Huangzhiwei, the demon tower, was exposed to be in arrears with a huge loan and cried that he could not pay back the money

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Huang Zhiwei was well known by mainland netizens because of his role in rose love. In particular, the demon tower in fairy sword 3 has become his landmark role. Huangzhiwei, the demon tower, was exposed to be in arrears with a huge loan, and Huang Zhiwei also cried earlier that he could not afford to pay back the money. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Huang Zhiwei is exposed to be in arrears with a huge loan

Huang Zhiwei put his career focus on the mainland a long time ago. In recent years, although Huang Zhiwei still has acting, his resources are not very good. He plays some supporting roles in some small productions. Huang Zhiwei’s mind is not in the entertainment industry. He has been making various investments in recent years, successively investing in video games, catering and other sidelines, and has also opened six Hong Kong style restaurants.

However, due to the epidemic in the past two years, Huang Zhiwei’s business has been seriously affected, especially the restaurant business. Huang Zhiwei is a Taiwanese. In order to make business turnover, Taiwanese media said that Huang Zhiwei was like several bank loans in Taiwan, but he didn’t expect to change them overdue. Huang Zhiwei refused to return to Taiwan on the grounds of the epidemic and refused to face repeated bank calls. Taiwan media also said that Huang Zhiwei cried with the bank that he could not afford to pay back the money and left all his debts in Taiwan to his brother who lived in Taiwan.

Huang Zhiwei once cried that he couldn’t pay back the money

Taiwan media said that Huang Zhiwei had applied for delayed repayment twice, involving an amount of up to ten million yuan. However, if ten million Taiwan dollars are converted into RMB, that is 2.25 million. In fact, this money should not be much for stars. After all, there are many stars in the mainland with a daily salary of 2million. If Huang Zhiwei can’t even take out 2.25 million now, it is estimated that he will really lose a lot in business, and his current financial situation is worrying. If Huang Zhiwei had been acting in the entertainment industry, it would not be so miserable as it is now.

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