I have never heard of the names of the four fierce beasts in Chinese mythology

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China has a history of 5000 years. In this long history, there are many ancient myths and stories, among which the most famous should be the four ancient gods and beasts. As many people know about these four divine beasts, they are green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch and Xuanwu respectively; As for the four fierce beasts in Chinese mythology, do you know?

The four fierce beasts in Chinese mythology are Taotie, chaos, poverty and wonder, and Taowu. I wonder if you can read it? Finally be stumped! It doesn’t matter. Let’s talk to the editor of China story network.


I. gluttonous

Taotie [t ? O Ti è is a mysterious monster in ancient Chinese myths and legends, alias roe deer owl. Its image is introduced in the ancient book “the mountain and sea Sutra, the second northern Sutra”: its shape is like a sheep’s face, its eyes are under the armpit, and its teeth are tiger hands. Its name can be compared to a greedy man, who is generally called “glutton”. Taotie is a legendary beast that is so greedy that it eats up its own body. Therefore, its shape is generally head without body. Its head shape is carved on ancient Zhongding Yi ware as decoration.


II. Chaos

According to records of the historian, Volume 1, the first book of the five emperors, once upon a time, the emperor Hong had an unproductive son who usually covered up others’ good deeds, concealed his sins, and was fond of doing bad things. The world called him “chaos”. It looks like a dog, with long hair, four feet, like a bear but no claws, eyes but can’t see. It can’t move, it has two ears but can’t hear, someone knows it, it has an abdomen but no viscera, it has intestines but straight and not bent, and the food it eats goes straight through; If a noble person walks towards it, it will contradict him; The wicked will obey his command. God made it like this, called chaos. Therefore, later generations call it “chaos” without distinction between right and wrong.

III. poor and strange

It is mainly recorded in the book of mountains and seas. It is contained in the book of mountains and seas – North classic of the sea. It refers to poor Qi, who looks like a tiger, has a pair of wings, likes to eat people, and will eat from the head of people. He is a ferocious beast. It is said that poor Qi often flew to the scene of the fight and bit off the reasonable Party’s nose; If someone commits evil deeds, poor Qi will catch beasts and give them to him, and encourage him to do more evil deeds. The ancients also called those who didn’t pay attention to their intentions, were far away from gentlemen and close to villains as poor and strange.

IV. machine

Taowu (t á o w ù), alias Ao ruthless, is one of the four evils in ancient Chinese mythology. According to the divine scripture, Tao Wu is a monster living in the remote West. It is like a tiger and a hairy dog. Its hair is very long, its face is a bit like a human, its legs are a bit like a tiger, its mouth has fangs like a wild boar, and its tail is eight feet long. It dominates the West and can fight forever. He didn’t know anything, but he had a rebellious character, and later gradually evolved into one of the four murderers in folklore.

People compare the dandies of famous families to gluttony, chaos, poverty, and prayer. They are ferocious, gluttonous, advocate evil and suppress good, and like fighting, but they know nothing and don’t understand it. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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