Hunan “Ghost Mountain” is rumored to be guarded by “yin soldiers”, villagers dare not enter experts and discover miracles

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“Mountain Pavilion” once said: “The mountain ghost blows the lights out, and the chefs talk at night.” In the eyes of many people, ghosts are a very dangerous group, and when faced with these ghosts, everyone will naturally feel very afraid. Based on the prevalence of ghosts, there have been many mysterious events related to ghosts in the history of our country.

In the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, the theory of ghosts has always been a very important content, although it has been said over time. After China entered the development stage of modern society, many people have certain doubts about ghosts, but it is undeniable that ghosts are also a very important content in many folklore legends.

Once, such a special mountain appeared in the Hunan area. It is rumored that this mountain forest is guarded by “yin soldiers”, and even the local villagers dare not enter it rashly. However, in the process of exploring the mountain, experts discovered a very special miracle. So, where exactly is this mountain located? After experts study it, what kind of special miracle has been discovered?

This magical mountain is Guizai Mountain, which is located about one kilometer south of Guangdong Village in Hunan Province. According to local villagers, Guizai Mountain is a very mysterious place. There is a forbidden area in the forest inside Guizai Mountain. In this forbidden area, although there are a lot of plants, it is difficult for sunlight to penetrate it.
According to an elderly person in the Guangdong village, Guizai Mountain was a forbidden area for many years ago, and if anyone tried to enter it, they would inevitably be persecuted unexpectedly. For hundreds of years, people in the village have regarded this place as a very mysterious place. According to legend, there are some “yin soldiers” guarding it in Guizai Mountain.

Although people in the village believe in such legends of “Yin Soldiers”, in the eyes of modern people, the so-called “Yin Soldiers” are nothing but fictions. Under this circumstance, many experts are very curious about the internal environment of Guizai Mountain. In order to explore the secrets of the “Yin Soldiers” in Guizai Mountain, the experts also decided to enter the Guizai Mountain with the help of modern technology. Explore this unsolved mystery.
After some preparations, some local cultural relic experts in Hunan Province decided to enter the Guizai Mountain. After investigating the so-called “Yin Soldiers” in the Guizai Mountain, everyone found that these “Yin Soldiers” were only It is a figure carved out of stone.

Experts speculate that these stone statues should come from the prehistoric period, the Qin, Han, Wei and Jin periods, as well as the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. As a relatively primitive sacrificial cultural product, the existence of these stone statues is mainly for the promotion of some sacrificial activities. Although these stone statues are relatively old, their construction level is very high. After analyzing these stone statues, everyone can also have a deeper understanding of the sacrificial culture in ancient Chinese society.
According to relevant experts, as an ancient large-scale sacrificial site, there should be more than 5,000 stone statues in Guizai Mountain. So far, these stone statues in Guizai Mountain are also the oldest group of human statues and stone carvings discovered in the process of archaeological investigation in my country.

Because the craftsmanship of the stone statues inside the Guizai Mountain is very unique and rare, the experts were also very shocked after seeing these stone statues. Compared with ordinary monotonous stone statues, the stone statues in Guizai Mountain have various shapes and represent different groups, which also reflects some special cultural customs in the society at that time.
In fact, the reason why there is a local legend about the ghost soldiers guarding Guizai Mountain is because these stone statues will be exposed under the scouring of the rain, and from a distance, the expressions of these stone statues are also very similar to normal people. Based on the fear of the unknown, the local villagers have never been able to go inside the Guizai Mountain to explore the secrets of the stone statues, and this has become the most mysterious place in the legend of the Guizai Mountain.

Today, the Guizailing stone statues have been protected by relevant departments, and these stone statues have become a major discovery after the Terracotta Warriors, using stone figures as burial objects. Through the analysis of the Guizailing stone statues, everyone can also have a further understanding and understanding of the stone carving art in ancient society.

After learning about Guizai Mountain and the stories behind it, we can find that in this world, ghosts and ghosts do not really exist. The reason why these legends are so popular is also based on some special beliefs in people’s hearts.

Today, Guizai Mountain has become an important historical and cultural relic, and in the process of visiting it, everyone can also have a different kind of novel experience.

I believe that in the days to come, with the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, everyone’s level of thinking will be further opened up, and with the support of modern materialistic ideology, those traditional theories of strange forces and chaos will eventually be get a reasonable interpretation.

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