If life can counter attack, why can’t it be you?

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If life can counter attack, why can’t it be you?

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If it is fate that makes it difficult for a poor family to give birth to a noble son, why can’t they be caught in the palm of fate? If life can counter attack, why can’t it be you?


I have lived in an industrial town since I was a child. The air there is mixed with gasoline. It smells evil. The machine is running continuously and making a noisy noise.

The most inconspicuous and tiny looking tile roofed house is my home. There was no radio, no fan, and no TV. Several chairs, several tables, and a telephone that had to be installed to facilitate contact with the outside world.

There are few doors and windows in the house because the smell of gasoline outside is too strong. Even in the daytime, only a little sunlight passes through the transparent skylight of less than two square meters on the roof of the tile roofed house. Therefore, if there is no light, there is no difference between day and night in the house.

Under the economic pressure, my father left his hometown and went to Guangzhou to work as a decorator. In a year, he only came back two days in a hurry during the Spring Festival and one day during the Qingming Festival. My great body and dark and thin face are my impressions of my father.

My mother chose to work in a factory in the town. She went out every morning and returned late at night, just to exchange cheap time for more money. I don’t know where she can get three meals a day. Maybe she doesn’t have three meals a day at all.


One day, I asked my sister: “ Sister, have you heard? Er Pang drank pesticide! Maybe I can understand him. Sister, have you ever thought about suicide? I feel tired to be a man. It’s really boring& rdquo;

Yes, I can’t experience the happiness of being led by my parents to stagger across the road. I can’t experience the fun of eating recklessly. What I enjoy is endless fear of the night. When it rains and winds, I’m afraid I can’t sleep. I know my mother is pushing the door of the house with heavy steps.

Even when I was young, I could not find the meaning of living. What is life? Is it a day when even firewood, rice, soy sauce, vinegar and salt cannot be guaranteed? Is there only bitter taste in the sour, sweet and bitter?

With tears in her eyes, my sister hugged me and said: “ You can’t do stupid things. Our brothers and sisters live well. Reading is our only way out. We can only change the status quo by flying to the branches and becoming a phoenix ” My younger sister said thought-provoking words. Life has brought her undue maturity at this age.

Yes, I want to change. I want to work hard.


Because of my excellent grades, I successfully entered the best junior high school in the county. On the first day of junior high school, my sister failed in the high school entrance examination and failed to go to the county high school. My son preference parents are unwilling to support my sister to study. My sister has to choose to leave a place that can change her destiny.

That night, in front of my bed, my sister said, in fact, I had expected this outcome. As a daughter in this small town imprisoned by traditional ideas, even if I did well in the high school entrance examination, I could not continue to pursue my dream. Little brother, you are different. You should insist that I will go out to work to earn tuition for you. You are eager to learn. With your own dreams and my dreams, I will walk out of this shabby Town, go far away and become an example for everyone.

At that moment, I cried and didn’t sleep all night.

Yes, I want to change, I want to work hard.


In the third day of junior high school, my parents wanted me to drop out of school. The reason is very simple. I listened to the gossip of my neighbors. Even though they value men over women, their traditional thoughts are so confined that they feel that it is better to enter the society as soon as possible to read elegant books. Gossip comes from my neighbors.

In the summer, those men leaned on the chair in front of their house, holding a sunflower fan, wearing flip flops, bare arms, holding cigarettes in their mouths, spitting out circles of white smoke from time to time, idling around all day, doing nothing, and living on the salary their wives got from working day and night in the factory; Those women, who haggle over every ounce, can instantly become gossip women for trivial matters. They will never finish their work. The only entertainment is to be gossip.

At this time, my sister stood up firmly against it, and even said that my parents did not support me to go to school. She would bear my tuition and living expenses alone in the future. My sister’s words left my parents helpless, so I had to give up and I was reborn.


How difficult it is for poor children! In my freshman year of high school, I got appendicitis and needed an operation urgently. But at that time, it happened that my family was gnashing their teeth to help me pay my tuition. There was no money left at all. In desperation, my mother had to pull down her old face and call her rich relatives.

However, the relatives said arrogantly, can you repay the loan, poor man! Even so, my mother held back for me and continued to ask. Finally, with all kinds of requests and interest as security, the money was borrowed, but that sentence deeply hurt my heart.

I can’t imagine how arrogant and disgusting the faces of relatives on the other end of the phone are. I can’t forget how helpless my mother’s begging eyes are on the other end of the phone. Lying in bed, my face was full of tears.

??“ Can you pay it back, poor man; The words of this heart were written on paper and pasted under the bed board of my upper berth and on my desk. Before going to bed, I would take a look. It was not bitter like sleeping on the bitter brushwood, but a force. When I slack off, I will think about the tile roofed house at home, my sister who dropped out of school, this sentence, and my mother’s confused and helpless eyes. All of a sudden, I will be full of hard work.

Many of my classmates asked me why I could study so hard. I said, because you don’t know what the poor children have experienced.

Is the title important to me? The answer is yes. I don’t want to be famous, look down on everything in the high-rise buildings, or seek the rich. All I do is to escape from the small town, the tile roofed house, the assembly line life, and win the respect of everyone, especially the relatives of the power. I want to become a man with quality, responsibility and dignity under the edification of knowledge, the guidance of teachers and the rendering of the environment.

It is a hot topic nowadays that it is difficult for a poor family to produce a noble son. Indeed, it is an indisputable fact that compared with poor students, the starting point will be higher if the family situation is a little better. Just as I went to junior high school, I found that my English level was much different from that of my classmates. Because the environment was different and my English education level was different, who could expect me to have a high-level English teacher in a remote town.

However, even if the starting point is different, I will try my best to make up for it with the day after tomorrow. You can do what you want. It depends on whether you work hard or not. Similarly, no matter what situation you are in and how big the gap with others is, as long as you work hard, you will be able to narrow the gap.

If it is fate that makes it difficult for a poor family to give birth to a noble son, why can’t you become a fish in the net under the palm of fate? If life can counter attack, why can’t it be you? If you don’t work hard, you will never know how big your potential is and how high your limit is!

Security guards counter attack into College Counselors: learning is the best investment in life. The Peking University graduate who sells pork is 51 years old and has finally completed his counter attack. What does it matter if his background is bad? If you work hard enough, you can counter attack students from second and third tier universities. Is there really no chance to counter attack?

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