Hui Meng Tai: the ancient “United Nations”

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In Puyang City, Henan Province, there was an ancient Chinese “United Nations”, but at that time it was not called “United Nations” but “Huimeng platform”.

As a famous historical and cultural city in Henan Province, Puyang was the capital of the state of Wei in the spring and Autumn period. Huimengtai site is located in the old town of Puzhou City, formerly known as kuiqu and Qicheng, commonly known as kongzheng. At that time, there was a tall earth platform covering an area of 250 mu, which could accommodate more than 10000 people. In the early spring and Autumn period, the power of the Zhou royal family was declining day by day, and the vassal states competed for hegemony in the Central Plains. Duke Huan of Qi, a man of great talent and broad vision, recruited talents and made great efforts to make the country stronger and stronger. In the summer of 651 BC (the 35th year of Duke Huan), Duke Huan of Qi held a general meeting of princes at kuiqu. “Kui Qiu League” established Duke Huan’s hegemonic status, and Huimeng platform was also famous all over the world. From then on, Duke Huan of Qi, as the leader of the alliance of the Central Plains princes, was able to “hold the emperor to make the princes”, which attracted the attention of later generations. In the nearly one century from 626 BC to 531 BC, the princes, princes and officials of various feudal states had been in the League of Wei Guo for as many as 15 times, and Qicheng (kuiqu) also became a veritable ancient “United Nations”.

On november20,1996, Qicheng was announced as the fourth batch of national key cultural relics protection units by the State Council. Now, a Qicheng Relics Park has been built here. With beautiful scenery and numerous cultural relics, it can be called the oldest and longest lasting ancient settlement city in Henan, Shandong and Hebei.

In the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger, the author visited Puyang, wandered in the Qicheng Ruins Park, and recalled the historical starry sky of the ancient “United Nations” wind and cloud fair. Exactly:

Great changes have taken place for twothousand years,

Qi City site remembers the sages.

Think back to the old days of the group of heroes,

China’s important task is even more unprecedented!

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