Huang Jingyu appeared in the prosecution elite crew suspected of visiting dilireba

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Huang Jingyu and diri rebain have been linked in the TV series “happiness within reach”, and they also use a lot of CP powder. Although the scandal has been spread for a long time, the two parties have always been unresponsive. Recently, a netizen revealed that Huang Jingyu appeared in the elite prosecution crew, suspected to be visiting his gossip girlfriend delireba. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Huang Jingyu appears in the elite prosecution crew

Huang Jingyu and Dili Reba have not responded to their gossip, but this time some netizens exposed that Huang Jingyu visited Dili Reba, which seems to have confirmed their gossip. After all, if two people really didn’t talk, they should avoid suspicion. In the photos posted by netizens, the staff around Huang Jingyu wore the costumes of the prosecution elite. Although there is no picture of Huang Jingyu and Dili Reba in the same frame, as the heroine of the prosecution elite, it is difficult not to let people think more.

After the news came out, the happiest one was the CP fans of Huang Jingyu and Dili Reba. Of course, their only fans were not happy. Only fans and CP fans even quarreled over this matter. Only fans refuted the rumor that the prosecution elite of diri Reba had been killed on June 20. The staff dressed in the clothes of the prosecution elite, spread the group everywhere, and previously appeared in the Xinchuan daily crew.

Huang Jingyu is suspected of visiting dilireba

Moreover, the prosecution elite of Dili Reba was filmed in Chengdu, Sichuan, while the crew of Huang Jingyu’s exploration team was in Zhengzhou, Henan, which is not a place at all. It’s clearly that the staff are working in other crew wearing the clothes of the prosecution elite. There is such a misleading coincidence. Although the news of Huang Jingyu’s visit to dilireba has now been proved to be false, there are many other news between the two people, so CP powder still insists that it is true.

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