How was the nine babies, one of the fierce beasts in ancient times, born? How is it recorded in historical materials?

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Nine babies, one of the ferocious beasts in ancient Chinese myths and legends, came from Huainan Zi Ben Jing Xun. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look.

Nine babies are the monsters of water and fire. They can spray water and spit out fire. Their cries are like babies crying. They have nine heads, so they are called nine babies. When Yao came out, he did harm to the world and was shot by Yi in the fierce water of Beidi. Nine babies belong to nine monsters and strange snakes. They can spray water and spit fire to cause disasters.


When Yao came out, he did harm to the world and was shot by Yi in the fierce water of Beidi. Its theory first appeared in Han Dynasty. The legendary water fire monster. It is also used to describe evil and ferocious people. “Huainan Zi – Ben Jing Xun” Gao Yu notes: “nine babies, the monster of water and fire, are harmed by people, and there is fierce water in their land

Nine babies were born at the beginning of the division of heaven and earth. At that time, heaven and earth were as powerful as nature. I don’t know how many powerful spirit beasts and monsters were produced. This nine life old demon is in the deep mountains and vast lakes. The vitality of yin and Yang is intertwined and transformed into a nine headed snake. It is called nine babies. Each end is a life. Because it is directly produced by heaven and earth, it has no soul and soul, and its body is extremely strong. It is already an immortal body and has nine lives. As long as one life is still alive, it can be recovered by collecting Reiki between heaven and earth.

The nine headed monster and nine babies, who believed that they had nine heads and nine lives, were not afraid of Yi during the northern expedition. Their nine mouths were spread together, spitting out poisonous flames and turbid currents, interwoven into a dangerous network of water and fire, trying to trap Yi. Yi knew that it had nine lives. After hitting one head, he would not die, but would recover quickly. So when using the serial arrow method, nine arrows were inserted into nine heads of nine infants almost at the same time, and none of the nine lives of nine infants remained.


According to the book of Huainan Zi Ben Jing Xun, “when Yao was captured, he rose up in ten days. He scorched grain crops, killed plants and trees, but the people had nothing to eat. The people did harm to him. He killed him, chiseled his teeth, nine babies, Dafeng, sealed his teeth, and repaired his snakes. Yao sent Yi to chisel his teeth in the fields of chouhua, killed his nine babies in the fierce water, captured him in the green hills, shot him up for ten days, and killed him down. He cut and repaired his snakes in Dongting, and captured him in Sangsang.Lin. all the people are happy, and they think Yao is the son of heaven.”

Historical records: in ancient Chinese myths and legends, it is mentioned that there is a large river in the north, with a depth of thousands of feet and turbulent waves, which is called fierce water. There is a nine headed monster named nine babies in the fierce water. It can spray water and fire. When the sun rose at the same time, the fierce water was boiling. The nine babies thought the water was too hot, so they jumped ashore and ate whenever they saw people. When they ate, they had to have nine kinds of food for them at the same time, so they became Hou Yi’s third target. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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