How to treat China? British truss should learn from Tesla!

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Author: Ming shusource: official account: Ming shuzatan wechat ID: laomingdashu


On the afternoon of September 6, 2022 local time in London, traces of fresh rain could be seen on the streets outside No. 10 Downing Street, the British Prime Minister’s office.

Elizabeth truss, the new British Prime Minister, delivered her first public speech since taking office here.

In July this year, there were many scandals about the governance, and finally the embattled British Prime Minister Johnson was forced to resign. In the next two months, truss, who served as foreign secretary, and Rishi sunak, who served as chancellor of the exchequer, had a fierce battle for the position of leader of the conservative party.

In this process, truss said a lot of things that went too far against China, causing strong concern among the Chinese people.

Because of this, I listened carefully to truss’s speech and kept wondering whether she would “rave” again on the China issue.

Truss talked about her “taking orders in the face of danger”. Under the double impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and COVID-19, she became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Next, she will focus on three things: first, let the United Kingdom achieve growth again through tax reduction and deregulation; Second, to solve the current problem of soaring energy prices faced by the UK; Third, reform the British health care system.

Rather than being aggressive when talking about China in the race for party leader, truss was more like a sober British politician at this time.


China has never been Britain’s “number one problem”.

The real problem in Britain is at home.

At present, the biggest problems facing the UK are inflation and soaring energy prices. In recent months, Britain’s inflation rate has been rising all the way, and now exceeds 10%, the highest level in four decades. Among them, the soaring food price is the main reason for the rising cost of living of the British people. At the same time, after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Britain followed closely the United States and rushed to the forefront of sanctions against Russian energy, which led to a sharp rise in global energy prices. The upper limit of the annual fuel and natural gas expenditure of ordinary British people will rise from the current 2300 odd dollars to 4100 odd dollars next month, and it may continue to rise in the future.

In addition, this summer, London and other places in the UK also experienced rare high temperature and dry weather.

For truss, in the face of various domestic problems in Britain, as the new British Prime Minister, what she should do most is to deal with inflation, soaring energy prices and other issues, which is really “serving the British people”.

China and Britain are more than ten thousand miles apart, separated by the vast Eurasian continent. There is no geopolitical conflict between them.

However, in the past five or six years, as the US government began to adopt a containment strategy against China out of the need to safeguard its hegemony, Britain’s attitude towards China has become increasingly negative.

When I visited London for the third time in 2014, I did an interview outside Downing Street. At that time, China was in the “golden decade” of Sino British relations. The UK sees that the ever-growing Chinese economy has provided the UK with rare investment and trade opportunities. During that period, British leaders even said that Britain wanted to be China’s best friend in the western world. I felt this at that time and wrote a special article entitled “the Thames flows eastward”.

With trump taking office in 2016, the development momentum of Sino US relations has reversed and continued to deteriorate. As the most special ally of the United States, Britain finally decided to “choose sides” between China and the United States after experiencing initial confusion and confusion in its relations with China. The British government initially welcomed Huawei’s investment, but eventually banned Huawei and began to restrict various investments from China. At the same time, Britain also joined the United States in slandering and attacking China on the so-called “human rights”, “democracy” and “freedom”. In particular, Britain has made many unfriendly moves on Hong Kong, Xinjiang and other issues.

Fundamentally speaking, Britain’s retrogression in its relations with China is the result of us mobilization and coercion.

In the United States’ alliance system, the Anglo Saxon white Christian racial Alliance (the so-called “five eyes alliance”) including Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is at the core.

When the United States, from trump to Biden, decided to implement containment against China, it was certain to strive for Britain’s participation.

But at the same time, we should also see that Britain, as the successor of the former “empire of never setting sun”, has taken the approach of deeply binding with the United States in foreign strategy in the past few decades in exchange for international influence.

This is also why, in 2003, the United States invaded Iraq without the authorization of the United Nations Security Council, which was opposed by Germany and France, but Britain became the only big country in the EU that supported the United States.

In the process of the EU’s political, economic and diplomatic integration with Europe, Germany and France have become increasingly influential. Britain is not willing to be just a member of the “troika”, coupled with immigration and other reasons, and has turned to withdraw from the EU and continue to be deeply bound with the United States.

In the past few years, Britain has followed the United States in its relations with China, which is still a continuation of Britain’s strategy of deeply binding on the United States in its foreign strategy.

On the whole, China UK relations have not been good in recent years, which is not only the result of us inducement, instigation and coercion, but also the result of Britain’s independent choice.

During his election campaign for party leader, truss said that one of the most indignant words of the Chinese people was that “if China does not abide by the post-war rules based international order, the road of China’s rise may be interrupted”.

This sentence is full of the arrogance, arrogance and self righteousness of westerners for a long time, and is also full of naked threats to China.

China has always been a builder, defender and participant of the post-war international order. However, what China maintains is an international system with the United Nations as the core and an international order based on international law, not the “rules of the game” set by a few countries such as the United States based on the principle of hegemony and power.

More importantly, since reform and opening up, China has developed rapidly in social, economic and other aspects, and has grown into the world’s second largest economy. This is the result of the joint efforts of the Chinese government and people. This has never been a favor of the United States, Britain and other western countries, nor can it be stopped by the United States, Britain and other western countries if they want to stop it now.

The attitude of the Chinese people towards the UK is also very simple: “China will not threaten the UK, but it is also a fool’s dream for the UK to threaten China.”

In history, Britain owes a debt to the Chinese people.

Britain launched two Opium Wars, Britain and France joined hands to burn the Old Summer Palace, and Britain joined the eight power coalition to burn, kill and loot China. The Chinese people have never forgotten this history.

The British government and politicians should be self aware. They should read history carefully, otherwise, they will once again assume a lofty attitude toward China today, or they will slander, attack, criticize and sanction China at any time, which will only arouse the Chinese people’s disgust and disgust towards the descendants of the colonists.

China today is not what it was more than 100 years ago.

Similarly, Britain today is not the same as it was more than 100 years ago.

The once “sun never sets Empire” experienced two world wars, its vitality was seriously damaged, colonies all over the world fell apart, and its global hegemony had long been replaced by the United States. In particular, in the past decade or so, Britain has also experienced the problem of hollowing out industry and disengaging the economy from the real to the virtual.

According to common sense, Britain’s modern service industry, such as finance, education and other industries, will gain great development opportunities when combined with China. However, if the United Kingdom has to fight against China and its own interests, China will not be afraid.

We have no intention to make fun of a country that can’t even build a complete heavy truck, or a country where aircraft carriers are prone to crouch. However, if it makes rude remarks, attacks and accusations against China, we can only respond with contempt.

For truss, she did not name China in her first speech after taking office, which is somewhat a positive sign.

Britain has a lot of domestic problems, and is facing the problem of binding the United States and Russia in depth internationally. At this time, it is absolutely unnecessary for Britain to quarrel with China on Taiwan, the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Tibet and other issues.

Moreover, truss should be very clear that as long as Britain doesn’t do too much for China, China has no interest in finding trouble with Britain.

After brexit, China still has the urgently needed investment and trade opportunities. Especially when the United States is indifferent to the bilateral free trade agreement negotiation proposed by the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom should not stimulate and alienate China.

Truss should see Tesla.

In 2019, Tesla suffered serious losses and its share price plummeted, but in the end, Shanghai, China, opened its arms and gave Tesla a chance to “rebirth”.

Today, Tesla’s Shanghai factory has an annual output of 700000 vehicles, which has become Tesla’s largest production base in the world. In the future, the annual output may exceed 1 million vehicles.

China has provided Tesla with a good investment environment, miraculous plant building speed and production efficiency, first-class infrastructure and, of course, a vast consumer market.

Tesla’s “rebirth” in China is not surprising. China, which is constantly deepening reform and opening up, has this “magic power”.

At the same time, Tesla is also increasingly rooted in China.

At present, the localization rate of the supply chain of Tesla’s factories in China has reached 95%, which has driven the development of a large number of upstream and downstream electric vehicle industry chains and supply chain enterprises in China, and also created basic conditions for the rise of domestic electric vehicle brands in China.

More importantly, China introduced Tesla in the hope of exerting the “catfish effect” through Tesla to stir up the somewhat dull and scattered automobile market in China, so that the Chinese automobile industry can constantly sharpen and strengthen itself in the competition with the world’s first-class automobile manufacturers.

In short, Tesla has perfectly explained what is called “mutual benefit and win-win” in the Chinese market.

The Chinese people are of course willing to say “Congratulations” to truss as British Prime Minister out of courtesy.

However, the Chinese people prefer that Tesla be seen more by truss. China has never been a threat to anyone. China has always sought to cooperate with other countries for mutual benefit and win-win results while achieving its own better development.

China’s door to cooperation and win-win results is always open to all countries, including the UK.

However, at the same time, the Chinese people firmly believe that “good for good and honest for bad”.

If Britain insists on following the United States in a single-minded way and colliding with China’s sovereignty, security and development core interests, China will also react in a way that makes Britain very uncomfortable.

As the leader of an old capitalist country, truss should be a clear man. Follow the United States to contain China and shout. If you really want to contribute, forget it.

What are the advantages of extracting chestnuts from the fire for the United States?

It’s better to learn Tesla and develop with China.

I believe this is also the pragmatic choice that more than 67 million ordinary British people most hope truss will make.

The ball is now on truss’s side as to where China UK relations will go.

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