Hu Chunyang admitted that his new relationship was angrily resented by the media face to face

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Hu Chunyang made his debut because he participated in the talent show youth. At the beginning, he made his debut in the sixth place, and his popularity is OK. But now his development in the entertainment industry is not going well. He spends most of his time at home. Finally, I had an interview and was scolded by netizens with a rotten attitude. Hu Chunyang admitted his new love affair in a bad way, and was directly angered by the media face to face. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Hu Chunyang admits his new love affair

As a love bean, Hu Chunyang’s love affair is basically a collapse of the house. After all, male fans of love bean are girlfriend fans, so he must not accept love bean. Hu Chunyang’s relationship was revealed not long ago. The media asked Hu Chunyang’s views on this matter. Hu Chunyang said that he was wrong from the perspective of fans, but from his personal perspective, he was not wrong. In fact, before asking Hu Chunyang about his relationship, the media also specifically asked Hu Chunyang whether he was willing to talk about it. If not, he can skip it.

But Hu Chunyang showed an indifferent attitude, saying that he could talk about himself or not. Hu Chunyang also said that he would not be so negative if he stayed at home alone all day and someone loved him or let him love him. In the interview, Hu Chunyang was asked about his work, which was also very negative. He felt that he had no plans for his future, and his attitude was really bad.

Huchunyang was angrily resented by the media

Many passers-by saw Hu Chunyang’s interview and doubted whether he was suffering from depression. They felt that Hu Chunyang was very sad now and had no enthusiasm for life and work. Hu Chunyang’s fans, after watching the interview, expressed great anger. Because fans are still busy helping him with all kinds of data every day, as a result, he is so rotten. Fans said that they cared so much about Hu Chunyang. Hu Chunyang regarded his fans as strangers on the Internet and was too disappointed with Hu Chunyang.

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