Huang Zhiwei denied that he owed money and angrily denounced the Taiwan media for making nothing out of nothing

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Huang Zhiwei is not very active in the entertainment industry in recent years, so he rarely sees his news. However, he was recently reported by Taiwan media that he owed the Bank of Taiwan money and did not repay it. The report also made many gourd eaters pay attention to the recent situation of Huang Zhiwei, to which Huang Zhiwei also responded. Huang Zhiwei denied that he did not pay back the money he owed, and angrily denounced the Taiwan media for making things out of nothing. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Huang Zhiwei denied that he owed money

Taiwan media reported that Huang Zhiwei lost a lot of money in doing business in the mainland due to the epidemic, so he borrowed money from the Bank of Taiwan, but he didn’t wait until the deadline. This matter still has a great impact on Huang Zhiwei’s image. Many netizens who read this news thought that Huang Zhiwei was going to be a Laolai. It is reported that in recent years, Huang Zhiwei has been involved in projects ranging from investing in second-hand car stores to wine bars to the medical and beauty industry, and then extended to dental hospitals, bakeries and other industries.

However, Huang Zhiwei soon came out to make a voice. Huang Zhiwei responded through his agent that Huang Zhiwei had only mortgage on hand at present, and he also paid regularly, and did not receive any reminder notice. Huang Zhiwei also told the media that he has been filming in the mainland in recent years. The so-called failure to pay back the money is nothing, and he will no longer pay attention to and respond to this rumor, because he does not want to waste public resources. Huang Zhiwei’s attitude is quite firm. So far, it is only reported by Taiwan media that Huang Zhiwei owes money, but many Taiwan banks in the mouth of Taiwan media have not come out to correct Huang Zhiwei.

Huang Zhiwei angrily denounced the Taiwan media for making nothing out of nothing

So many gourd eaters feel that Huang Zhiwei has been wronged by Taiwan media, otherwise the banks that Huang Zhiwei failed to repay would have spoken out long ago. Huang Zhiwei’s career focus has been on the mainland in recent years, but his output in recent years is basically one work a year. I still hope that Huang Zhiwei can make more scenes and bring new roles to everyone.

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