If contemporary Chinese want to learn to think independently, they must first learn to “disinfect” the false reports of the American and western media!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming Shuzatan WeChat ID: laomingdashu

1) Over the past 20 years, I have always had a habit of searching for the keyword “China” on the homepage of the English version of “Google News” almost every day to see how the American and Western English media report on China. Over the years, the Chinese-related reports of the American and Western English media have never been objective. However, in the past few years, with the rapid deterioration of Sino-US relations, the Chinese-related reports of the American and Western English media have become more extreme and extreme, sometimes even described as “vicious”.

2) There is a group of people in China who always have a deep doubt about the official voice of China, even a serious rebellious mentality, but always “believe” in the reports of the United States and Western media on China. They also share this kind of information everywhere, as if the “tooth wisdom” they picked up from the American and western media represented the “truth” of the world.

3) Such people also often “sneer” at the official voice of China and the reports of authoritative media, and then claim to be a group of people with “independent thinking spirit”.

4) This kind of person is actually a “fool”. Although they can understand English, they know nothing about the nature of American and Western public opinion. Over the past 20 years, I have been paying attention to the reports of American and western media. I am very clear that every so-called mainstream media in the United States has a clear party attribute. For example, CNN and the New York Times generally support Democrats, while Fox News basically supports Republicans. These so-called “big Western media” are actively playing the role of a tool for political parties in American politics. How dare anyone believe that they are “objective and fair”?

5) The so-called mainstream media in the United States is a tool for the struggle of political parties at home and a tool for safeguarding the interests of the United States and hegemonism abroad. The United States State Department and other government agencies often send various “suggestions” to the United States media on international news reports, so that the “wording” and “characterization” of a certain event by the United States media are consistent with the position of the United States government. For example, during this period, the “wandering balloon” incident, which was hyped up by American politicians and the media, was repeatedly explained by China that it was a civilian airship that entered the sky of the United States due to force majeure, but the United States government and the media insisted that it was a “spy balloon”, although so far they have not released any evidence to prove that the “wandering balloon” is a spy balloon, nor shared any investigation information with China. In fact, there are many similar examples.

6) The US government agencies, especially the intelligence agencies, often feed the US media in the form of so-called “anonymous information”. The two colluded and spread many big lies to the international community. In recent days, the news that the US government hyped that “China will possibly provide weapons to Russia” is an example. After all, the United States has not released any credible evidence, which is “speculation” and the words used are “possible”. What is the difference between this and Qin Hui’s “unnecessary”? It is China’s consistent position not to provide weapons to any party in the conflict. On the contrary, the United States itself, constantly pouring oil into the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, always wanted to “strangle” Russia at the expense of draining the blood of the last Ukrainian, which is extremely despicable.

7) Those in China

Those who regard the reports of American and western media as “treasure” are not only “muddleheaded”, but also “pathetic”. The most important thing for the United States to fight a “war of opinion” against China is not to brainwash the Americans, but to brainwash some Chinese “wretches”. Those Chinese who claim to have the ability of “independent thinking” are brainwashed by the American and western media, and then question China’s position and policy in turn, which is essentially being shot by the American and western countries.

8) In recent years, the American and Western media have employed many “Hong Kong independence” and “Taiwan independence” elements. As reporters for their Chinese-related reports, their brains have long been “washed out” by the American and Western media. Their Chinese-related reports are sometimes more “vicious” than Westerners. This is probably due to the “fanaticism of converts”. There are also some overseas students from the mainland who later worked in the US and western media. Some of them said that “the air in the US is free and sweet”. It is difficult for us to expect such people to understand what is true fairness and justice, and what is true national interests and national dignity. In the western media, there are a few backbone Chinese journalists who are still insisting, but they either try to avoid political issues, or they make any rational voice, which may be regarded as a kind of “political correctness” by Westerners.

9) The reports on China by the American and western media have always changed. To sum up, they are two “nonsense”: first, “China is bad”; Second, “China is going to end”. The next time you see the American and western media sing down China and smear China again, don’t think you have found the “truth”. The real truth is that you have become the victim of the “public opinion war” launched by the American and western media against China. As for the blasphemy of the American and Western media in their reports on China, I have just one sentence: “A dog’s mouth cannot spit out ivory”.

10) I hope that more and more Chinese people will not be affected by a few “muddlers” and “poor people”, and will really learn to think independently rather than pick up the wisdom of others. In the face of various “public opinion wars” launched by the United States and the West against China, contemporary Chinese people must learn to “disinfect” the false reports of the United States and the West, and must establish immunity to the false reports of the United States and the West.

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