Huangliang dream_ Three character idiom

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[phonetic notation] huá ng liá ng mè ng

[idiom story] once upon a time, there was a poor scholar, Lusheng, who met Taoist LV Weng in a Inn in Handan. Lu Weng gave him a pillow. At this time, the shopkeeper was starting to cook rice. Lu Sheng took a nap. In his dream, he was a scholar, a prime minister, married a beautiful wife, had a full house of children and grandchildren, and lived a happy life. After waking up, the host’s rice was not cooked yet.

[allusion] you are born different when you die. You must know who is wrong and who is true? Handan today’s poet is still a dreamer of Huangliang. Gold · Yuan Haowen’s four wonders of crossing Handan

[explanation] Huangliang: millet. It refers to an unreal dream that cannot be realized.

[usage] as subject, object and attribute; An unrealized dream

[synonyms] Handan dream, huangliangyimeng

[rhyming words] vacillating, flying dragon and Phoenix, respect from a cup of water, obedience to orders, planning to win, the people are overwhelmed, leading the people to celebrate together, matching the beginning and the end, showing respect for each other, being kind to the virtuous and far from the sycophant

[English] pipedream

[French] rê vesdebonheur< vainsrê ves>

[Russian] ??& aacute; ???????

[idiom example] did you wake up from your dream?

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