuals”.

However, more generally, it can also refer to “people with higher education and knowledge level”.

So, in China, who can be called “people with higher education and knowledge level”?

According to statistics, the proportion of people with undergraduate education in China is slightly less than 4% of the total population. Let’s call this part “people with higher education”.

From the perspective of common sense, “having a higher education” is definitely not equal to “having a higher level of knowledge”, because a person’s level of knowledge depends not only on his education, but also on his work and life experience, especially on his thirst for knowledge and learning ability.

In the past few years, we have seen from time to time that there are some people with high educational level around, but they are very stubborn, extreme and ignorant on key issues such as the Sino US game, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and so on. Some common people do not understand the truth.

Of course, it is necessary to clarify that although there are some people with higher education around us who are “confused” and lack “four self-confidence” on some major issues of right and wrong, we can not generalize, thinking that “the more knowledgeable, the more reactionary”.

To be honest, the vast majority of people with higher education in China are patriotic and rational on the whole. They are valuable human resources in Chinese society. They are indispensable to the scientific and technological progress, scientific research, education, entrepreneurship, innovation, and development of high-end manufacturing and service industries in China.

?1? Why do some “Kochi” become “fools”?

Some so-called “Kochi” lack the “four self-confidence”, are partial to the reports of the United States and Western media that slander, attack and accuse China, and lack discrimination and immunity, mainly for the following reasons:

——Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, we have opened our doors to the outside world. While introducing western technology, capital and management talents, it is inevitable that some “flies and mosquitoes” have also flown in. In this process, people who go to university and study abroad are easy to accept the idea that “the West is advanced and China is backward”. In their later life, if there is no process of active “disinfection”, active reflection and active self-examination, they will form a ridiculous thinking pattern of “the moon in foreign countries is rounder than that in China” in their subconscious mind, which then shows the serious deficiency of “four self-confidence”;

——For a long time, China has indeed lagged behind the western developed countries such as the United States, Europe and Japan in all aspects. This all-round backwardness will objectively make the self-declared rhetoric of the United States and the West appear “more convincing”, while the superiority of socialism with Chinese characteristics needs a process to gradually emerge;

——The United States and the West have long occupied a dominant position in academic discourse, public opinion control, media influence and cultural transmission. Day after day, year after year, they have made certain effects on other countries’ cultural export and infiltration of ideology and values;

——In order to cultivate “spiritual Americans” in the world, the United States has invested a lot of resources and has various systematic and professional operating experience, including the establishment of generous scholarships, the invitation of some people to visit the United States, study tours, lectures, books, etc., and the provision of sponsorship and support to some scholars in China through various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), objectively cultivating a number of “pro-American groups” within Chinese society;

——There are also some people whose jobs and incomes are closely related to the United States. Their children study in the United States. They have investments and property in the United States. The deterioration of Sino-US relations has a great impact on them. In the past few years, the United States has tried hard to contain China. Instead of blaming the United States for its arrogance and hegemony, they have criticized China for not doing a good job in Sino-US relations. These people are also easy to make various “muddleheaded” remarks on issues such as China-US relations.

?2? There are both “muddlers” and selfish “poor people”

Those who have been successfully brainwashed by the United States and the West are either “muddleheads” with serious defects in their knowledge system, or “poor people” who are greedy for the temptation of the United States and the West and lose their national and national positions.

Some people, although they go to college and can understand English, lack systematic research on the capitalist system of the United States and the West, and lack deep understanding. In addition, they lack personal travel and work experience abroad. Their understanding of the United States and the West mainly comes from the self-flaunting and self-advocacy of the United States and the West media. It is difficult to form a truly objective and accurate understanding.

In recent years, there has been a saying among Chinese netizens that “after going abroad, you will be more patriotic”. The fundamental reason for this phenomenon is that when people come to the United States to study, work and live, they find that the United States is not as “beautiful” as they think, and China is not as “unbearable” as the United States and western media say.

In the process of the development of China’s Internet, microblogging and other platforms were once popular. They compared the best side of the United States and the west with the most backward side of China, which also seriously misled some Chinese netizens.

In recent years, in order to encourage people to send their children out to study and encourage some people to emigrate, some overseas study and immigration agencies have sung praises to the United States and the West on microblogs, short videos and other platforms. In essence, these people are just “shouting what to do”, but objectively, they also disturb the cognition of some people.

?3? “Anti brainwashing” in Chinese society needs continuous efforts

To break the “brainwashing” of the Chinese people by the United States and the West, we still need to make continuous efforts:

——First of all, we should try to do China’s own things well. The better China develops, the fewer shortcomings and problems in China’s reality, the better China can respond to and resolve hot public opinion, the better Chinese governments at all levels can respond to the concerns of the people, the more the Chinese people’s “four self-confidence” will have the basis to adhere to, and the more people will be immune to the “brainwashing” of the American and western media;

——China’s education, media and academic circles can continue to increase their critical research and exposure of the United States and the West in order to correct the audio-visual situation. Recently, China has released a number of reports that reveal the true face of the United States, which are solid in content, detailed in data and sharp in views, and are worth reading;

Xinhua News Agency released the fact that the polarization between rich and poor in the United States continues to worsen

Xinhua News Agency released: US hegemony, hegemony and its harm

Xinhua News Agency released the truth about the rampant gun violence in the United States

Xinhua News Agency released the current situation of the drug problem in the United States

Xinhua News Agency released that the United States abused “long-arm jurisdiction” and its harm

——Strengthen the supervision of the flow of funds of American NGOs in China, and intensify the crackdown on those individuals and organizations who are willing to become “spiritual Americans” in order to seek personal interests; Keep pressure on the “public” group, and do not give them the opportunity to speak out and mislead the public; Strengthen the supervision of various overseas study, immigration, overseas investment intermediaries, etc., especially clean up the contents of some intermediaries that mislead the domestic people by playing “edge ball” and fabricating false information, and the microblog and short video platform should play the main responsibility;

——For individuals, if they want to understand the United States more deeply, they can’t just listen to the words of American politicians who put gold on their faces. These people have been soaked in the “big dye vat” of electoral politics for many years, and have long developed the ability to “say straw is gold bar”. Don’t just look at the self-glorification of the American and Western media and their smear and attack on China. We should read more about the remarks of some critical American professors, experts, scholars and celebrities. I personally recommend, a non-governmental organization in the United States that tries to change the corruption situation in the United States from the bottom up. Jennifer Lawrence, the heroine of Hunger Game, is also a supporter of this website. Other American celebrities with conscience include Simo Hirsh, a senior investigative reporter who exposed the bombing of the “North Stream” pipeline ordered by President Biden of the United States, Jeffrey Sachs, a professor of Columbia University who has been exposing the hypocrisy of the United States and the West on various occasions, and George Carlin, a talk show actor who pointedly pointed out that “the United States is the best war country in the world”.

In recent years, although China-US relations have deteriorated sharply, we should also look rationally at the United States and the West.

China still needs to learn from the advanced technology and management experience of the United States and the West, especially the breakthroughs of the United States and the West in basic research and basic theory, and the experience of the United States and the West in encouraging innovation and creativity.

At the same time, we should break the tendency of blind superstition and take a critical view of the theories, thoughts and experiences in the fields of humanities and social sciences in the United States and the West. In particular, we should be vigilant against all kinds of “extreme political correctness” thoughts, extreme feminism, and LGBTQ radical rights protection thoughts that have caused extreme opposition and division in western society in recent years.

In addition, we are opposed to American and Western politicians, military industry complexes, interest groups, etc., not blindly opposed to all things in the United States and the West, let alone blindly opposed to ordinary people in the United States and the West.

In the context of the Sino-US game, based on the principle of “focusing on the main contradictions and the main aspects of the contradictions”, we should dare to fight and be good at fighting against the United States, but other western countries should have the courage to fight and pull together, give play to the idea of the united front in international relations, make more friends, isolate and divide the anti-China alliance that the United States is trying to establish.

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