I don’t want to deliver takeout after graduation from university. Is there any problem in doing we media?

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Recently, I received a message from a small partner saying that it is really difficult to find a job. I think we media is good. I want to ask him how he would like to become an we media and whether he should take part in any training.

In particular, in my last article, I said, “there are three treasures for literary and artistic youth entrepreneurship, including flower shops, coffee shops and milk tea shops.” there are also three treasures for “young people without background” cyberventure, including Didi, takeaway and we media. “I think it is too difficult to get a job this year, and we media is a good choice.

I have encountered this kind of thing before. Recently, I thought, since online car hailing and takeout have been written, let’s talk about we media entrepreneurship today.

I told him two true stories first.

The first one is Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang is very spiritual. By contributing to an awesome we media studio, he was liked by the editor in chief over there. The editor in chief thought he was spiritual, so he taught him how to write and layout. Xiao Wang was very active and made rapid progress. He slowly began to be independent. Several people in the studio were very happy.

However, after learning something later, he was not happy because he found that his income accounted for only 15% of the income of the whole article when an article was sent out. That is to say, he earned 100 points for the editorial room when he joined an article. He could only get 15 points. At first, he was OK. Slowly, his mentality collapsed. He felt that he had to take half. The capitalist was too much.

After communicating with the leaders, it rose to 20%. Later, he felt that he was too talented and left. I think it is better to start a business or go to another studio than here. The key is that I have mastered all the skills.

so what?

Then he ran away, but the next thing was different from what he had expected. He tried all kinds of things. He had opened his own number and contributed to others. He couldn’t do his own number. Few people saw it, so naturally he couldn’t do it. I found that the contribution fee was not as good as that of my old employer.

At first, I felt that everything was difficult at the beginning, so I insisted on it. Later, I broke down slowly, and I couldn’t continue. I wanted to go back. Just at the time of the new year, the former editor in chief sent him a message to wish him a happy new year. He said that he still missed the previous working atmosphere. The editor in chief there said that he could come out and have dinner together when he was free. Anyway, he went back as soon as he came and went.

Later, after drinking a few cups, he began to speak out. He asked the leader that he had run away and came back. The leader didn’t seem to care at all? The leaders and several others laughed, saying that they all ran away and then came back, because the 15% bonus looked low, but it was high in the industry.

The second is Xiao Zhang. Xiao Zhang is a top student of Renmin University. After graduation, he entered a TV station in a first tier city. He is recognized as a talented person, but the leaders have a problem with him. They think he is sharp and his writing is too extreme. Anyway, a hundred people can’t see it. His articles are often killed. Even if they aren’t killed, they are also changed into a mess, which is basically impossible to read.

Later, I simply set up an i-media account and wrote it for fiveorsix years. Slowly, the income of i-media has exceeded the salary (the salary is too low). In addition, I feel that the traditional media is basically dead, and I don’t want to suffer that bird spirit, so I decided to leave.

Now Xiao Zhang hasn’t made a lot of money, but he has a good attitude. After all, his only ability is to write code words. He sells everywhere. Now he doesn’t have to suffer from the bird spirit in the stage. He can write what he wants to write, and he can feed himself. He is extremely satisfied with the current situation. The only worry is to have a good meal. However, he also wants to understand that previously, the company was also hit by the Internet and will be laid off in the future. Staying there is an illusion of stability. It is better to go out and face the uncertainty.

I told two stories. The first one discouraged me from running away. The second one encouraged me to run away. It seemed that I was sick and put the opposite things together.

Xiao Wang felt that the leaders gave him less money. It was not until later that he realized that he could get that income, not because his articles were valuable, but because the studio had a high reputation. If a plain person like him sold his articles, it would be entirely up to him.

This is more obvious for people who work in large factories. Many people will find that they will not do anything after leaving the factory at the age of 30 or 40.

Brand building is a long process. It takes a long time for Xiao Wang’s editor in chief to accumulate so many fans who trust him. Only the amount of reading can be stable. There is also a fixed source of income, which he has accumulated over many years.

And Xiao Zhang is following the path of the editor in chief, accumulating little by little. Compared with Xiao Wang, his biggest advantage is that he earns too little in TV stations. After leaving the original system, he is very satisfied with a slight increase in income.

Let’s go one step further. Now we see that the incomes of those super large companies with corporate operation, especially in the categories of cars and cosmetics, may be tens or hundreds of times that of normal people. Is it because their abilities are tens or hundreds of times stronger than normal people? Of course, it’s impossible. It’s just that they have built a reputation on the basis of their ability, and then they can continue to make money.

At the same time, there are too many people with strong ability. They talk about beauty make-up clearly. They can’t stop talking about cars. In terms of knowledge, they may not be inferior to those big bloggers who have made tens of millions of years. But in reality, they can’t make a dime. This is not a problem of ability. It’s simply a problem of practice and luck. Doesn’t it have anything to do with money if you don’t replace your ability with your reputation through time?

So I want to say to those who have the ability to do this, if you want to be an we media, you don’t need to spend money on any training. You can just write it directly, or you can just cut the video directly. It’s like rowing or swimming. You can get into the water first and adjust in the water to move forward slowly. Almost all the large-sized ones are made from scratch. They have nothing to teach you. All the skills are obvious. They can only write all the time and occasionally have hot money, slowly accumulating fans. However, it should be noted that the ability of we media is not strongly related to its ability. It is mainly related to luck, so try not to work full-time, and we will talk about it later.

This is how almost all the large sizes in your vision come about. They have gone through a long process of accumulation, very, very long. Some of them may have been written for more than ten years, and then quickly rise in twoorthree years.

Is there any shortcut, that is to say, the peak is at the beginning of the journey, and one shot to the sky?

Also, for example, in Tiktok, we often see some magical bloggers emerge. This is a large company that invests a lot of money to buy traffic. It belongs to the RMB player in the game, which is equivalent to buying a top-level full match Tu Shen package in the novice village. Isn’t that cool enough to fly?

These people are crazy about buying traffic, so you can’t avoid it as long as you click on the app. They also find a bunch of other platforms to build momentum, so that even if you don’t look at Tiktok and open the circle of friends, there are articles about this person everywhere, which makes you immersed in being surrounded. You can’t help but want to know. After all, if you want to scold him, you have to see what he said before you scold him?

However, they are often in urgent need of cash out due to the high promotion costs. Because they have spent so much money, they have to earn it back quickly, otherwise it will be bad to be slapped on the beach by the waves. Therefore, such bloggers often look ugly and disappear after the set. But then again, to make money, as long as we don’t steal, rob, cheat and cheat, it’s not shabby.

The phenomenon level bloggers we see are basically created in this way. Let’s understand the power of RMB.

But ordinary people certainly can’t play like this. If they have so much money, they may choose to lie down. What are they doing? What are we media asking for? What bicycles? We can only go through it slowly and try our luck with a try mentality.

Maybe some of my friends think they are in the red sea now. Is there any hope of going in by themselves?

To tell the truth, there is no hope to go anytime. There will be no accidents. For many years, all industries will be a red sea, and there will be full of people everywhere. However, if we media is any good, it is that people’s spiritual needs are unlimited. You just need to find a very, very small segment. Find your own interest points, dig deep and consume slowly. As for whether you can expand, the long-term output ability and luck account for the vast majority.

Narwal said that code and media are levers that can be used with theout permission. For example, if you put an app on the apple store or steam, the software can make money for you in the future. The media is the same. The things you write will be seen when you sleep in the future.

He also said that these two levers are the levers behind the new rich.

Over the years, I have witnessed several bloggers starting from scratch. For example, one of them devoted himself to writing about civil servants after he went ashore, someone photographed his “cattle and horses” life on the construction site, as well as truck drivers, tour guides of travel agencies, car sales, etc. anyway, if they persist in doing so, there are always so many who can make a difference.

What’s more, writing itself is a training and sorting process for the brain. We don’t know if we have that feeling, that is, we think well in our mind, but we can’t write it at all. We can’t see it when we write it. This is actually a kind of logical confusion in the brain. There is no way to solve this problem. The only way is to write often and reflect while writing. After a long time, there will always be some progress.

One thing to note is that it is better not to do such things full-time. If there are two extremes in the type of work, one is the extremely stable group of civil servants, and the other is the completely random and unstable self media industry. This is why I insisted on not resigning. From the beginning, it was fun. Now I have a very relaxed attitude.

I know another we media blogger. He used to have a good attitude when writing articles in his spare time. Later, he was fed up with the workplace and went to write full-time. Then his attitude became more and more broken. He was exhausted by the tricky readers. The problem is that the more he wants to please the readers, the less the readers buy it, and the whole person is about to collapse. It doesn’t matter if I have a serious job. If I don’t want to write, I stop. My microblog account has always been one of the highest praise numbers in the whole slag wave transformation. Later, I abandoned it if I didn’t want to write. Only amateur writers can be so open-minded. If you want to engage in we media, you must adjust your attitude and be prepared for long-term output. Don’t care about the gains and losses of one city and one place. In fact, you can do almost anything.

So, if college students want to do this after graduation, there is no problem doing it in their spare time. But if they do it in their career, unless you have very low expectations for your life and have a super good attitude, you’d better not play. The probability will collapse.

In addition, if you don’t take part in serious work, have not participated in the whole life cycle of serious projects in a down-to-earth manner, have not solved anything under great pressure, and have not climbed the ladder of the workplace, many social problems can’t be understood at all, and the writing is too superficial. After all, I haven’t been severely beaten by the society. It’s hard to understand how the society operates. Many problems are wishful thinking. People with some life experience think it’s too funny. So first find a class, even go to the factory to screw it, to increase some life experience.

Say more about making money. If you want to make money in the future, there are basically three directions:

Superior intelligence;

Terrible luck;

Do what you can serve.

Naturally, it goes without saying that you have a good brain. In this era, there is basically no saying that you have failed to meet a talented person, unless your “talent” itself has no value. I have met several extremely autistic geniuses over the years. They all live very well. There is almost no such thing as making original bullets. It is better to sell tea eggs, because under the condition of market pricing, smart brains and beautiful faces are scarce resources, especially smart brains, which are extremely scarce. It is difficult to mix well with these things.

In addition, luck is seriously underestimated. Most of the rich in our society are basically good at something you don’t necessarily like, and then they dare to take risks. Their luck is especially good, and they go all the way up. For a normal step-by-step life, luck has little effect. But if you want to be rich, luck may account for more than 80%, or even more.

My personal feeling is that the spirit of adventure is much more important than IQ. People who really do well are often not the smartest, but those who dare to take risks and work. They are much more tolerant of risk and pressure than normal people.

Adventure is an iterative process. If one road doesn’t work, try another one. Maybe you will meet someone who can work. During the process, you will always collect information and adjust your direction. You may arrive at your destination in a few years. It’s a bit like going on a long trip in ancient times. I often have to ask about it while walking. No matter how smart I am, I can’t replace asking about it along the way. No matter how high your IQ is, if you sit in place and think about it all the time, but don’t take a difficult step, you may stay in place all the time.

Many things can be done. Relevant knowledge and information can only be obtained in the process of actual operation, so we must take action first. This is also why it is so important to take risks and actions, because this is the precondition.

The rest will have to be done slowly, but the industry must be selected well. The bottom line is that the industry cannot go backwards. I remember in the article the year before last that a friend of mine who is teaching and training is very worried about the decline of the population, because this means that his industry is shrinking in the long run. Last year, the whole industry was gone. He told me that he had thought too much before.

At this point, I still want to say something politically incorrect.

Now some people belittle all industries that can not produce chips. In reality, ordinary people (that is, those who do not have large financial support) want to make some money to make their lives better. They are basically in the service industry, that is, the industry of serving and pleasing others. Even we code farmers seem to do research and development. In fact, almost everything is for consumption. The scale and potential of these industries are almost unlimited. It depends on how to tap them.

As for technical problems, it’s very tall, but it has nothing to do with most people.

Because of my work, I have seen many top technology leaders over the years. Their common feature is that they are ridiculously smart. They are not very smart. If they are especially smart, they are very obvious.

I knew there was a problem in the past, “is there anyone who can get high scores in the college entrance examination without much effort?” my feeling is that if you feel hard to get more than 600 scores in the college entrance examination, or even hard to get 985 scores, you will hardly have a way out in scientific research. You can find relevant leaders to confirm this. It must be the same as what I said.

The difficulty of the college entrance examination is higher than that of normal people. However, if a person wants to make a breakthrough in the industry in the future, the difficulty of the college entrance examination is not even a residue in his eyes. At that time, people’s intelligence has basically stabilized, and there will be no sudden outbreak of college entrance examination. Of course, I am not such a person. High school is not easy. There are a lot of such people after entering university and working.

We should distinguish between grand narrative and personal struggle, and do not use grand narrative to guide personal life.

The factory is the place where ordinary people spend their money, and the hard science field is the place where top minds are spent. If you can’t easily get close to full marks in Science in the college entrance examination, those places have nothing to do with you. If you do what you are good at and make money, and make yourself and your family better off, you belong to good citizens. If you can pay more taxes, you are a proper patriotic youth.

At the end of the article, to be an amateur we media is definitely one of the best things in the world. There are few things that can not only continuously improve themselves, but also add some possibilities to life. It is a very low-cost adventure. But if you work full-time, I advise you not to be impulsive. The most important thing is to decide what to do in terms of years. Otherwise, there is no quick get rich tutorial in the world. If there is one, it can only help those who sell tutorials to get rich quickly.

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