How to cast the shield of great power?

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My friends often ask me: when will there be war? I always say: actually, I used to play every day.

In the past two days, China’s third aircraft carrier, the Fujian, was launched on June 17. Before that, foreign media had been hyping it. The electromagnetic ejection technology on this aircraft carrier has even surpassed that of the United States. Only China and the United States are playing this thing in the world. In short, this thing in China is quite advanced.

So the United States was not calm. In these two days, the United States test fired four Trident missiles in the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the direction in which he fired missiles this time was very abnormal. In the past, he basically fired missiles in the direction of Africa. This time, he fired missiles in the direction of China. And the final landing point is near Guam, less than 3000 kilometers away from China.

The United States just wants to tell China that you have advanced aircraft carriers? It seems that you have compared with me. You are very good! Then I tell you, I have missiles that can hit you.

So what’s next? On June 19, China completed a land-based midcourse anti missile interception test. What is the content of this experiment? Is to launch missiles. What is the simulation of launching a missile? The answer is: hit missiles. To sum up, it means launching missiles and striking missiles, so it is called “anti missile”.

This is what China wants to tell the United States. I just built a new aircraft carrier. You are jealous. You think I should not be so powerful. You launch missiles to scare me. Then I tell you, you have missiles to hit me, I have missiles to hit your missiles.

What’s next? Then the United States will not be able to take any practical action. However, he is still hard talking. His defense secretary Austin said to the effect that China’s land-based midcourse anti missile interception technology is indeed more advanced. He said that “China has the strength of both attack and defense in this field”. Then he said that, however, the United States’ laser anti missile technology is more powerful.

This is just talking. China is not interested in talking nonsense. China should devote more time and energy to doing practical things. So China didn’t pay much attention to this kind of talk.

U.S. Defense Secretary Austin’s statement about China’s land-based midcourse anti missile interception experiment actually admitted that China is more powerful in this field, even more powerful than the United States.

That’s why he stopped talking about the content directly related to the experiment and quickly changed the topic to laser anti missile technology. This is like a classmate who did better in the Chinese test. He was not convinced, but there was nothing he could do. He had to say that I was better than him in mathematics.

So what happened to the land-based midcourse anti missile interception test conducted by China on June 19? Isn’t it great? What’s a powerful method?

We can start with the name of this experiment.

As we have already said, this is a missile that strikes missiles, so it is called “anti missile”. In this name, the word after the word “ABM” is “interception”. This means that if the enemy hits a missile to kill us, we will launch a missile to intercept it and let it explode in midair, so that the enemy can not hit us.

This is a bit like the scene in our daily life: when someone throws a stone at us, we also throw a stone in the past, smashing his stone in the air so that his stone can not hit us.

However, if someone throws stones at us in daily life, we usually run, or even run to beat him up. But if the United States launches missiles to bomb us, we will not be able to run away. Will 1.4 billion of us go to the United States? Is it too late? In addition, it bombed our city. How can the city run? So we can only throw stones to smash the stones it throws.

This is what the two words antimissile and interception mean together.

The first word in the name of this experiment is “land-based”, which means launching from land.

We often see that there are four words in the content of missiles: land-based, sea based, air-based and space-based.

Land based is launched from the land, while sea based is launched from the sea, usually from submarines or warships.

Both space-based and space-based are launched from the sky, but the altitude is different. Those less than 80 kilometers from the earth are called space-based, and those more than 80 kilometers from the earth are called space-based. In any case, the dividing line is 80 kilometers from the ground. Of course, sometimes it is 100 kilometers. Anyway, it is roughly the same.

We often see the words “aviation” and “aerospace”, and the same is the difference between them.

Space based is usually launched from an aircraft, and space-based is usually launched from a satellite.

So the land-based midcourse antimissile interception experiment we conducted this time was launched on the ground, that is, on the ground. In the future, we will certainly develop towards sea-based, air-based and space-based.

The key word in the name of this experiment in China is “middle section”.

There are two types of missiles. One is a ballistic missile and the other is a cruise missile. Our current test is aimed at ballistic missiles. The characteristics of ballistic missiles, in short, are similar to those we usually throw stones at. The characteristics of ballistic missiles are that when the stones are thrown, they basically do not have much control over them. Because the hand is separated from the stone, there is no way to control it.

The cruise missile is different. The cruise missile is somewhat similar to a UAV. It has power to control it throughout the flight process.

Of course, this refers to the basic meaning of ballistic missiles. With the development of technology, after the ballistic missile is thrown like a stone, especially at the end, it may also have power to control it. For example, China’s Dongfeng series missiles are powered by rocket engines at the end, which can make them jump up and down or left and right like floating water. In this way, it is difficult for the enemy to measure their trajectory if they want to destroy them.

But on the whole, this method of giving him power at the end has greatly improved his penetration ability, but the overall impact on his entire flight trajectory is not particularly obvious, so he is still a ballistic missile.

To put it simply, the launching of ballistic missiles is similar to throwing stones in our daily life.

How many stages are there in stone throwing?

The first stage is the process of throwing. When throwing a stone, the hand gives the stone a power to fly out. Launching ballistic missiles is the rocket that gives the missile a power to fly out.

This stage is called the initial stage and more often called the boost stage. Generally, when the rocket sends the missile to an altitude of 140~500 kilometers from the ground, the rocket will automatically fall off and let the missile fly by itself. This is similar to throwing stones with our hands. When the hands reach a certain height, the hands and stones separate and let the stones fly by themselves.

Next, we will enter the middle section. The flight path is exactly the same as the stone in our daily life. In physics, its flight path is called a parabola. However, the altitude of the missile at this stage is much higher than that at which we usually throw stones.

As we have just said, in the initial stage, it may fly at an altitude of 500 kilometers above the ground. Then it will fly higher on this basis, reaching an altitude of about 1800 kilometers above the ground. Then it will descend, just like we usually throw rocks, and continue to descend, descend, and then return to the atmosphere, that is, when it is about 100 kilometers above the ground. The whole stage is called the middle stage.

The next step is to return to the atmosphere and continue to fly down in the atmosphere to try to hit the target. This stage is called the last stage.

As we have already said, China’s experiment this time is to launch missiles to hit the missiles sent by the enemy. Such anti missile interception is similar to the enemy throwing a stone at us, so we also throw a stone at him and collide with his stone, so that his stone can not hit us.

In this way, there are three time periods to choose from: the first time period is the initial period, that is, the boost period, the second time period is the middle period, and the third time period is the end period.

So which time period is the best?

There is no doubt that choosing the initial stage, that is, the boost stage, is the best. Why? Because at that time, the enemy just started to launch missiles, or was throwing stones.

Because the enemy has just begun to throw, if we can shoot down his missiles at this time, we will naturally feel secure because it is early. At the same time, if his missile is shot down at this time, it is likely that the missile will explode on the enemy’s head, and the scattered debris will fall on his own head. This explosion can also cause certain damage to the enemy.

But the problem is that the enemy has just begun to throw them away. It is too difficult to launch missiles so early and shoot them down.

First of all, there is no time. The whole process takes about 3-5 minutes. The earth is so big that you don’t know when he will throw it. He suddenly threw it away. You should find it at the first time, and then calculate its trajectory. After calculating the trajectory, we can start throwing ourselves. We should aim when throwing. Even if we aim, it will take time for our stone to fly past. All this may not happen in time. At present, the world has done little to shoot down enemy missiles at this stage.

On the other hand, at the end of the missile, that is, the enemy’s missile is almost flying over our heads. There are many convenient conditions for us to shoot down the missile. First, we have relatively ample time to prepare, because it takes time to fly. Then we find it, track it, calculate its trajectory, launch the missile, and let our missile fly for a while. This is relatively ample time.

This is what terminal antimissile means.

The Hongqi 19 missile sold by China to Serbia this time is the terminal anti missile. The Sade anti missile system deployed by the United States in South Korea is also the terminal anti missile.

But there are also big problems in this way.

First, the missiles have already flown over our heads. What if we fail to hit them accurately? The time for ballistic missile to fly at the end is only about two minutes. Although it can be found in advance, its trajectory can be calculated and launched in advance, the operation time is only two minutes after all.

Second, even if we hit the target, the missile will explode over our own heads, and the scattered debris may also cause damage to us. Missiles, especially nuclear missiles, usually do not explode on the ground. For example, the atomic bomb dropped by the United States on Hiroshima, Japan during World War II exploded over the city of Hiroshima, not on the ground. So, in a pessimistic situation, even if you reverse and correct the terminal antimissile, if it is too late, it may not make much sense, because it would have exploded.

Then, taking all kinds of situations into consideration, the relatively better method is the mid course anti missile, that is, the time when the missile has just been thrown out like a stone, flying outside the atmosphere, and has not yet returned to the atmosphere.

The operational difficulty coefficient of the midcourse antimissile is between the initial stage and the final stage. For example, there is relatively ample time. In the early stage, there is about 3-5 minutes for us to respond in the boost phase. The whole middle section is the main flight time of ballistic missile, accounting for about 80% of the whole flight time, about 25 minutes. Taken together, it will take us nearly half an hour to discover, measure, launch and let the trajectory fly for a while.

In addition, during the mid flight, the trajectory of the ballistic missile is indeed a parabola like throwing stones in our daily life, so it is easier to calculate its trajectory. Then we launch another missile, and it is relatively less difficult to hit it. In the initial stage, it can change its trajectory because it is boosted by a rocket engine. In the final stage, the more advanced ballistic missiles now also have engines to provide power and can change their trajectories, so it is not easy to catch them.

In addition, another advantage of anti missile in the middle section is that after smashing the enemy’s missiles, those fragments are scattered in space and will not fall on our own heads or even enter the atmosphere at all. In this way, we will not hurt ourselves or the enemy.

Anti missile in the middle section has so many advantages, but it is too difficult.

First, it’s too far from the earth. How far is it? About 1800 kilometers from the earth. What is the concept of 1800 kilometers? The height of the Himalayas is 8848 meters, about 9 kilometers. The median height of our normal civil airliners is also about 9 km, because the flight height of medium-sized airliners and above is 7 km to 12 km, and that of small airliners is 6 km to 9 km.

The height of the earth’s atmosphere is 100 kilometers above the ground, which is 11 times the height of the Himalayas, while the height of the Chinese space station is about 400 kilometers. These two days, three Chinese astronauts stayed on the Chinese space station at an altitude of 400 kilometers from the ground.

Namask, who built Tesla cars in Shanghai, China, launched the satellite chain satellite by his company in the United States, that is, the satellite that was ready to go to the Chinese space station to do business last year. It is also the height of the key satellite supporting the Ukrainian war this time. It is about 500 kilometers from the ground.

The ballistic missile can reach an altitude of 1800 km in the middle of flight, which is 4.5 times the altitude of the Chinese space station and 3.5 times the altitude of the musk satellite chain.

It’s really too high. I can only use my imagination to experience it.

What’s more, at such a high place, if you want to aim at the enemy’s missiles, you can only rely on radar, and the reflection area that the missile can provide to the radar is 0.1 square meters. Because at this stage, the rocket and the warhead have been separated. In short, only the warhead is left, and the warhead is covered with stealth coating, leaving only such a little area that can be found by radar.

It’s like hitting a person so far and so high, but you can’t see everything about the person. You can only see a label on the person. The label on the person covers an area of about 0.1 square meters.

0.1 square meter =1000 square centimeters, 1000 square centimeters is about 33 centimeters × A small square of 33 cm.

How big is this small square? The diameter of the plate we usually eat is 17cm, and the diameter of the two plates side by side is 34cm.

We usually have meals for threeorfour people. We usually like to make four dishes and one soup. Take the soup in the four dishes and one soup and put the four dishes on the table. The area of the four plates is 1000 square centimeters, or 0.1 square meters. This is the identification area provided by our radar by enemy missiles at an altitude of 1800 kilometers from the ground.

It’s too difficult. It’s really looking for a needle in a haystack. I think this proportion is smaller than looking for a needle in a haystack.

It’s so small, which is an important basis for us to find it, but he runs very fast. At this stage, ballistic missiles are the fastest. How fast does he run? About Mach 20. What is mach? One mach is twice the speed of sound. The sound speed is the speed at which my words reach your ears.

At an altitude of 1800 kilometers above the ground, only a small mark as big as four plates is flying at 20 times the sound speed. To find this mark, you have to aim at him and hit him right. Is it difficult?

In fact, there is another difficulty behind this difficulty, that is, the effective detection range of ordinary radar is 300~500 km, that is, ordinary radar can only see places 300~500 km away. However, to see a place 1800 kilometers away, you first need high radar technology. At least you should be able to see it that far. After seeing so far, we should be able to find such a small and fast target.

What’s more, the anti missile in the middle section is to launch a missile to hit it, so you need to aim at it very accurately. If you aim at it in general, but just scratch the edge, you won’t achieve the effect. We can imagine that the other party threw a stone, and I also threw a stone to collide with him. If I collided with him, but only scraped the edge, it is very likely that I did not collide with him.

In particular, when the current missiles re-enter the atmosphere, friction with the air will produce high temperature, and the missiles are easy to be burned by this high temperature. To avoid this, missiles are usually made very strong. Now, if we hit it, we have to aim very accurately. It’s generally accurate, but it can’t.

It’s not over yet. On the surface, the current missile seems to be launched as a missile. In fact, this missile contains many missiles. In space, it has launched many missiles one after another. The direction, trajectory and speed of each missile are different, and there are real and fake missiles hidden inside. So, if you use missiles to hit these missiles, you aim at this one, and you may miss that one. You took aim at this and also hit it. Maybe what you hit may be a fake (called a decoy bomb). That’s not true.

So this fact is too difficult to deal with. To tell the truth, it is absolutely impossible for me to say so. Fortunately, scientists have a way.

It is precisely because of this difficulty that only China and the United States, and other countries such as Japan, are conducting meaningful experiments in this field in the world today, which can basically be ignored.

So which of the two countries, China and the United States, has better technology?

The United States did it earlier than we did. It started in 1999 and we only started in 2010. However, from 1999 to 2019, the United States has conducted a total of 20 times, with a success rate of only 50%. From 2010 to this time, we have conducted a total of 5 times, and all of them have been successful, with a success rate of 100%.

Moreover, what China has done is to simulate actual combat scenarios. For example, it looks like a missile in space, which is suddenly divided into many missiles. In the jargon, it is called “separate missiles and multiple warheads”. However, the American experiment did not simulate this thing, so its experiment is much less difficult than that of China, and its success rate is only half of that of China.

Therefore, in terms of technology, China is the first and the United States is the second.

Of course, some netizens made fun of it. They said that China is not the first and the United States is the second, but China is the second to last and the United States is the first to last. Because the penultimate level is higher than the penultimate level.

But on this issue, no one is playing except the penultimate and the penultimate, so the penultimate is the positive first. There are only two people in the class.

This is less than the number of graduate students led by tutors in most cases. Moreover, there is no tutor. The only two students in the class are self-taught. In addition, they never help each other, strictly block the technology, and never show each other their homework.

Speaking of this, I believe my friends have the same sense of pride as me. They naturally feel that China is powerful!

So this is all right? The answer is: no!


The first reason is that both China and the United States are still in the experimental stage and have not yet entered the actual deployment stage, that is, they can not be used in actual combat.

The second reason, and more importantly, is the statement made by US Secretary of defense Austin this time. He changed the subject and said that their laser anti missile technology was more advanced than that of China in this subject.

Is that true? The answer is: probably reliable.

In other words, the laser antimissile technology is more advanced than the technology we are testing now, and the technology of the United States may be stronger than that of China.

The reason why the US technology may be more advanced than China’s is that at present, unlike the land-based midcourse anti missile interception technology, there are solid facts proving that we are better than them, but some people say that we are better than the United States, and others say that the United States is better than us. Then we should be modest and prudent. If there is no conclusive evidence to prove that China is powerful, we will acquiesce that the United States is stronger than us. Only in this way can we make progress. Modesty makes people progress.

What is laser antimissile?

Let’s start with our experiment this time. In our experiment this time, I vividly likened it to the enemy throwing a stone at us, so we also threw a stone in the air, hit and smashed his stone, and then let the stone thrown by the enemy not harm us.

Well, the technical principle of laser antimissile is that when the enemy throws a stone, I take a flashlight and shine on it. As long as the light of my flashlight shines on the stone, it will destroy him.

We can imagine throwing stones to counterattack missiles. The early discovery, prediction and aiming are not to mention. Just throwing stones, the speed of stone flying is certainly not much faster, but the laser is different. The laser is the speed of light, 300000 kilometers per second.

As we said earlier, the flight speed of the ballistic missile in the middle section is about Mach 20, that is, 20 times the sound speed. At a standard atmospheric pressure and 15 ?, the speed of sound is 340 meters per second, Mach 20, or 20 times the speed of sound, 6800 meters per second, or 6.8 kilometers per second. The speed of light is 300000 kilometers per second, which is 40000 times his speed.

In our life, when we describe it quickly, we often say it’s just a blink of an eye. However, if you use laser weapons to destroy the enemy, when you blink and then open your eyes, the light will have arrived long ago and the enemy has been destroyed.

Laser weapons are so powerful.

Laser is also a kind of light. It belongs to light like flashlight, but laser is a little different from flashlight. The biggest difference is that the laser does not spread when it travels far away, and it can indeed travel far. Unlike the light of a flashlight, if it cannot shine far, it will be invisible and there will be no light.

The laser can run far, and does not spread, so it is powerful. China once conducted an experiment to destroy the enemy’s nuclear submarines with a laser. The laser shone on the simulated enemy’s nuclear submarines. After only 5.2 seconds, the enemy’s nuclear submarines began to split, burn and vaporize. Finally, the simulated enemy’s nuclear submarines were completely destroyed. The whole process took less than a minute.

Laser weapons also have a great advantage, that is, they may cost a lot when they are built and studied, but once they are built, the cost is relatively low when they are used every time. That is to say, if we turn on the flashlight, the cost is only a few dollars, that is, only tens of yuan. Therefore, they can be used frequently and repeatedly. If this matter is settled, will I dare to talk and do things all day long after seeing the US emperor?

The key to such a powerful laser is that the power of the laser emitted should be large enough, which is the same as the principle of our flashlight. The greater the power of the flashlight, the farther it shines.

At present, the United States may be more powerful than China in the power of laser weapons. The U.S. Army will deliver a 50 kW laser weapon system next year. The United States has successfully tested a 150 kW laser weapon. Logically, this weapon can deal with our Dongfeng series missiles. It is also the only weapon that can theoretically deal with China’s Dongfeng series missiles. However, the power of laser weapons that can truly achieve practical and effective killing needs to reach 300 kilowatts. At present, the United States is not able to do so and is still testing them.

What is the current level of China’s laser weapons? It should be said that it is not very clear. It is not as clear as the land-based midcourse anti missile interception technology this time.

According to the idea that modesty makes people progress that I just advocated, we should be modest and acquiesce that the United States is stronger than us.

In this way, China needs to refuel!

Therefore, when I introduce the land-based midcourse antimissile interception technology to my friends today, I don’t want to keep cheering. I took the words of U.S. Secretary of defense Austin, which were hard spoken to save face, seriously. It’s better to take them seriously than not.

In fact, game and anti game, missile attack and anti missile attack, spear and shield fighting can never end. Our struggle against the American emperor is always on the way and never ends.

And I want to say in particular today that I can’t do such a difficult and cutting-edge job. I guess most of my friends can’t do it either. It depends on our obscure scientists.

I would like to emphasize the word unknown today, because these scientists must remain anonymous.

As I said just now, in terms of land-based midcourse anti missile interception technology, only China and the United States are playing with each other. Both of them closely block information from each other, and they will never show each other their homework. Not only that, the specific person who is doing this homework must not be known to others.

Therefore, these scientists, who provide a strong shield for the protection of national security, can only remain anonymous. They cannot be as famous as singers and movie stars. They are talked about every day. Even wearing clothes, eating meals, even smiling and turning their heads, they are sought after by the media and occupy a lot of our resources.

I’m not saying that entertainers don’t contribute to society. They also contribute a lot to society. Because he brings us happiness, enriches us, and lets us enjoy life. But all this is based on the strong shield provided by those unknown scientists.

However, even if we stop chasing movie stars and singers and want to praise those who silently protect us, we don’t know who to praise, because we don’t know their names, and their names can’t tell us.

For example, I can’t praise a specific scientist of China’s land-based midcourse anti missile interception experiment today, because I don’t have their names. It’s not that I have little information to check, but that I have no information at all. This, really not; This, No.

I think of huangxuhua, the father of China’s nuclear submarines.

He left home in his early 30s to conduct research on Chinese nuclear submarines. He hasn’t returned home for 30 years. When I returned home and saw my mother again, I was already in my 60s. And his father had died. When his father died, he did not go home. The second brother also died. When the second brother died, he didn’t go home. For thirty years, his only contact with his family was a Navy mailbox. Parents inevitably have ideas about him, especially brothers and sisters.

In november1986, when he returned home for the first time after 30 years of anonymity, his mother did not ask his son what he had done for 30 years? Mother doesn’t ask, about, mother also knows, shouldn’t ask. About, my mother also knows that even if I ask, I can’t find out.

In the second year, in 1987, the writer Zu Wei published a long reportage, the illustrious and nameless life, in the second issue of Wenhui monthly, describing his deeds. However, the article still did not mention the name of huangxuhua, just that there was such a person in China. Fortunately, the article mentioned that the man’s wife was lishiying. This is the only evidence that can explain what huangxuhua has done in the long 30 years.

Huangxuhua sent this issue of Wenhui monthly to his mother. This is an explanation to his mother that he has not heard from her for 30 years.

Mother was so excited that she immediately called Huang Xuhua’s brothers and sisters to her. Huangxuhua ranks the third among the nine brothers and sisters. His younger brothers and sisters call him the third brother. The mother said to the children, “we should understand what happened to the third brother.”

By this time, the whole family knew what the third brother had done in 30 years.

However, this is only a general understanding of the past 30 years. They can’t imagine what their third brother did next.

The second year, in 1988, when Huang Xinhua was 64 years old, China’s nuclear submarines were going to conduct extreme deep diving experiments, which was extremely dangerous. In 1963, the American ace nuclear submarine conducted a deep dive test. Before it reached a depth of 200 meters, it sank to the bottom of the sea. There were more than 100 people on the submarine, and no one survived.

So what will be the result of China’s ultimate deep dive test? More than 170 people who participated in the experiment had no idea. Some people wrote to their families and asked them to take care of the unfinished business if they couldn’t come back. Some people sing “blood stained style” in the dormitory. Everyone is ready not to come back.

As the chief designer, huangxuhua decided to dive into the deep sea with more than 170 participants. At that time, the captain said, you are the commander in chief. You just need to sit on the water. There is no need to venture into the deep sea. Huangxuhua said,

I’ll go. It can stabilize people’s minds. In case of an accident, I am the chief designer. I understand the situation. I can help take measures. Maybe things can be saved.

Therefore, Huang Xuhua, the 64 year old chief designer, followed us to dive into the deep sea.

This is an adventure of life, a gamble of life. In order to forge China’s shield, great powers and artifacts, we have to be fearless and live to death.

Scientific and technological workers do not just do scientific research experiments in the laboratory. Especially in the military field, it is often necessary to go to the battlefield like a soldier, without hesitation, regardless of life or death.

This is the life of scientific and technological workers who safeguard China’s national security.

Therefore, when I shared with my friends today the achievements of China’s land-based midcourse anti missile interception technology, I didn’t have much mood to be proud and cheer. Because I know that the road ahead is still long and unpredictable. It still needs a lot of people to make great and difficult efforts.

In particular, we don’t know the names of people who are making silent contributions, how they are making specific contributions, and what they are making specific contributions, so that I can only use past examples as an analogy to express this meaning.

I want to sing praises to these people, but I don’t know who to sing praises to, because I don’t know their names. I can’t know, neither can I.

Perhaps, this kind of praising article can only be written by our future generations decades later. At that time, we had enjoyed a long, safe and happy life.

Just like our parents, in the long decades, we didn’t know that there was Huang Xuhua. So today, instead of our parents’ generation, I would like to express a little gratitude to scientists like huangxuhua.

I wish China’s great power artifact more and more powerful! I would like to extend my deep respect to Chinese scientists in the field of national defense!

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