Huawei is doing great things again!

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Author: farmer source: mikuangtouzi investment (id:mikuangtouzi)


Huawei has recently started to do big things again.

At the recent “digital RMB industry development sub forum of the fifth digital China Construction Summit”, new continent and Huawei jointly launched an initiative.

A big man named “digital RMB industry alliance” was officially established.

The establishment of this industrial alliance aims to connect the digital China strategy, promote the innovative development of new infrastructure of digital RMB, promote the development of digital RMB industry, jointly tackle key technical problems, and share technology and knowledge resources.

At present, at the beginning of its establishment, there are 37 members, including a group of private giants such as new world and Huawei, as well as a number of large state-owned banks.

In addition to large state-owned banks joining in to help boxing in person, Yang Ma also sent vice president fan Yifei to attend the forum and delivered a speech.

And also said at the meeting that the top-level design of the digital RMB two-tier operation architecture has passed all-round tests, and its feasibility and reliability have been effectively verified.

According to the constitution of the alliance, “the alliance is based on equality and voluntariness, unified planning, reasonable division of labor, equal rights and obligations, and open sharing”, a large number of Internet and financial enterprises will share a large number of core technologies on the application of digital RMB through the alliance in the future.

It is likely that a wave of fresh unicorns will emerge.

This battle is not big!

I don’t know what the mood of the Internet “second horse” is at this time. After all, just a week before the establishment of the alliance, Yang Ma just released data, saying that the digital RMB has entered the second round of experimental expansion, and has further expanded from the original “10+1” pilot areas to 23 regions in 15 provinces.

It is really a question whether wechat payment and Alipay, which take mobile payment as one of their main businesses, can play as well as before when facing the wave of digital RMB.


At present, the popularity of digital RMB is growing, and the experiment is becoming more and more mature.

There have been a total of 264million transactions using digital RMB in 15 provinces and cities.

The amount reached 83billion yuan, and the number of merchant stores supporting digital RMB payment reached 4.567 million.

This provides a not small sample pool for the improvement of digital RMB practical technology and scene setting.

Information technology itself is that the more you use it, the better you can use it. Only the more samples you experience, the faster and more perfect the iteration can be.

The establishment of this digital RMB Industry Alliance obviously has strong data sharing characteristics, so that the members of the alliance can iterate the application system at a faster speed.

So it’s not too surprising that one day in the future, the digital RMB will suddenly be fully launched.

It’s just that the digital RMB can be used without the Internet, so the most uncomfortable thing in this booth where everyone iterates together may be the third-party payment system.

Vice President Yang Ma has previously written an article suggesting that Alipay and wechat may not be able to provide the public with digital RMB exchange services.

This is more heartbreaking~

Because the essence of digital RMB is currency, which is no different from paper money and coins.

It can be freely converted with paper money or self-service transfer, but it does not seem to be convertible with third-party payment.

Because only commercial banks have the right to exchange national legal tender, and whether the online banking license can be used depends on the future development. At least there is no hope now.

There is also a large overlap between scenarios and third-party payments when using digital RMB transactions directly.

In terms of mutual competition, digital RMB does have some weaknesses, such as the user habits that wechat and Alipay have developed, as well as the large-scale application scenario network.

But this can be made up through development. This alliance will also provide strong support for market popularization in the future.

Its strength lies in that although the digital RMB transaction feels like a transfer, it is actually a cash transaction, so there is no handling charge, and there is also the current interest of the bank!

It is also mobile payment. One has no handling fee, while the other has to charge a withdrawal fee, which in itself has an impact on the audience base of the bottom base of mobile payment, and also breaks a large part of its profit logic.

Maybe “two horses” both dreamed of defeating each other in the middle of the night, and they may also have imagined the scene of being defeated by each other.

But who can think of it?

In the end, the real owner of the booth is not a mobile payment peer, but a mobile phone seller


In other words, the field that digital RMB has removed is not only mobile payment, but also the main tool on which the United States relies to implement financial terrorism——

Global settlement system swift.

Seift has always been called “the financial nuclear weapon of the United States” by many media, but in fact, many people have two major misunderstandings about this thing.

1) Swift is not owned by the United States. It is jointly established by the central banks of many countries in the world. China also has a seat on the board of swift.

The reason why the United States can carry out terrorism against other countries through swift system is that it says it wants to fight terrorism

Before 9 / 11, the United States had no control over the swift system, but after the terrorist attacks, the United States, in the name of global counter-terrorism, asked for the control of swift to curb terrorism.

Then no one expected that, in order to fight terrorism, after countries gave Data permission to the United States, the United States itself played terrorism with “anti-terrorism weapons”

2) Swift system is not a money transfer system, but a telegraph system. Generally speaking, it is a “public telephone booth”.

Because when countries do cross-border transfer and settlement business, they always need to inform each other and communicate the data and information of this transfer, and then the other party can receive it.

Otherwise, anyone whose account suddenly pops up an inexplicable sum of money will be confused.

That’s why we set up such a “central mom working group” together, and the financial sanctions implemented by the United States through swift are actually to make the other party unable to receive other people’s telegrams, or not to receive other people’s messages themselves.

This is equivalent to cutting the phone line of the other party or not answering the phone yourself.

Because there are many kinds of fiat currencies in the world, the efficiency of docking exchange rates one by one is too low, and it does not meet the needs of foreign exchange control in all countries. After all, no one likes “subordinates hook up everywhere without telling themselves”.

So everyone usually pats Yang Ma on the “phone”, and then Yang Ma calls the United States, benchmarking with dollars, and then transferring to the other party.

So if the “international operator” doesn’t answer the phone, you really can only hate your teeth itch.

But now, China is exporting digital currency technology to other central banks around the world, and there will be no need to “phone” when you transfer money!

Because the calculation of exchange rate and account information will be automatically processed by the computer and directly bundled on the currency code to be delivered together.

There is nothing about swift in the whole process.

Therefore, we have always emphasized that “the promotion of digital RMB is not to replace swift”, which is indeed not a function word.

We are really not ready to replace it, just want to abolish it

Even when Michael Miebach, CEO of MasterCard, attended the world economic forum, he said: there is a great probability that swift will be “replaced” by digital currency within five years.

By the way, “MasterCard” is not an unknown cat and dog, but a universal bank card jointly issued by MasterCard International and banks around the world.

That’s the son of swift.

So this time, Ren always really did something big again, a big thing no smaller than 5g.

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