Hundreds of billions of orders hit Airbus, and the modern version is far and near!

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There is a professional term called “answer ball” in basketball games, which means that after the opponent completes a difficult goal, his own side can fight back strongly in the same or similar way in time to wipe out the opponent’s arrogance.

In a game, if there are few domineering and timely answerballs, the situation will be controlled by the opponent and lose the game.

For example, after curry made a difficult three-point shot, Tatum, as the leader of the team, must stand up and strongly enter the interior to play a 2+1. If Tatum did not respond, the game would be lost and the champion would be lost.

This is the truth in basketball. Morale is crucial. In reality, the game of great powers also follows this principle.

The other party has shown his fist. If we don’t stamp our feet in response, who else in the world will pay attention to us in the future?

The recent NATO summit and the G7 summit have China related content.

NATO’s “strategic concept” document claims that China challenges NATO’s interests, security and values, and that NATO will jointly deal with the “systematic challenges” of China’s threat. The G7 communique groundlessly criticized China on issues related to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

This is completely ignoring the facts, reversing black and white, and is a malicious slander against us. Look at what NATO has done in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Now, NATO is trying to reach out to the Asia Pacific and mess up China. We will never agree!

But during this period of time, you have found that the country has not made any response, and there is no substantive action except the counterattack of the Ministry of foreign affairs.


Because July 1st is the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland and the great day of 101 years since the founding of our party. It is also the day when the new chief executive of Hong Kong, Li Jiachao, is sworn in. The three major events are so busy that there is no spare time to deal with the gangsters?

Finally, all three major events were completed and achieved a complete success.

We are free.

Therefore, on the evening of July 1, China Southern Airlines, Air China and China Eastern Airlines successively announced that the three companies ordered 292 aircrafts from Airbus at one go, with a total value of US $37.2 billion, totaling RMB 250billion.


For Airbus, this order is one of the largest orders in the history of their company.

As soon as the news came out, Boeing, an old rival of Airbus, couldn’t sit still and was greatly shocked.

A Boeing spokesman issued a statement a few hours later, saying it was “disappointing”.

Boeing said: as the largest U.S. exporter with a 50 year relationship with China’s aviation industry, geopolitical differences continue to restrict U.S. aircraft exports, which is too disappointing.

The “geopolitical differences” between China and the United States should not be allowed to damage Boeing’s business prospects. Boeing will continue to urge the Chinese and American governments to have a “fruitful dialogue” to help orders and deliveries recover quickly.

Because “Boeing’s aircraft sales to China have always supported the employment of tens of thousands of Americans”.


At the same time, our three major airlines also responded: This is the result of long-term business cooperation, negotiation, and finally settled. This is the best choice based on the market. We do not target anyone or any company.

Well, yes, Boeing, you heard me right. We’re not targeting you.

In fact, Chinese airlines have been carefully balancing transactions between the “duopoly” in the international aviation industry to maintain maximum influence.

It is impossible for us to put eggs in the same basket to prevent each other from sitting up and dominating the bargaining power.

We always go to Boeing to buy tens of billions of aircraft. After a period of time, we go to Airbus to buy aircraft, and then after a period of time, we return to Boeing.

In short, it is the most favorable situation for us for the two companies to compete with each other and lower their prices.

This was the case in ancient times, as well as in modern business.

Everyone knows this truth, but the actual situation is: Boeing has not taken a decent big order in China for five years.

The last big deal was in November 2017, when the newly elected US President trump visited China.

At that time, there were no tariff barriers and trade wars, and the relationship between China and the United States was extremely good. We even invited Trump to visit the Forbidden City.

In order to show the friendship between China and the United States, we placed a large order with Boeing for 300 aircraft, with a total price of more than 37billion US dollars.

Unexpectedly, Trump, who had just tasted the sweetness in China, immediately turned over after returning home, revealing his cunning side as a businessman.

He put forward the slogan of “America first”, imposed unequal tariffs, and launched a trade war brazenly.

As a result, Sino US relations deteriorated rapidly.

Now that the Americans have punched, we will not be soft hearted.

What did the Chinese do at this time?

two thousand and nineteen

In March, we went to France and bought 300 Airbus planes at one go, with a total order price of more than 35billion US dollars.

In addition,

On October 29, 2018, a Boeing 737max flight of lion air Indonesia crashed 13 minutes after taking off, killing 189 people.

On March 10, 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 max8 with 157 passengers and crew lost contact six minutes after taking off, and then was confirmed to have crashed, killing all the people on board.

As a result, dozens of countries and regions in China, Indonesia and the European Union have announced the grounding of this aircraft.

Although other countries have gradually liberalized and lifted the no fly order.

But in China, where human life is greater than days, we have to be responsible for the life safety of the people when your Boeing plane has such a serious accident.

Until today, the 737max model is still in a no fly state in China.

Later, the COVID-19 will come, and the global aviation industry will be greatly impacted.

Boeing was also affected by this. Its operating conditions deteriorated day by day and orders decreased sharply. Not only did its total debt rise to more than $50 billion, but S & P also lowered Boeing’s credit rating to BBB, just one step away from junk grade.

Boeing is in a hurry.

In April this year, Boeing announced 10% layoffs, cutting 16000 employees.

It’s not over yet. Boeing has also repeatedly courted China. On the one hand, they hope to get new orders, on the other hand, they also hope that China can receive their aircraft as soon as possible.

Yes, among the large orders signed in 2017, dozens of Boeing aircraft have been built and parked in warehouses in the United States, but have not yet been delivered to China.

Boeing is too anxious about this. It has invested a lot of costs in building aircraft, which are all liabilities borrowed from banks. They are eager to deliver the aircraft to China. After receiving the payment, they can alleviate the financial crisis.

But what about us? What’s the hurry?

On the one hand, now affected by the epidemic, bulk commodities imported from abroad must undergo strict disinfection and inspection. The epidemic in your United States is so serious, what if the virus is carried on the plane?

Some time ago, Shenzhen customs found 47 cockroaches from an incoming aircraft for maintenance, and detected a variety of pathogenic bacteria.


You said, under such circumstances, how dare we rashly accept your Boeing aircraft? Right? That’s the same sentence. We have to be responsible for the life and health of the people.

On the other hand, China Eastern Airlines mu5735 suffered a major air crash some time ago, killing all 123 passengers and 9 crew members on board.

You know, this mu5735 is also a Boeing plane.

Good guy, your Boeing plane always has air accidents, which has major potential safety hazards. Here, I’ll give you a go around, and I’ll give you the delivery of the plane?

What are you thinking!

Boeing, Boeing, why can’t you receive a big order from China for five consecutive years? It’s worth reflecting on.

Some Americans also need to reflect on whether your actions are in line with the common interests of the Chinese and American people. You can’t eat Chinese food and smash China’s pot.

When the front foot gets our Chinese order, the back foot scolds his mother.

Forget who your parents are?

Sorry, the way we Chinese treat such white eyed wolves is to starve them.

Seeing this, friends must have doubts.

1. Don’t we have the self-developed domestic large aircraft C919? Why do we buy aircraft from Airbus?

First of all, C919 is made by COMAC and has made great progress. The C919, which will be delivered to the first customer in May this year, completed its first flight. By the middle of June, the Ministry of industry and information technology said that C919 would be delivered with evidence.


It can be seen that the domestic large aircraft C919 is making good progress, but why didn’t it get an order?

There are two main reasons. On the one hand, C919 has not obtained the European and American airworthiness certificate at this stage. Without the airworthiness certificate, it cannot operate smoothly in the western market and can only fly on domestic routes.

Of course, with the successful delivery and flight of C919, we will speak with strength and let them see the excellent performance of our domestic large aircraft.

On the other hand, the domestic C919 is in its infancy, and its production capacity is still rising.

Look at the orders. According to incomplete statistics, the number of orders for domestic large aircraft C919 has exceeded 800.

The top ten are all domestic companies, and we certainly have nothing to say about supporting domestic products.


However, the delivery of these orders takes a long time, and the “instant flightpower” required by the three airlines is immediately needed to buy the aircraft.

After the domestic large aircraft is put on the market, it still needs a long time to operate. In contrast, mature Airbus aircraft is a wiser choice.

Of course, China Eastern Airlines also said that in order to support domestic large aircraft, they plan to introduce four C919 aircraft.

No matter how long you deliver these four planes, anyway, China Eastern Airlines has planes that can be used. Don’t worry. Take your time. The main thing is to support domestic products.

OK, the first question is solved.

Then comes the second question: why should we take advantage of the French?

You know, at the July 1st celebration of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return, Agence France Presse also sent a message ironically, saying that Hong Kong’s economic future was uncertain. In 1997, Hong Kong’s GDP was 18% of that of the mainland, and now it is less than 3%.

In fact, this is completely a concept change.

Because I can also say: the French economy is too bad! The French economy fell from 151% of China’s in 1997 to 18% in 2021. It’s only a fraction of China’s. is it humiliating?

Moreover, the relationship between Hong Kong and France is half a dime, which is completely out of our favor. Typical sour grapes psychology.

But even so, we still smashed hundreds of billions of orders to Airbus.

Why? Is it because we don’t hold grudges?

Of course not. Only twothousand years ago, our ancestors left behind valuable political wisdom, which is called “long-distance communication and close attack”.

This was put forward by fan Ju, the Prime Minister of the state of Qin. First, the focus of the struggle was on Han and Zhao nearby, ignoring Qi Yan, who was far away, and stabilizing the states of Chu and Wei, so that “an inch is the inch of the king, and a ruler is also the ruler of the king”.

Finally, the state of Qin unified the country and adopted this policy.

First destroy Han and Zhao, stabilize Chu and Wei, win over Yan and Qi, and finally break one by one, belonging to unification.


Now, although it is the 21st century, the wisdom left by our ancestors still works.

First of all, the United States is the first in the world, and China is the second in the world. There will never be peaceful coexistence between the eldest and the second. Therefore, the Sino US struggle is inevitable.

In that case, who are we far from?

EU countries, of course.

Despite the G7 and NATO summits, European countries have responded positively to the United States’ statement to deal with China together.

In fact, they were just kidnapped by the United States and forced to follow suit.

Americans are very smart. They instigate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, establish a powerful enemy Russia in the east of Europe, and tell European countries that you must closely unite around me, or Russia will destroy you every minute!

In the face of the fear of Russia, European countries had to listen to the United States and follow the United States.

The reason is very simple, because Russia really borders on EU countries, and it really has the opportunity to send troops to destroy them. Therefore, the common fear has created a common enemy. European countries are willing to accept the domination of the United States, followed by NATO.

But China is different. We are thousands of miles away from Europe, and the PLA has hit Paris? That only exists in the movie, okay.

Therefore, Europeans are not so afraid of China. On the contrary, because of so many years of investment and trade exchanges in China, they have been inseparable from China.

Therefore, it has become an inevitable strategic choice for China to win over and hand over to the EU countries.

However, with so many countries in the European Union, we can’t win over one by one. We have to concentrate on doing big things. Who are we mainly looking for?

With Britain determined to withdraw from the EU, the EU has two major powers, and the two countries that speak most effectively in the EU are Germany and France.

Germany doesn’t need China at all. Just look at the auto industry. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen

Mercedes Benz has Maybach, BMW has acquired Rolls Royce, and the Volkswagen Group is even better. In addition to the Volkswagen brand, there are Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley and so on.

Just selling cars every year, how much money do Germans make in China? Are they willing to turn against us?

Therefore, Germany doesn’t need China to do anything to them at all. People rushed over and took the initiative to wave flags and shout for us, which is our spokesman in Europe.

In contrast, in France, the automobile industry is relatively weak in China. The French national brands Citroen and Peugeot cars can’t be sold in China, and their sense of existence is too low.

Let’s suit the remedy to the case. Since your car can’t work, let’s buy your plane!

As a result, orders for 300 aircraft in 2019 and 292 aircraft this year fell by 100 billion.

It is estimated that the French will have to work overtime and work hard for us.

After winning Germany and France, the European Union will naturally stand on China’s side economically. It doesn’t matter how they shout slogans politically, it mainly depends on their hips facing that side. This is the most practical.

We are far away from Europe. We have won over Germany, France and European countries.

So, who is the close attack?

Of course, Japan and South Korea, and the disobedient child, Taiwan.

We launched three aircraft carriers in a row. Our fleet went out of Japan when it was free, crossed the Strait of Tsushima and the Strait of Tsugaru, and took a trip in the sea of Japan when it was free. Why?

This is strategic deterrence.

Because Japan is too close to China, we have to beat this neighbor if we have nothing to do, so that he won’t be honest and make waves again.

See this, do you understand?

What is the political wisdom left by our ancestors?

This is it.

Unfortunately, Americans don’t understand this truth. They like to shout slogans and everything, as if whoever has a loud voice can win.

But the Chinese are quite the opposite.

Because Chinese people have a gene of forbearance in their bones. Forbearance doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you, but I’m accumulating strength. I need to think calmly to ensure that I can hit them seven inches with a shot.

This time, hundreds of billions of orders hit Airbus. I ask you, do Americans hurt?

Oh, by the way, the previous historical story is not finished.

After using the strategy of distant communication and close attack, the state of Qin successfully destroyed the “vertical alliance” of the six countries.

Since then, no one can stop the pace of Qin.

Finally, in 221 ad, the state of Qin swept Liuhe and unified the world.

Chinese history has turned a new page.

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