Huawei is no longer alone!

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In the summer of 2010, I owned my first car.

It was a red Chery A3 manual hatchback, with 1.6-liter power and 85000 models. The appearance was very handsome in those years. The paint was much brighter than the joint venture car. After washing the car, it was often dazzling red.

I can’t put this car down. I always stop at the downstairs of the dormitory. Every half an hour, I can’t help walking to the balcony and looking down at my car. I feel very sweet. Just a few days before I bought it, I wanted to sleep in the car every day.

That year, I was 28 years old, with a monthly salary of 7500 yuan and a decent income. However, I had been living a relatively difficult material life because I had been experiencing debt repayment and business failure. When I was paid my salary in the first month of employment, I was so poor that I was only more than 60 yuan. Therefore, I had a large amount of personal wealth for the first time in my life, which made me sleepless at night.

After only two months of excitement, he collapsed.

First, I drove this car to Shenzhen seaside to climb luzui villa. There were five people sitting on the car. When I started on the half slope, I couldn’t climb the car by stepping on the accelerator. Several of my friends got off the car swearing. They laughed at my driving skills in a friendly tone between friends and asked me if I wanted to push a car.

A week later, I took the customers of Shenzhen (now few people remember this website) to an e-manor in Zhangmutou, Dongguan for dinner. The store was very famous in the local area, but it was built in the middle of the mountain and had to climb a difficult slope. The same situation happened again. I was stuck on the middle of the slope. I pulled the handbrake and broke into a sweat. Several customers took the initiative to get off the car, He asked me if I needed a cart.

At this time, a Highlander was coming down the slope and an accord was going up the slope. The lights of several cars were on from a distance. I was embarrassed to find a way to start halfway down the slope. The engine roared in the darkness.

The last teacher, Fu Shi, couldn’t bear to look at it. He came to help me out.

I always thought it was my poor driving skills. Until two years later, the company wanted to equip me with a car. I went to Dongfeng Nissan and picked up a Xiaoke.

During the test drive, the car had to climb a steep slope. When I looked up, I felt it was very difficult to climb. I remembered my experiences in luzui villa and e villa, and was ready to step on the accelerator.

As a result, the car made a bang with a light step, and climbed up comfortably with little effort.

At that moment, my psychological defense line completely collapsed.

After I went back, I sold the Chery A3. After that, I didn’t buy a domestic car for a long time.


The year I started my first car, the sales volume of FAW Volkswagen was 860000, SAIC Volkswagen 800000, GAC Toyota 270000, FAW Toyota 510000, GAC Honda 386000, Chery 680000, BYD 520000, Great Wall 400000 and Geely 405000.

In that year, China sold a total of 18.06 million cars. Although domestic cars accounted for 45%, it was difficult to sell cars with more than 100000 yuan. That year, BYD was still focusing on F3, Chery was focusing on Ruihu, Great Wall was still selling H5, and Geely was still focusing on emgrand EC7.

The impression of domestic cars was basically that they were fake, ugly, difficult to drive and poor power.

The H6 launched by Great Wall in 2011 is the only domestic car that can sell more than 100000 yuan and keep the price line stable for a long time.

I still remember the market reaction when the H6 was launched that year. Many car critics said it was a car that changed the pattern of domestic cars.

Domestic cars that have tasted the benefits of SUV have successively launched various SUV products. In december2017, the market price reached the peak, accounting for 48.8%. However, the joint venture cars quickly fought back and launched low – and medium price SUVs. In april2019, domestic cars reached the lowest point, accounting for only 37% of the market, falling below the red line of 40%.

At that time, the market was full of pessimism. Some people believed that domestic cars had come to the end of development. Faced with the excellence of the three major parts of joint venture cars, domestic cars could not make a breakthrough.

At this time, it is only two years away from 2021, when the fate of domestic cars has changed.

It was the darkest hour before dawn.


In 2010, the Ministry of industry and information technology decided to bet on electric vehicles.

In that year, most electric vehicle manufacturers had a range of just over 160 kilometers.

It is hard to imagine how to look forward to the future development path of the three cores of battery, motor and electronic control 12 years ago. No one knows that China will come up with a Ningde era and undertake 32% of the global battery production. No one dares to imagine that the endurance mileage of electric vehicles can reach 700 kilometers.

The automobile industry is one of the contemporary industries, which can drive upstream and downstream employment and provide a large number of high paying jobs. If there is no breakthrough in the automobile industry, China will not be able to form a large number of middle classes.

The global mobile phone market is US $500billion, the computer market is US $400billion, the communication equipment is US $100billion, and the automobile market is about US $1trillion, which is the sum of mobile phone + computer + communication equipment.

The most important pillar for Germany and Japan to become powerful countries is automobile. Japan’s automobile industry accounts for 10% of GDP and directly provides 5.42 million jobs.

Only when the automobile industry has really eaten, can we step into the threshold of developed countries.

In order to catch up with and surpass the automobile industry, it is not feasible to ponder over three major items in the original track. Only when the electric vehicle track is launched, can we have the opportunity to cut a large block of resources from the territory of Japan, Germany and the United States for national development.

So in 2010, the Ministry of industry and information technology bet on electric vehicles.

Although that year, I could only drive a Chery A3 that embarrassed me many times.

But some people have looked into the distance.


Once China’s development in the three major industries of computer, mobile phone and communication reaches the high end, it will be suppressed by developed countries.

Lenovo, the best-selling computer company, has always been more like an assembly marketing company, because it did not make efforts to climb the technological slope and was at the disadvantage of social morality, which led to various internal criticisms.

Huawei, the best mobile phone in the world, was bullied by the United States as soon as it emerged. So far, it has been unable to release 5g mobile phones. Its market share has fallen from the second to the sixth in the world. Other domestic mobile phone brands are trembling. For the time being, they can only keep a low profile and dare not touch the no entry zone designated by the United States.

You can do some low-end shells, batteries and PCB boards. You can’t do chips, software and memory.

In the past, the only thing that went through in China was the communication and information industry. Huawei accounted for 28.7% of the world, ranking first in the world ahead of Ericsson and Nokia. It was in the advanced ranks in broadband access, microwave and optical transmission, mobile core network, wireless access network, SP router and switch.

In fact, the mobile phone is almost the first in the world, just a little.

However, the global output value of the communication industry is really not high, and the high-income groups that can be created are limited.

Thankfully, the electric vehicle industry that was wagered 12 years ago has caught up.

There is a market share of US $1 trillion, which may bring direct employment to 5-10million people in China. The upstream and downstream will create a large number of jobs for Xiangyang, Yichang, Changsha, Xi’an, Hefei, Changzhou, Fuzhou, Jinan, Baoding, Rizhao, Jingmen, Shangrao, Chongqing, Taizhou, Yibin and other cities, ensuring the vitality of these cities.

For example, we all know that there is an Italian automobile brand called Fiat. They built a factory in Changsha in 2009 and now it has closed down. But the engineers have not lost their jobs. After receiving compensation, they were packed by Changsha BYD and asked to leave.

These engineers’ housing and car loans have been saved, which is the dividend brought by the development of domestic industry.

Only high-quality employment can give people happiness.

The reason why China’s automobile industry has made a big turnaround is that our electric vehicles are ahead of the world and are no longer stuck like computers and mobile phones. We have mastered the complete new energy automobile industry chain and can obtain most of the industrial income.

And this market happens to be the largest single industry in the world in the future


The Japanese are still very excited when they talk about hydrogen powered cars.

The reason why they choose to develop hydrogen energy vehicles is that there are few upstream materials for lithium batteries in Japan. Japan has a long and narrow territory, and there are no big rivers. It can not engage in hydropower and nuclear power like China, and because of the Fukushima incident, it can not provide such a large power supply.

For reasons of its own resources, Japan focuses on hydrogen energy technology, thus monopolizing most of the patents of hydrogen energy.

However, China and the United States, which have relatively broad resources, just changed the track, which turned the patents that Japan worked hard to get into chicken ribs.

The sudden explosion of electric vehicles directly cut off Japan’s scientific and technological route of upgrading to hydrogen energy vehicles.

Japan has missed the Internet and is still doing well with less increment. However, if the automobile industry goes wrong, it will move their national capital, more than 5 million medium and high-yield jobs, and other related industries will be loosened.

Angry Akio Toyoda scolded electric cars as excessive hype in 2020.

Anyone whose job is threatened will inevitably feel angry.

Of course, the Japanese system is not going all the way. Now the whole Japanese system has given up hydrogen energy and accelerated its transformation to electric vehicles. Toyota expects to sell 5.5 million electric vehicles by 2025.

Bz4x from Toyota and ariya from Nissan

Both of them come from the oil vehicle platform, and their intelligence is not as good as that of China. BYD has launched a fully electric Ocean series, which is a big step ahead of the electric vehicles of Japanese and German enterprises.

On May 30, musk tweeted that few people realize that China is the world leader in renewable energy power generation and electric vehicles. No matter how you look at China, this is true.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with this. China accounted for 70% of the 30000 new energy vehicle patents in 2021.

In 2021, China sold a total of 3.52 million new energy vehicles, accounting for 50% of the world.

Last year, Tesla accounted for 14% of the global electric vehicle sales, Volkswagen for 12%, SAIC for 11% and BYD for 9%. For the time being, it is only the fourth largest in the world.

But in 2022, BYD will show amazing growth in both quality and quantity. BYD is very likely to become the next Toyota, with a domestic sales volume of 3million vehicles next year. After that, BYD will start to seize the markets of Toyota and Volkswagen in the international market.

Our electric vehicles have also entered the field of 300000-500000 since 2021, which is an unimaginable progress of domestic vehicles in the past.


In China’s advanced large-scale manufacturing industry, Huawei is the only one, and it is finally about to be broken.

In fact, we have conquered two of the four major areas of computer, mobile phone, communication and automobile. There are two other areas that are in the stage of being strangled, but we cannot be stuck all the time.

Some netizens often say that Chinese cars are copying the path taken by Chinese mobile phones. In fact, they can be more optimistic. The core technology of Chinese electric vehicles is better than that of the mobile phone industry. In recent years, they are in a stage of explosion. In the next decade, BYD, Weilai, Xiaopeng, ideal, tank, LinkedIn and extreme krypton will all grab food from Germany and Japan.

German officials believe that affected by the development of electric vehicles, Germany will lose a total of 410000 auto jobs by 2030. For example, they now have 270000 workers making engines and gearboxes, and will reduce 88000 by 2030.

On the Japanese side, although the automobile industry only accounts for 8.3% of the total employed population, the top five profits of Japanese industrial enterprises all come from the automobile industry. As long as the automobile industry declines, there will not be enough financial resources to support high paid positions such as civil servants and teachers.

However, we should also remain calm. Our competitors are still very strong for the time being, and we can’t do it yet.

BYD staff said that they put part of the offline ceremony at the end of the year, and internally asked to keep a clear head and not be overwhelmed by the short-term victory.

As long as China’s electric vehicles completely stabilize the situation in five years, we can see a situation in which both communication and automobiles are flying together.

Mobile phones and computers are not at the top level for the time being, but it is only a matter of dragging on for a few more years.


In 2010, I bought a red Chery A3 manual hatchback. In 2012, with deep disappointment, I sold it.

Until november2020, I bought a red BYD.

After ten years of reincarnation, I bought a domestic car again.

In fact, I also want to place an order for tank 300 and polar krypton 001, but now it’s different. China’s online red car can’t be grabbed. Polar krypton didn’t arrive and handed it over to others after waiting for eight months.

In fact, after I test drove these cars, I didn’t think they were perfect. To be honest, they still have some small shortcomings.

However, compared with the experience of buying domestic cars in 2010, the progress is very different.

Compared with joint-venture cars at the same price, domestic cars are already at the level of rolling compaction in terms of comfort and intelligence.

For more than ten years, Chinese Autobots have been ridiculed and finally created products as excellent as those in developed countries.

Huawei will no longer be alone. There will be more and more small partners.

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