How to compile textbooks? The ancients had a way!

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On International Children’s Day, a friend sent me a short message wishing me a happy holiday, saying, “I wish you would be a teenager if you leave for half your life.”

Although it was a very old-fashioned congratulation, I still lost my countenance after reading it. Yes, it should be the pursuit of life and possible to achieve it, so it should be pursued and worth pursuing.

However, middle age is middle age, old age is old age, and it is never possible to return to youth. And middle age has the responsibility of middle age, and old age has the responsibility of old age, which is different from teenagers after all.

On such a special day as International Children’s Day, middle-aged people and the elderly can also release their youth’s heart and have fun with them. But we also need to think about it more. One of the responsibilities of middle-aged and elderly people is to create a good environment for the growth of teenagers and children.

For example, how should the current toxic textbook incident be resolved? This is the bounden duty of the middle-aged, the elderly and the young.

I have been thinking a lot about this matter these two days. I can’t figure out a clue, so I haven’t written it.

One of the problems that makes me feel unimaginable is that the problems reflected in the toxic textbook incident are very intuitive and simple. Ordinary people and normal people can see the problems at a glance.

For example, the characters with a very wide space between their eyes are extremely ugly.

For example, children’s textbooks show boys’ sexual organs faintly, and deliberately let girls’ eyes turn here. What is this mess?

For another example, in the scene of children playing, there are boys attacking girls’ breasts and lifting girls’ skirts. Are such low-level and vulgar pictures educating children?

What else is the image of a rabbit girl, the image of a tattoo

If this is not intuitive enough, how can the magnificent national flag of the people’s Republic of China be drawn wrong? How did the four small five pointed stars get under the big five pointed star? Can the national flag be painted casually? Should we teach our children not to know the correct flag in the future?


In short, in the eyes of people like me, the mistakes made in this toxic teaching material incident are extremely low-end mistakes. It doesn’t need an expert or an artist to discover this mistake. It just needs a normal person.

However, this is not the most bizarre thing. The most bizarre thing is that when public opinion points out these problems, some people still have to jump out and defend, some are still aggressive, and some can speak a lot of big reasons without delay.

For example, the Wuyong design studio, which is on the cusp of the storm, angrily contacted netizens on the Internet, saying that his ugly pictures are “high-quality works specially designed for your children”. The momentum of this statement is not like a person who has done something wrong.


Other people published articles on the official website, explaining the truth and pretending to say: “I won’t say that those illustrations are OK, but based on my decades of life experience, I can never believe that this is a painter with smuggled goods, and foreign forces infiltrate the people’s education society. It’s so straightforward and absurd.”


There was a similar situation in the squinting incident at the end of last year. It is obviously very ugly and unattractive, but some people plausibly analyze how beautiful it is. Some people even have no time to talk about fallacies and heresies. They are directly aggressive and will not let go.


This makes me think about a question: is the behavior of adding these toxic elements to children’s textbooks intentional poisoning by some people who know that they are toxic, or do these people really think that these elements are non-toxic and inadvertently spread the poison.

At least intuitively, in terms of their aggressiveness or unhurried response to criticism, I suspect that they really think that those elements are non-toxic, and even that they think that those elements are very nutritious. Those people deliberately pass on those toxic elements to children as good things.

If you think further, this toxic teaching material incident has not only been limited to the field of teaching materials, but also spread to counseling materials, extracurricular reading materials, and even the field of children’s clothing, covering a very wide range. And many people should be involved in every field.

It can be said that the publication of a poison textbook can not be handled by one or two people.

Similarly, the publication of a toxic guidance material is not something that one or two people can handle.

Similarly, the emergence of a toxic extracurricular reading material is not something that one or two people can handle.

But this time we found so many teaching materials, so many tutoring materials, so many extracurricular reading materials, and children’s clothing. How many people are involved in this calculation? Statistics are not available, but the number is certainly not low.

If these people knowingly and deliberately poisoned, there should be a strong organization behind them to coordinate. Because so many people deliberately do something they think is bad, it must be organized and directed. What I mean is that a large group of people should be organized and directed to do something with ulterior motives.

However, such a large-scale event has lasted for many years, and we have not found any specific clues in the organization and command.

Therefore, I prefer to believe that behind this incident is the spontaneous behavior of a group of people. Because only spontaneous behavior can make a large group of people do something naturally without organization and command.

If so, there is only one explanation. These people are virtually like-minded and like-minded.

Therefore, I think that the occurrence of this incident is not that some people knowingly and deliberately poisoned, but that some people sincerely believe that these things are non-toxic and spread poison, thus intentionally or unintentionally making the children’s teaching materials look like this.

But a new problem has emerged. As we said at the beginning of today, these poisonous things are known to be poisonous at first sight. Why don’t these experts and scholars think they are poisonous?

There’s only one explanation. These people have been brainwashed by the collective. They can’t distinguish beauty from ugliness and have lost their basic common sense.

Just like a very unpleasant smell, a normal person will feel very uncomfortable after smelling it. However, there are a group of people whose sense of smell has been specially nurtured. Instead, they can adapt to this unpleasant smell, and even like this one, so that they love it from the bottom of their heart.

So, who gave these people such edification?

Let’s take a look at the sentence in the “Ten Commandments” issued by the CIA against China. This commandment“

It is particularly important to focus the attention of their youth on pornographic books, pleasure, games, criminal films and religious superstitions. “

These articles are just the same as the problems exposed in this toxic teaching material incident, and can be numbered.

These problems have a common feature, that is, they deviate from China’s traditional culture and values. Well, the principle of postwar international relations put forward by Alan Dulles, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, clearly stated this point. He said:

“The United States… Should let their literature, plays and films praise and praise people’s most despicable emotions. We should do everything possible to support and encourage the so-called artists who instill in people’s consciousness the idea of worshiping violence, pornography and trafficking. In short, they should instill the idea of worshiping all kinds of immoral behavior.”

This paragraph is a bit long. Let’s focus on it. The final goal of this paragraph is that the CIA should do everything possible to support those so-called artists who instill ideas of all kinds of immoral behavior.

To put it simply, the CIA supports those who instill immoral behavior.

Root, finally found.

Someone may ask me, is there any evidence that you say so? I’m honest and frank. I really don’t have any evidence. Will the CIA leave me such a common Chinese netizen with evidence? I can only say how the CIA’s work plan was written. As a result, the results of their plan really appeared in China.

At present, all kinds of strange phenomena in the problem of Chinese drug teaching materials are exactly the items listed in the work plan of the CIA of the United States. Then I think it is the CIA that did this. Does this logically make sense?

As a matter of fact, the CIA does a lot of things all over the world. It is impossible to do everything by itself. It usually supports various so-called non-governmental organizations to do it.

To sum up my judgment on this matter:

Those who put toxic elements into the children’s textbooks may not really feel toxic and deliberately poison them. In fact, they have been brainwashed and become abnormal people, so that ugly things are really regarded as beautiful things. First, they were poisoned by others, and then they were poisoning our children in their own work.

Only this judgment can explain that after the incident, they can still be righteous and aggressive, and can also tell their own fallacies and heresies.

This is a natural thing after the West infiltrated ideology into China and successfully cultivated a group of people who denied Chinese traditional culture and had lost their normal ability to judge beauty and ugliness. Everything is natural and natural.

I hope my friends don’t simply think that these people are getting much benefit before they do it. I am willing to believe that they have no benefit, because I think they are willing to do this bad thing without benefit, because they have really thought that those ugly things are beautiful.

The so-called “my arsenic, your honey”, in the eyes of us normal people, things that are as toxic as arsenic have become honey in the eyes of those who are no longer normal. They think that it is honey, so they are willing to pass those things on to the children.

This is the real terror, because you can’t find the real black hand behind it. The black hand behind has completed the task of the first stage. Next, if he doesn’t care, he can let the followers they cultivate harm China and the next generation of China.

Therefore, when we say that this is the infiltration of Western forces into China, we do not mean that Western forces have specifically organized and directed this matter, because it is too big and involves too many people, and they simply cannot organize it. However, this is indeed the result of the infiltration of Western forces, because the root cause lies in the long-term brainwashing and propaganda of Western forces on China. Finally, some people believe in it and are convinced. They have completely lost their basic ability to distinguish beauty from ugliness. They regard ugliness as beauty, and then pass on ugly and toxic things to children.

Therefore, the key to the problem is that the basic beauty and ugliness are reversed.

Therefore, to solve the current problem of toxic teaching materials, the first thing is to be operated by people with basic concepts of beauty and ugliness.

So, what is the basic concept of beauty and ugliness?

I would like to share with my friends the views of ancient Chinese.

In ancient China, education advocated “four books and five classics”. The four books are the Analects of Confucius, Mencius, University and the doctrine of the mean. Among them, the book “University” puts forward the core idea of Confucianism, which is called “three cardinal principles and eight eyes”.

The so-called “three cardinal principles” point out that we should be virtuous, people-friendly and perfect.

The so-called Mingde is to show everyone’s bright virtues. Like Buddhism, everyone has a Buddha nature, and everyone can become a Buddha. The so-called practice is to show his own Buddha nature, not to deliberately pursue something he doesn’t have, and let it be added to himself like a divine skill possessed.

The so-called “people first” is to let the people constantly update themselves and enter a higher realm. The Chinese character for “pro” here is “close Pro”, which means “new”. Of course, some scholars believe that we should read “close” and understand the meaning of “close”.

The so-called stop at the best is to stop at the most perfect place, which means that the goal is to pursue the most perfect.

According to the classic university, to realize the above three principles, we need eight objectives.

The so-called “eight eyes” refer to learning, learning, sincerity, integrity, self-cultivation, regulating the family, governing the country and pacifying the world.

Each of these eight items is very rich in content. Today, I will focus on the item of “sincerity” which ranks the third.

The classic “University” explains the “sincerity” in it in this way: “the so-called sincere person… Is like a stench, like a lust.”

That is to say, when a person sincerely wants to do something, what state should it be? In fact, it’s very simple. It’s like the reaction when you smell a particularly bad smell. For example, you can’t help but stay away from it. It’s like the reaction after you see a beautiful color. For example, you can’t help looking more.

What is the reaction? It was a very natural and quite correct response.

For example, when we walk on the street and see a beautiful woman or a handsome man, we can’t help but look more, or even turn our heads to look again. We never thought about why, for example, he was beautiful, why he was handsome, whether he was handsome because of his height or because of his long hair? We didn’t think about these problems and had no time to think about them. In a word, we didn’t think about anything, so we naturally took a look at the beautiful woman or handsome man, and even looked back at him. This is what the ancients called “sincerity”.

In the same way, when we smell a bad smell, we will involuntarily cover our ears and noses, and want to stay away from the bad smell without any hesitation. During our escape, we didn’t analyze why the smell was so bad. For example, we didn’t analyze what elements it was composed of, and why these elements made people uncomfortable, etc. In a word, we can’t help thinking of staying away from him at the first time. This is human instinct, which is the basis for doing things in good faith, namely “sincerity”.

In the classic discussion of the University, it is believed that the first thing that people want to do is to observe things. Knowing on the basis of learning is to understand the truth. On the basis of knowledge, we must be sincere, and we must do what we just said. This is a very simple thing. On the basis of this matter, to correct your mind is to correct your attitude. To cultivate one’s morality after being upright means to be strict with oneself. After self-cultivation, we can make our family harmonious and prosperous. To govern the country after completing the family is to govern the country. After governing the country, the world can be peaceful. The ancient Chinese believed that the state and the world were two concepts, which can be understood in modern society. Governing the country is to do a good job in China, and pacifying the world is to achieve world peace and build a community of shared future for mankind.

Let’s not go further. Let’s continue to talk about the third item in the “three cardinal principles and eight items”: sincerity.

In my opinion, the key to preventing the recurrence of drug teaching material incidents is to select “sincere” people to compile, illustrate and review the teaching materials.

Whether a person is sincere or not is easy to assess. According to the classic discussion of the University, you give him a simple picture to tell him whether it is beautiful or not. If he feels beautiful about things that are normal and beautiful, as the ancients said, “such as lust”, then the “sincerity” will pass.

On the contrary, if something is not beautiful in the normal concept, he will feel beautiful instead. As the ancients said, “it is like a stench”. Well, this level will not pass.

It’s that simple. In the final analysis, it is to find normal people to participate in the compilation and review of textbooks. Don’t find people who seem to be full of ink, who actually don’t distinguish between beauty and ugliness, and who also talk long and voluble to compile and review textbooks.

If anyone thinks that I have made this a little complicated, please allow me to make a very vulgar analogy at the end of today. But my analogy comes from the explanation of the word “sincerity” in ancient Chinese classical universities, specifically referring to “such as stench”.

The four words “like stink” are:

The first word, such as, such as.

The second word, evil, is a polysyllabic word. Usually we use it as evil and pronounce it evil. When it is used to hate this meaning, it means “Wu”, and when it is used to “stink”, it means hate, and it means “Wu”.

The third word, evil. The word “evil” is the same as the second word “evil”, except that “evil” (ugly evil) is read here, which means “smelly” and “disgusting”.

The fourth word, stink. It is also a polysyllabic word. We usually use it as “stink of stink”, which means “stink of stink”. The word “show” here means “smell”.

So, what “stink” means is, it’s like hating a very disgusting smell.

In life, what is the most common thing with bad smell? Yes: shit.

In that case, my suggestions on the selection of personnel for compiling and reviewing textbooks can be described as follows:

If someone is going to write or review the textbook. Then, take a lump of shit and let him smell it. If he can still smell it, then this level is over. If a person smells this shit and feels it doesn’t smell, or even smells it, or even wants to lick it, or even can 12345 analyze why this shit doesn’t smell but smells good, then he can’t be allowed to write and review textbooks.

That’s all. It’s that simple.

Unfortunately, today’s article ended with a very vulgar ending. I really can’t find a better way to express it. Please forgive me.

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