Huan Rui’s powder touched the black and white Jingting. It was suspected that Cheng Yibai robbed the Jingting of resources

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In the past two days, there was a sudden news on the Internet that another traffic male star in the entertainment circle was investigated for tax. It even said that at the end of July, the changed male star would be exposed, and a lot of tips were given. Huan Rui touched the black-and-white Jingting with powder. It was suspected that Cheng Yi and Bai Jingting were robbing resources. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Huanrui powder touching black and white Jingting

A few days ago, there was a sudden news on the Internet that there was a big melon at the end of the month, saying that a male artist had been investigated for tax, and his tax problems would be exposed. Many people who eat melons began to look forward to this melon. Later, the informant gave some directional clues about changing male stars. Many people began to speculate that it was Bai Jingting. However, on July 31, we didn’t wait for this big melon. Instead, we began to spread that there were male and female stars under investigation. At this moment, many netizens who were waiting to eat melon were angry.

Netizens then went to pick up the exposed marketing numbers and found that most of them, whether they were exposed or guided, were the powder of huanrui company. Why is huanrui powder aimed at Bai Jingting? Later, some netizens came out and revealed that it was Cheng Yi, an entertainer of huanrui’s family, who was competing for the same play with Bai Jingting some time ago. The purpose of huanrui powder is naturally to create chaos for those capital and make them believe this rumor. Then they will naturally give up Bai Jingting and choose Cheng Yi.

Cheng Yibai Jingting grabs resources

The first thing to explain is that Bai Jingting is in good condition now. There is no accident. He is honestly filming in the changfengdu production team. It can only be said that Huan Rui’s powder is really crazy. No wonder many friends in the powder circle do not like Huan Rui, hate his family’s powder, and hate Huan Rui’s artists. In order to protect the cake for his own artists, huanrui often lets the powder blacken the competitors. This practice is really shameful.

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