Huang Xiaoming and his mother take their children out and play with their mobile phones

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After the divorce of Huang Xiaoming and angelababy, the custody of the two children, xiaosponge, has also attracted much attention. In the initial response of the studios of both parties, it was said that the two people would jointly raise xiaosponge. Huang Xiaoming and his mother took their children out, but the media caught Huang Xiaoming playing with his mobile phone all the time. What exactly is going on? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Huang Xiaoming and his mother take their children out

Although the little sponge was raised by Huang Xiaoming and angelababy, angelababy, as a mother, spent more time with the little sponge. The media also photographed angelababy going out with little sponge and taking little sponge to travel for many times. Recently, some media have taken pictures of Huang Xiaoming and little sponge going out. However, Huang Xiaoming is playing with his mobile phone all the time. It seems that he doesn’t want to accompany little sponge well.

On the same day, Huang Xiaoming and his mother went out with little sponge. Mother Huang always followed her grandson and looked after little sponge. While Huang Xiaoming was dressed in a low-key manner, wearing a black cap and a black mask, and had been brushing his mobile phone with his head down. Many netizens also roast, because many people think that parents should play less mobile phones in front of their children. Moreover, I think Huang Xiaoming is so busy at work that he has no time to spend with his son. He should concentrate on playing with his son.

Huang Xiaoming bowed his head to play mobile phone

However, the small editor thinks that there is no need for everyone to be so arbitrary, and the video released by the media is just a small segment. Maybe Huang Xiaoming just needed to deal with the work at that time. Someone called Huang Xiaoming on wechat, and Huang Xiaoming kept typing with his mobile phone. Little sponge is his own son. How could Huang Xiaoming not love his son? Therefore, netizens should not rely on a short video to criticize a father, even if the father is a public figure.

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