Hundred Flowers Award Shen Teng 0 votes cause controversy why Shen Teng won 0 votes

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All the awards of the 36th popular film hundred flowers award have been unveiled one by one. In addition to the final winners, the number of votes won by the finalists will also be announced. Shen Teng’s 0 votes at the Hundred Flowers Award caused controversy. Shen Teng is a very good actor in the country. Everyone is also very curious about why he only won 0 votes this time? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Hundred Flowers Award Shen Teng 0 tickets cause controversy

After the unveiling of the major awards of the Hundred Flowers Award, Shen Teng, who did not win the award, came out first in the hot search, and Shen Teng reported 0 tickets directly. Shen Teng was the best male host for this hundred flowers award with the film me and my parents, competing with Zhang Yi, Wu Jing, Yiyang Qianxi and Liu Ye. The final number of votes turned out to be 38 for Zhang Yi, 28 for Liu Ye, 15 for Yiyang Qianxi, 13 for Wu Jing and 0 for Shen Teng.

Shen Teng’s film performance in recent years is very good, and Shen Teng’s national popularity and popularity are also there, so everyone is particularly high about Shen Teng’s winning 0 tickets. Many netizens said they were very distressed by Shen Teng, and even questioned whether Shen Teng was retaliated for not coming to the Hundred Flowers Award. But it’s really not like this. If you pay attention to the number of votes this year, you will find that all the nominees who participate in the shortlist of composite films have received 0 votes.

Why did Shen Teng get 0 votes

Shen Teng was shortlisted by me and my parents. This film is a film composed of four stories jointly shot by Shen Teng, Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi and Xu Zheng. If the Hundred Flowers Award is really targeted, it is not for Shen Teng, but for the platter movie. These Xiaobian feel that Shen Teng’s whole image is now shaped, and he feels that he will play well in some specific roles. If he jumps out of such roles, it will be difficult to get people into the play. Therefore, Shen Teng’s acting skills still need to be improved. We can’t ignore his acting skills just because Shen Teng himself is more pleasant.

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