How to tell if a man is “true” to you or “just for fun”?

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Her name is Wu Jing, a reader friend of mine. Speaking of her love, it really makes people feel tired and sad. Wu Jing is 33 years old this year. She has achieved small achievements in her career. She owns a house and a car, and she lives a good life. The only thing that embarrassed her was that she wanted to quickly marry herself, but her boyfriend always had an indifferent attitude towards her.

Speaking of the days they spent together, it is really surprising. Usually, most of their expenses are paid by Wu Jing, and when the two have conflicts, Wu Jing is the first to subdue, and her boyfriend will never bow his head first. It is such a bitter relationship that Wu Jing still loves to the death.

Perhaps after the best time to get married, a woman will always think about finding a man to marry quickly, but no matter how anxious she is, she can’t just marry a man who doesn’t love her too much. In a relationship, if a man has these unreliable performances, it can only mean that he does not have you in his heart at all. The man who treats you like this never loves you at all, he’s just having fun!

1. I’m thinking about you everywhere in my heart, and I’m not willing to spend money for you at all.

Wu Jing’s boyfriend also has a good job with a good monthly salary, but when he is with Wu Jing, he is always calculating to spend Wu Jing’s money. Don’t tell him to hand in all his salary. Even Wu Jing’s birthday, he bought a bunch of flowers at most to finish the job. From this, it can be seen that this man does not have Wu Jing at all.

A man who has you in his heart will not count on you, but will give you gifts and buy you favorite things within his ability. Isn’t there such a warm sentence? “He earns 1,000, but dares to spend 10,000 for me.” And that man who doesn’t have you in his heart, he doesn’t want to suffer at all, and he will feel distressed if he spends an extra dollar on him.

2. Never caring about your feelings, and unwilling to bow down to accommodate you.

In the three years of love, Wu Jing has never felt the warmth from her boyfriend. When the two have disputes, her boyfriend will lose his temper and swear at Wu Jing at will, and never think about Wu Jing. It is said that men should take the initiative to admit their mistakes to women after quarreling, but Wu Jing’s boyfriend never showed it once.

A man who is sincere to you will not care about the feelings of women. When you get along, he will not be willing to make you sad, but will find a way to coax you and talk to you when you are arguing. beg for peace. And a man who is not sincere, even if you accommodate him everywhere, he will not care whether you are happy or not, because in his heart, you are not that important at all.

3. I’ve been with you for a long time, and I don’t talk about marriage in the future.

This is reflected most vividly in Wu Jing’s body. She has been with her boyfriend for three years, and her boyfriend has never told her about marriage. If he doesn’t want to live with Wu Jing, then it’s okay to separate, but he doesn’t mention the breakup. This made Wu Jing really helpless, so their relationship dragged on like this.

In fact, if a man really wants to spend the rest of his life with you, he won’t always make you wait, he will plan your future, and then quickly propose to you, because he is eager to marry you quickly. And the man who doesn’t like you that much, just because he hasn’t met a better person, or he just takes you as a pastime object, reluctantly to be with you, as long as he meets a woman who makes him more favorite, he will change you anytime.

Uncle Love’s Conclusion:

Is the man “sincere” or “just for fun” to you? These 3 points, you can see at a glance! Girl, the man who treats you like this doesn’t love you at all. Don’t give up foolishly. He chooses to be with you now, not because he loves you so much, but because he really has no better choice, so he will be with you first. You will be there for a while. With a man who doesn’t have you in his heart, even if you seem to be in love, the bitterness and loneliness in your heart can only be experienced by you.

The person who loves you, everything about you, he cares, the person who doesn’t love you, everything about you, he just pretends to care, don’t be attached to this kind of hypocritical and backward love, this kind of love is really not worth it You go and wait for it.

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