How was the ox demon captured? Why did the Supreme Lord, the Buddha, and the Jade Emperor reach a consensus to arrest him?

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How was the ox demon captured? Why did the Supreme Lord, the Buddha, and the Jade Emperor reach a consensus to arrest him? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

In ancient times, there were “thousand gates and Eight Generals”, so-called: righteousness, mention, opposition, detachment, wind, fire, elimination and ballad.

Zheng, commonly known as “Lao Zheng”, is a person who rushes to the front line of the front desk; Persons who propose, monitor and risk prompt; On the contrary, those who set a trap. It includes the method of exciting generals, immortal jumping, exposing the white party, beauty trick, etc; Take off, assist in evacuation, black money launderers, commonly known as white gloves; Wind: those who watch the wind, look for the wind, collect the wind and perform discipline; Fire: a force solver; Excluding: refers to the distribution of income and removal of problems; Rumor refers to the person who collects information and disseminates public opinion.

“Thousand gates and Eight Generals”, suitable for all fields. The greater the power, the finer the division of labor. Now let’s talk about the biggest brother in the journey to the west, the ox demon king.



According to the classification of Eight Generals, the ox demon king should belong to the “old Zheng” who is on the front line.

Just talking about the industry of Flaming Mountain, the essence was that Sun Wukong kicked down several bricks of the Bagua furnace. Who should this industry be? There is no doubt that the property right belongs to the Supreme Lord. But because of his identity, the Supreme Lord had to find a spokesperson to run the business, so Princess Iron Fan became the legal representative of Flaming Mountain.

In order to assist (supervise) and assist (inspect) princess Tiefan, the Supreme Lord sent a Taoist priest to the flame mountain to make land. The furnace keeper is just like the “white glove” of the Supreme Lord.

Princess Iron Fan is also very popular in the business of Flaming Mountain. Every time I borrow a fan to help people turn off the fire and rain, I will “four pigs and four sheep, red flowers in the table, fruit in the fragrant season, chicken and goose wine”.

With such an industry, as the investor behind it, Taishang Laojun must have a rich return. It’s just that as the industry grows bigger, the ox demon king and his wife begin to become less obedient. It is inevitable that the Supreme Lord will be deceived. The Taoist priest who was sent to guard the furnace could not afford to provoke the powerful ox demon king, and even the daily expenses had to depend on others.

After a long time, the Taoist priest guarding the furnace and his subordinates complained and played the song of the Supreme Lord. After all, the Supreme Lord has to weigh the interests of all parties. The power of the ox demon king is at its peak, and Princess Iron Fan was once his confidant. The Supreme Lord has nothing to do with the couple for a while.


In this dilemma, Tang Monk’s master and apprentice came. What should we do if the scripture reader wants to cross the Flaming Mountain? The Supreme Lord secretly instructed the Taoist priest to take advantage of the situation and use the monkey king and the pig Bajie to pull out the Bull Demon King, who could not be eliminated, to “cross-border annihilation”. Then find another spokesperson to run the Flaming Mountain.

Under the guidance of the Taoist priest, Sun Wukong found another den of the ox demon king – Jilei mountain, which is also a fat place. The Taoist priest told Wukong: “there is a long-lived fox king in Moyun cave of Jilei mountain. The fox king died and left a daughter named Princess Yumian. The princess has a million possessions and no one is in charge. Two years ago, she visited the ox demon king, who has great powers and is willing to accompany her family and recruit her husband.”

The Taoist priest also has an abacus. He thought, the Flaming Mountain is a big fat meat, and even if it is collected, it may not belong to me. It seems that the Jilei mountain is not big, but it has many advantages. If you can take advantage of this place, the Supreme Lord will be happy. I am not the real estate manager of this place.


In this way, it was originally to fan out the flame mountain with a fan. Who knew that the battlefield was muddled and placed at the foot of Jilei mountain. Wukong, Bajie and the Taoist priest guarding the furnace fought fiercely around the Bull Demon King. The demon king fought bravely and walked and fought. He fought all night, no matter how high or low, and it was early and bright.

The sound of fighting outside startled the princess Yumian in the cave. She came out with 180 little demons to help fight, and Wukong and others were defeated.

It is reasonable to say that we have suffered a defeat at the moment, and we are exhausted. We should take a rest to nourish ourselves and fight again. Wukong and Bajie both have the intention of rest, but who knows that the Taoist priest said: “as the old saying goes, you can’t turn away if you can’t follow the right path. Your master is sitting on the right road and looking forward to your success! At this moment, the Taoist priest is using the ‘reverse skill’ of the ‘thousand gate eight skills’.”

The words of the Taoist priest of the furnace revived the fighting spirit of Wukong and Bajie. So he didn’t have a rest and went straight to the front door of Moyun cave. The ox demon king had to fight again.

After fighting again, the scale of victory began to tilt towards Wukong.


As a matter of fact, Wukong and Bajie are fighting the Bull Demon King this time. What about the furnace keeper? It turned out that he had sealed the entrance of Moyun cave with his Yin soldiers. In this way, the jade faced Princess dared not come out, and cut off the escape route of the ox demon king back to the cave. Here, the Taoist guarding the furnace uses the “wind skill” of the “thousand doors and eight skills”.

The Taoist priest guarding the furnace was really clever. The Bull Demon King was afraid and turned into a swan and ran away. Wukong goes after the ox demon king. Bajie and the furnace keeper took the opportunity to enter the Moyun cave, and all the goblins, including the jade faced fox, were killed.

The Taoist priest has succeeded in his wonderful plan and is looking forward to a bright future. I can see that Jilei mountain, Cuiyun mountain and Huoyan mountain are all owned by my Taoism. I’m sure I’ll get a big prize for my contribution. He is thinking of good things, but who knows that the mantis catches the cicada and the Yellow sparrow is behind.



No one wants to see a big brother in the Jianghu grow up. Most of the time, he is only weighing the interests of all parties. If you don’t move, you can’t see clearly; If you see it clearly, it will destroy everything.

Now that the Taoist priest guarding the furnace has cut off the influence of the ox demon king, how can Buddhism and the heavenly court sit on the sidelines?

The jade faced fox has died, and the affair of Moyun cave is now over. Next, the battlefield will turn to Bajiao cave.

In front of the Bajiao cave, there was a battlefield. The ox demon king sacrificed his life. After more than 50 battles, he could not resist the enemy and was ready to flee.

To the north, there is the mysterious magic rock of Wutai Mountain, which is blocked by the powerful POFA Vajra; Walking south, there is a cool cave in Mount Emei, whose magic power is immeasurably superior to that of King Kong; Going eastward, there is a strong Vajra of Pilu on the mole cliff of Xumi mountain; Walking westward, there is jinxialing of Kunlun Mountain, which is blocked by King Yongzhu King Kong.

There are eight vajras under the Buddha seat. The four vajras are stationed in Lingshan, and the four vajras are stationed in the four Immortal Mountains. Now, the four people have come together by chance, all of whom have received the secret order of the Tathagata!

Why do we need a secret order? Because the relationship between the parties is intertwined and the interests are intertwined, the more low-key the better to deal with such a thorny issue.


It’s not over yet. King tota and Nezha also came to help. So who did their father and son represent? Nezha said this: yesterday, the foolish father and son saw the Buddha and sent a message to the Jade Emperor, saying that the Tang Monk blocked the flame mountain, and sun Dasheng could not defeat the Bull Demon King. The Jade Emperor sent a message to my father and the king to lead the people to help.

Nezha’s words were very meaningful. First of all, they went to see the Tathagata first yesterday. That is to say, when Wukong, Bajie and the Taoist priest guarding the furnace fought against the Bull Demon King Day and night, Li Jing and his son were at the Buddha’s place.

As for Li Jing and his son, they are the “two embraces” of Buddhism and Tianting. When they arrived at Lingshan, they obviously had the Jade Emperor’s order. In this way, although the Buddha of the Tathagata gave a secret order to the four great vajras, when Li Jing and his son came, they had no choice but to report the imperial edict to the Jade Emperor at the same time. Therefore, the Jade Emperor sent an edict to let Li Jing and his son bite the beef.

After all, Li Jing and his son came on behalf of the heavenly court, so Nezha was certainly the one who did the most to capture the ox demon king.

The Bull Demon King saw that the general situation was gone and had to surrender at last. But he is still very calm at the moment. He said: don’t hurt my life! I would like to submit to Buddhism. Obviously, he was captured by the heavenly court, but he said that he would submit to Buddhism, which was the best choice after weighing.


For the ox demon king, Cuiyun mountain is gone, Jilei mountain is gone, and the management right of Flame Mountain is handed over. So who will these industries ultimately belong to? It is obvious that the Supreme Lord is disappointed, because the weight of a furnace keeper is obviously not equal to that of the four great Buddhist vajras and the heavenly king Li Jing and his son.

In this matter, the Supreme Lord was a dumb loser. However, in order to avoid conflict with the emperor, Buddhism did not dare to occupy these mountains in a grand manner. Therefore. It is a high probability event that it is returned to the public. Besides, the fire of Flaming Mountain was completely extinguished by Wukong’s 49 fans, and the people around were finally able to live in good weather for the time being.

Postscript: the Flame Mountain has always had good weather. The fire mountain formed by the mistake of the Supreme Lord caused difficulties in the life of the people. It is only right that the emperor should have used a plantain fan to extinguish the flames. Instead, they sent people to operate as industries and collect fees from the people. If the ox demon king and his wife were not obedient, we still don’t know when the people of Flaming Mountain will endure the hardship. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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