I worked hard for seven years just to match you

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I worked hard for seven years just to match you

Text / xiaxiaomiao

My cousin finally took my cousin’s husband home to meet my parents during the May Day holiday this year. In the seven years they fell in love, this was the first time for them to appear in front of my aunt and uncle.

Before that, it was even covered up and concealed. In this face – watching world, the impetuous atmosphere spreads everywhere, which will be vilified. Even love can’t break the distance between two people.

But this time, my cousin was really sure, after seven years of wind and rain.

Time is really a good thing. It can turn all uncertainty into certainty and make all buried deep love shine.

Three years ago, I came to Tianjin to go to university. When I first met my cousin, I called him that. He was very happy to show off in front of my cousin. I have listened to their stories for four years. Even if I have never met, I feel like an acquaintance.

At that time, I felt that they would eventually come together. Even though my cousin had no confidence in her, I could feel her trust and dependence on her husband from the bottom of her heart, which had nothing to do with others.

From the very beginning, I knew their feelings. When my cousin came home from her freshman winter and summer vacation, we would whisper a lot at night.

My cousin has beautiful eyes and looks. At the age of 18, she is more pure and moving. Many people pursue her from small to large, but no one can get into her eyes. In those wet and green years, my cousin often wore a white dress to read her favorite classical books by the secluded lake of the campus. The years were quiet. At that time, cousin became a height beyond the reach of many boys.

In the University, my cousin still kept the breath of books. The breeze swept her face, without a trace of restlessness. That is to say, when I met my cousin’s husband in my college class, he was still a ruffian. He wandered around in various club gatherings and didn’t do business at all, which was not what my cousin liked.

Cousin refused him many times. She was always good tempered. She was bored only when she saw him. Sometimes she would say something decisive to make him die. But no matter what, my brother-in-law never cared about it, and the next day he continued to show kindness as if nothing had happened.

In front of the person you love, you are really humble and vulnerable. My brother-in-law is the most common one among many people who have chased my cousin. However, he refused to shrink back. His sister’s indifference and indifference never quenched his enthusiasm.

Companionship is the longest love confession. No girl can resist the love and tenderness of a long stream of water. Although her cousin is a little cold, she is no exception. His brother-in-law cares about her in every way. He also knows his sister very well and can coax her to be happy at any time.

After crossing mountains and mountains, my cousin finally accepted. At first, I was bored and avoided, and later, I could not hide my sweetness when I occasionally talked to me. My sister said that she never thought she would like him until she saw him working harder and closer to her.

My brother-in-law didn’t like learning and was rather playful. My sister deliberately tricked him into the top three of his major in order to make him quit despite difficulties. After that, I could see my brother-in-law listening carefully and taking notes in every class; My sister said that she liked Lu Xun’s sharp writing, and then her brother-in-law, who only knew about Lu Xun in high school Chinese textbooks, went to the library to study Lu Xun’s anthologies when she was free.

My sister told me a lot of their stories. When I was in love, the tone of each other would become cheerful.

When I was a junior, my sister chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination. She said that maybe they would be separated at this point. The graduation season is the breakup season, which is an eternal truth. Unexpectedly, my brother-in-law chose the same path.

During their postgraduate entrance examination, it was very cold in winter in Changsha. Sometimes when I called my cousin, I could hear the cold wind howling over there. My brother-in-law would get up early every day, call to wake up my cousin, and then go to a place far away from the school to buy my sister’s favorite baked sweet potato and carry it in his pocket. When I saw my cousin, I handed it to her. It was still hot.

My cousin was admitted to Beijing, and my brother-in-law tried every means to transfer to the same city. My cousin said that he was being insincere. My brother-in-law touched her hair and smiled indulgently.

Haidian District and Mentougou mountain area in Beijing are separated by a century. In three years, it can only be seen once a week. My brother-in-law has never been reluctant to let his cousin go to find him. Every Saturday, my brother-in-law gets up early and travels around most of Beijing. It is usually noon when I see my cousin. My brother-in-law never got tired of the traffic jam and the subway transfer. He always brought her favorite snacks for the next week.

Cousin Xueba is very busy on Saturdays and Sundays. Her brother-in-law silently accompanies her in the office to do her own research projects. From time to time, I looked at her, washed the fruit, cut it into pieces and handed it to her. In the evening, in the breezy evening wind, the two walked around the campus hand in hand.

My cousin’s hair is waist length and fresh and scholarly, but my brother-in-law is no longer the playful teenager. When I saw my brother-in-law again, he wore a suitable suit to participate in the second round exam of his favorite company. Seeing the confidence on his face from a distance, I knew that he had grown into a better person.

My cousin said that after seven years together, my brother-in-law was still as kind to her as when he first chased her. Her brother-in-law will find all her willfulness and temper lovely. For so many years, she has never been wronged.

Now they walk in the endless streets of Beijing, embracing each other, and have enough ability to take root in this not so easy city. Even if the house price is very expensive and the subway is crowded, my sister originally liked a comfortable life. But he has worked hard for himself for seven years and never stopped.

Sometimes I joke, “ Alas, my brother-in-law is really not very good-looking& rdquo; My cousin will immediately and resolutely refute it, “ Where is it? The more you see it, the better it looks& rdquo; It turns out that when you are in love, you will feel that the other person is more and more beautiful.

That day I said to my sister, “ What if my brother-in-law treats you badly in the future& rdquo; My sister mischievously looked at my brother-in-law, who did not hesitate; It took me seven years to catch her. How can I not spoil her all my life& rdquo; It turns out that a person has worked hard for seven years just to match you. In the end, the man you once hated most turned into your favorite.

Finally, they all turned themselves into better people and became more confident in choosing love. The constant efforts of my brother-in-law have made it easier for my aunt and uncle to accept his capital. My sister’s growth has also made my parents believe in her choice.

Now, with the person in her heart, my cousin stood proudly in front of her parents and said categorically that it was him. This was the person I wanted to marry.

I think this is the essence of hard work.

Time has witnessed all happiness.

Go, just to find a direction for yourself, bend down, just keep looking for an opportunity to hold your head high, just to meet a better self

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