How was the ox demon subdued? What is the origin of the earth God of Flaming Mountain?

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How was the ox demon subdued? What is the origin of the earth God of Flaming Mountain? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

I believe everyone has seen the journey to the West. In this work, there are many kinds of monsters. Among these monsters, the strength of one monster can not be underestimated, and the territory controlled by this monster is also large. One person owns a mountain, namely, Jilei mountain, Cuiyun mountain, Huoyan mountain and Haoshan mountain. Speaking of this, I believe everyone has guessed who it is. Yes, this monster is the ox demon king.


As for the ox demon king, he can be said to be the most amorous monster in the journey to the west, and he has achieved a double harvest in love and career. He not only married Princess Tiefan, but also gave birth to a red child. In addition, he went to visit a rich woman, Princess Yumian. In addition, his family monopolized four mountains, and he was simply a winner in his life in the westward journey. However, after the Tang monks and disciples set foot in the west to learn scriptures, the pattern of the Niu demon king family changed.

First, when he was at Haoshan, Hong Er wanted to eat Tang Monk’s meat, so he caught him. But he didn’t know that Sun Wukong, the disciple of Tang monk, was not a good master. So we had a fierce battle with him. Although Sun Wukong was defeated by red boy in the battle, he had the ability to ask the gods for help. Soon, with the arrival of Guanyin, red boy was subdued by Guanyin. And mount Hao naturally filled the territory of the Buddha sect, so the ox demon king lost a piece of territory.

Later, when the Tang monks and disciples passed through the Flaming Mountain, they were blocked by the raging fire of the Flaming Mountain. Later, under the guidance of the land of Flaming Mountain, Sun Wukong came to Cuiyun mountain to borrow a banana fan from Princess Tiefan to extinguish the fire of Flaming Mountain. However, Princess tie fan became a stranger to their demons because her son was converted to Buddhism by Sun Wukong, so that mother and son could not meet each other.


Princess Iron Fan hated Sun Wukong so much that she could not easily lend him the fan. After that, Sun Wukong used some means to cheat Princess Iron Fan, but in the end, it was nothing. Sun Wukong had no choice but to go to find his former sworn brother, the ox demon king. I hope he can see the brotherhood in the past and lend the banana fan to Sun Wukong. However, the ox demon king’s son honger was trapped in Buddhism because of Sun Wukong, and the family could not be reunited.

In addition, Sun Wukong flirted with his wife Princess Iron Fan and killed his concubine Princess jade face. This made the Bull Demon King very unhappy, so he launched a fierce battle against it. In the course of fighting, the bull demon king turned into a 200 foot bull, while the monkey king turned into a 1000 foot saint. And Zhu Bajie also joined in the fight. The three men wrestled for a day and a night. They were unable to tell the winner from the loser.

Later, the heavenly court sent people to help Sun Wukong. The ox demon king saw that he was unable to defeat the big guy, so he wanted to flee. However, when he did not run far, the land of Flaming Mountain led 300 Yin soldiers, blocking the way of the ox demon king. And he said that those who follow the heaven will prosper and those who oppose the heaven will perish. However, the performance of the Bull Demon King after listening to it was very surprising. It is reasonable to say that the Bull Demon King, with his strength, can directly rush to put these people down, so as to kill them.

But instead of doing so, he chose to retreat, which gave him the chance to surrender. Seeing this, it is obvious that the ox demon king is afraid of the land of Flame Mountain. So what is the origin of the flame mountain land that can make the Bull Demon King afraid? It turned out that the land of Flaming Mountain was not simple. He was the boy who lit a fire by the Eight Diagrams furnace of the Supreme Lord. In those years, because Sun Wukong kicked over the Bagua furnace, the fire fell to the earth, forming the flame mountain.

And the Supreme Lord sent him to watch over the fire in the lower boundary, so as not to let it spread, or else the world will suffer disaster. It is because of this that the boy of Taishang Laojun came to the flame mountain and became the land. And he kept watch over the mountain fire of Flaming Mountain day and night. When Sun Wukong came, he told him the truth. Therefore, seeing the strong background of the fire mountain, the ox demon king could not afford to be provoked, so he chose to retreat and was finally subdued by Nezha.

In the background of the fire mountain land, the Lord in the sky dared not provoke the Tathagata. At that time, when the monkey king met the green bull spirit. The Tathagata did not dare to point out that his background was the Supreme Lord, but only vaguely reminded the monkey king to go to gaodou palace to find out. It can be seen that the Tathagata also dared not provoke the Supreme Lord. So, what is the origin of the flame mountain land that can make the Bull Demon King afraid? After his background was exposed, the Tathagata dared not provoke him. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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