If life is like the first time, why is it off the shelf? Li Xian, Wei daxun, who is the hero

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If life is like the first time, the trailer was originally going to be launched on Hunan Satellite TV and iqiyi. The trailer of Hunan Satellite TV has also been released. As a result, when it was about to be broadcast, there was no figure of life if it was like the first time. Hunan Satellite TV broadcast the situation of mountains and seas. If life is like the first time, why is it off the shelf? Who is the hero of this play, Li Xian and Wei daxun? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

If life is like the first time, why is it off the shelf

Hunan Satellite TV temporarily pulled off life if it was the first time without any notice, but iqiyi launched the play on time, and members can watch 6 episodes at one time. However, when watching the first and second episodes, many netizens found that if life had been taken off the shelves as they first saw it, they could not watch it. Of course, many netizens downloaded the six episodes in advance and saved them.

At the beginning, when iqiyi went online and Hunan Satellite TV withdrew its files, Hunan Satellite TV has been scolded by netizens for being too counselled. Originally, I thought that the radio and Television Bureau did not allow broadcasting, but iqiyi was online. Why is Hunan Satellite TV so conniving. But iqiyi came off the shelves soon after it went online, and netizens thought it was iqiyi’s toutie. In order to let many netizens open iqiyi’s members, it was so careless that it went online. If life was like seeing this play for the first time.

Who is the hero, Li Xian, Wei daxun

If life is like the first time, can it be broadcast? When will it be broadcast? These are all unknowns. I only know that it is because of the character prototype that life becomes so difficult if it is broadcast as first seen. It is reported that the controversial character is the role of Li Xian. Previously, the play has been promoting that Li Xian is a leading actor, which is a lot. As a result, Netizens found that Wei daxun had become something of a success. But in fact, Li Xian is still a hero. The sequence of characters in the TV series is determined by the order of appearance, so some netizens don’t scold Wei daxun anymore. He really didn’t rob the male owner.

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