If South Korea dares to support the United States to intervene in the Taiwan Strait, China can support North Korea to unify the South!

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Original: Zhanhao Source: official account: Zhanhao WeChat ID: zhanhao668

Small countries must be stable. Otherwise, once the world situation is unstable, there is a risk of annihilation. In the history of Poland in Eastern Europe, the number of annihilations is really “very few”; At present, Ukraine may perish in the next twenty or thirty years. Against the background of the great changes that have not occurred in a century, the prospect of South Korea is not optimistic, and there is also a risk of annihilating the country in the future.

Why is South Korea at risk of annihilation? There are two reasons:

First, North Korea has nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that can hit the United States, while South Korea does not, which will cast a shadow over whether South Korea can establish a country in the future. After all, North and South Korea are still a nation and a country in modern history.

Second, the strength of China and the United States will be reversed in the next 10 years, while the foundation of South Korea is based on the U.S. military presence. So, when the strength of the major powers in China and the United States is reversed, and when the United States is not stationed in South Korea in the future, what will South Korea rely on to establish its country?

So, don’t look at North Korea being poor and South Korea being rich. In the future, North Korea may unify South Korea, but South Korea cannot unify North Korea.

The future of South Korea depends not on the United States, but on China. In other words, the relationship between South Korea and China in the next two decades will determine whether South Korea can continue to stand on its own in the future. Based on this trend, South Korea must not stand in the wrong position between China and the United States, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable!

The long-term situation in South Korea is not optimistic, but South Korea does not seem to know itself. Now, the United States has spared no effort to suppress and discredit China and to create instability around China. In response to China, the United States provoked its East Asian allies to hype the Taiwan topic. It has to be said that for East Asian countries, it is very dangerous to talk about the Taiwan issue, because the Taiwan issue is an issue that may trigger military conflicts between China and the United States. For the United States, the Taiwan issue is the most important hot issue that it is bound to provoke China, which determines the danger of the Taiwan Strait.

In fact, for China, the current situation is very urgent. Please forward your comments and listen to Zhanhao’s analysis of the interests.

As we all know, the United States has been harboring great malice towards China recently, and has been trying every means to slander China. At the same time, it is also trying to stir up the Taiwan issue in East Asia. Its purpose is to create diplomatic pressure on China and force China to act according to the will of the United States, including dividing the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation, creating topics and hot spots in the Taiwan Strait, and creating conflicts between China and Europe It is rare to see sinister intentions and vicious means in creating conflicts between China and neighboring countries.

In this process, Japan and the Philippines have previously more or less hinted at China and Taiwan, China of China or made direct accusations against China. After Japan and the Philippines, South Korea just jumped out under the encouragement of the United States. In response to the “talkative” problem in South Korea, China directly went up to warn. For South Korea, China’s big slap will be loud and powerful enough!

In order to please the United States, South Korea’s Foreign Minister Park Chin recently accepted an interview with CNN and mentioned Taiwan. Park Zhen said in an interview that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are indispensable to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the security and prosperity of the entire region. The ROK opposes the unilateral change of the status quo by force. If something happens in the Taiwan Strait, the ROK needs to maintain peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, because it has a direct impact on the ROK.

Park Zhen’s words clearly mean the United States. To put it bluntly, this is what the United States means. It is just said from the perspective of South Korea. South Korean Foreign Minister Park Chin said that if the Taiwan Strait is “unstable”, it will have a negative impact on the security and prosperity of the Korean peninsula and the entire region. The “instability” in the Taiwan Strait that Park Zhen said actually refers to the possibility that China may unify Taiwan in the future, which is what Park Zhen said is opposed to “unilaterally changing the status quo by force”. Park Zhen also said that if something happens in the Taiwan Strait, the ROK needs to maintain peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, because it has a direct impact on the ROK.


On the issue of the reunification of Taiwan, we need to discuss the following. Under what conditions will China unify Taiwan? With regard to the conditions for the reunification of Taiwan, Article 8 of the Anti-Secession Law clearly states:

The “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces have caused the fact of Taiwan’s secession from China in any name and in any way, or major events that will lead to Taiwan’s secession from China have occurred, or the possibility of peaceful reunification has been completely lost. The country must take non-peaceful means and other necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

So what does Park Zhen mean by saying, “If there is something wrong with Taiwan, the ROK needs to maintain peace and stability on the Korean peninsula”? In the opinion of Zhanhao (WeChat official account: Zhanhao), its connotation is very deep. South Korea means that if Taiwan “has something to do” (PLA Wu Tong Taiwan), because it affects the stability of the Korean peninsula, he will have to hug the thigh of the United States. The implication is that South Korea will side with the United States based on its own security considerations, that is, if the United States wants to use South Korea’s military base to intervene in the Taiwan Strait conflict, South Korea will cooperate! To put it bluntly, Park Chin means that if there is “something wrong” in the Taiwan Strait, South Korea will join the US camp.

This statement of South Korea is very dangerous, because objectively speaking, the military conflict between China and the United States may break out because of the Taiwan Strait. Once South Korea allows the United States to use military bases, China will certainly regard South Korea as an enemy country, and it will not be surprising that South Korea’s military facilities will be attacked at that time. However, Park Zhen’s words also released an important signal, that is, if we want to solve the Taiwan issue, we must take the United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia into account.

So what is China’s response to South Korea’s attitude?

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a clear reply to this at the regular press conference on February 27. Mao Ning, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affairs, and no one is allowed to argue.

If the ROK wants to maintain peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, it needs to respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, adhere to the one-China principle, and prudently handle the Taiwan issue. “


The Chinese spokesman’s words are very meaningful. They are directly hitting the South Korean government in the face, and also warning the South Korea with practical actions. This suggestion is very dangerous. If the South Korea does so in the future, it will be in danger of “subjugation”!

China is a big and powerful country with political independence. The hegemonic United States cannot and cannot decide China’s internal affairs. Objectively speaking, a small country like South Korea has no right to talk about it. When answering the reporter’s questions, the Chinese spokesman directly responded to the ROK. If the ROK needs to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula, it must respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Chinese spokesman said this very seriously. In turn, if the ROK does not respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, there will be no peace and stability on the Korean peninsula. This actually tells South Korea that if South Korea dares to support the United States to intervene in the Taiwan issue, then China dares to “acquiesce” in the reunification of South Korea by North Korea!

Let’s ask, if there is a conflict between China and the United States, and the United States will face failure in fighting with China in East Asia, how can he care about South Korea? If China and the United States compete, can South Korea withstand the attack of North Korea? Don’t forget that there will be two permanent members of the Security Council behind North Korea. If South Korea cannot withstand the military power of North Korea, then when China defeats the United States, it will be the day of South Korea’s destruction!

In fact, because the United States has not agreed to lift the sanctions imposed by the Security Council on the DPRK for a long time, the DPRK has been unable to develop normally, which has also left the DPRK in a long-term economic stagnation. In this case, for North Korea, if the world geopolitical situation changes, he may have more opportunities to take advantage of the opportunity. Take a look at the recent North Korean leader, who is both a military parade and a drill with his wife and children. He is rubbing his hands in the face of the changing situation.


In the face of such a situation, will South Korea still be gossiping about the Taiwan issue? Do you dare to cooperate with the United States in doing things in the Taiwan Strait? For small countries, in the face of strong neighbors, some boundaries must not be crossed. Otherwise, in the fierce collision between big countries, a small country may become a battlefield in an instant, or even a country may not exist in the near future! Like Ukraine, would it have come to such a tragic end if it had not followed the United States?

The great change that hasn’t happened in a hundred years is not for fun! Facing China, South Korea should take it easy! China’s core interests, it’s your turn to gossip?!

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