If there were no problems with the Soviet textbooks, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would not break out today!

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Author: Ying Ju Yuan official account: see the world from afar

I would like to analyze the seriousness and seriousness of this matter from a historical perspective.

On May 26, the teaching material was hot on the Internet. At the same time, the new chief executive of Hong Kong, Li Jiachao, had just taken office. Russia and Ukraine were hot. A serious shooting incident occurred in buffalo in the United States

Doesn’t it seem relevant?

I tell you, there is a big logic behind it – that is “teaching materials”.

All the “hot spots” in the world are the products of the problems of local “teaching materials”.

Yasu camp, you know? The idea of beautifying the Nazis in Ukrainian society is very rampant, such as beating anti fascist veterans, killing Russian speaking people, and smashing red monuments


Ukraine demolishes statue of Lenin

In fact, Ukraine cannot be entirely blamed for this. The source is a problem in Moscow, Russia.

Today, we focus too much on the Nazis in Ukraine and the Asian speed camp. How many people know that there are Nazis in Russia?

The root cause lies in the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

In the middle and late Soviet Union, a large number of public knowledge infiltrated the Soviet educational system and tampered with textbooks on a large scale.

At first, it was because of Stalin. Although Lenin founded the Soviet Union, it was Stalin who really led the Soviet Union to become strong and win the anti fascist war, which was tantamount to Stalin being the de facto father of the Soviet Union.

When Lenin died in 1924, Stalin took over the Soviet Union. At that time, the Soviet Union was in ruins because it had just finished the civil war.

Under the leadership of Stalin, the average annual rate of industrialization in the Soviet Union was as high as 17-20%, and the growth rate of means of production was almost 30%. The completion of industrialization in more than 10 years is a miracle in the history of human industrialization.

After Stalin left in 1953, the Soviet Union he left behind was a country that beat fascism violently, became the leader of the global red camp, and had the strongest industrial strength except the United States.


I don’t say that Stalin was right in everything he did. He also made many mistakes, but this kind of person can’t be totally denied, because it doesn’t conform to historical facts.

As a result, as soon as Khrushchev came to power, he immediately completely denied Stalin.


On february25,1956, on the last day of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Khrushchev made a secret report at the meeting.

In this report, Khrushchev accused Stalin, who used to be called “father” and “loving father”, of being a “tyrant”, “executioner”, “dictator” and “destroyer of the socialist legal system”.

It shocked the whole world and brought serious ideological confusion to the international communist movement.

Do you know the Sino Soviet debate in history?

An important point in the Sino Soviet debate was that we in China did not agree with Khrushchev’s total negation of Stalin. Later, there was a complete quarrel.

The real disintegration of the Soviet Union did not begin with Gorbachev, nor was it caused by Yeltsin.

It was Khrushchev who, in order to establish his authority, directly criticized Stalin, who led the Soviet Union to build a country and win the Second World War, as worthless.

For him personally, the advantage was that he replaced Stalin and became the largest leader of the red camp in the world.

But for the Soviet Union and even the red camp all over the world, he was insane.

Stalin was carrying out the revolution with comrade Lenin. If you describe Stalin as a devil, then Lenin is the person who raises the Gu? Was the Soviet Union built by the devil?

After Khrushchev completely denied Stalin, the ideology of the entire Soviet Union could not be explained clearly. By the time of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, these people did not believe in socialism at all.

Khrushchev denied Stalin in 1956, while Gorbachev and Yeltsin were both born in 1931. They were all young men in their twenties in 1956.

Although the two men were adults at that time, their twenties were almost “adolescence” for political career.

In the “Youth” of their official career, they grew up reading Khrushchev’s “poison teaching materials”. How could they not turn against the Soviet Union in the end?

Since Stalin was the devil and the Soviet Union was founded by the devil, how should these “young people” save the country? Of course, the best way is to learn from the truly free and democratic West.

In the end, I thought it was too slow to learn from the West! The Soviet Union disintegrated and completely westernized.

At the end of the Soviet Union and after its disintegration, the Soviet Union was known to be crazy about discrediting Soviet heroes.

For example, Zhuoya, the most famous heroine of the Soviet Union, would rather die than surrender in the face of the German army. Before her death, she called on the villagers present to continue to resist the invaders and not be afraid of death. “Comrade Stalin will come.”.


Zhuoya was tortured by the inhuman German army before his death, and the slogan of the Soviet counterattack was “revenge for Zhuoya!”.

As a result, Zhuoya was directly said to have mental problems by the Russian public!

In 1991, the weekly Tribune and facts, which had a large circulation at that time, published a joint open letter from several doctors, believing that Zhuoya might have suffered from schizophrenia from 1938 to 1939, and seemed to have been hospitalized in Moscow’s kashchenko hospital for some time.

In the view of the pro western public, if you are not mentally ill, why are you patriotic?

Did you know that Khrushchev told us that Stalin was a devil and the Soviet Union was a country founded by the devil? Do you still have a conscience if you love the Soviet Union so much?

Is it not just Zhuoya who has been vilified?

There was also matlosov. In order to win the battle, he sneaked near the German blockhouse to blow up the blockhouse with grenades, but failed. A similar touching scene appeared. He chose to block the German machine gun fire with his body, and finally made a heroic sacrifice.


Is it very similar to martyr Huangjiguang in China?

The following events are also very similar. There was a smear attack against martyr Huang Jiguang in China, just like that in Soviet Russia.

“The story of Matrosov” was once said to be a lie made up by Stalin’s regime.

A well-known Russian said that he must have been killed by stray bullets. There is no such thing as “blocking German machine guns with his body”. How can a person do such a thing with his own body?

The Russian public feeling is completely incomprehensible

Even in the end, Lenin was said to be a German spy.

Only after you understand the above background can you understand why there are Nazi thoughts in Russia, Ukraine and even the entire former Soviet Union.


The Russian Nazi organization is the “Russian skinhead party” (banned by Putin later), and the Ukrainian Nazis are mainly led by the Asian speed battalion.

These two products are ideological trends born under the background of historical nihilism. Since the Soviet Union is the worst, can the German army be a good man?

Therefore, we really need to trace the origin of the Asian speed camp. You will find that the root cause is the consequences of the problems in Soviet textbooks.

1. Khrushchev totally denied Stalin;

2. The legitimacy of the founding of the Soviet Union went bankrupt;

3. Western thought began to have opportunities;

4. After being infiltrated by western thoughts, the Soviet Union disintegrated;

5. After the collapse of the building, the Nazi image was naturally washed white;

6. Nazi organizations have emerged in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics.

The difference is that Russia has Putin to turn the tide and bring order out of chaos, while Ukraine has poor social cohesion. It has not stopped historical nihilism and has finally become completely Nazi.

After Nazism, Ukrainian extremists began to attack the pro Russian people in the East. Because these extremists believe that these people are the remnant of the Soviet Union, and that Ukraine must join the West and NATO to target Russia.


Ukrainian Nazis fly NATO flag

As for Li Jiachao, the new chief executive of Hong Kong, I have written before.

Why do we need such a fierce man as Li Jiachao? Because Hong Kong needs great governance.

So why do we need big governance? Because there have been several rounds of black storms in Hong Kong.

So Then why are there several rounds of black storms? Because there is a problem with the teaching materials in Hong Kong, because Hong Kong has not gone completely to British culture.

Li Jiachao’s coming to power is the result that Hong Kong, and even the whole of China, are a healthy force and can not bear the chaotic forces in Hong Kong.

It is hoped that there will be a super hardliner who can carry out iron willed legal governance, resolutely safeguard Hong Kong’s legal system, and resolutely promote the re sinicization and de britannization of Hong Kong.

Russia has Putin, we also need our own fierce man, super brother, come on.

But these troubles, the cause of all, are not just teaching materials?

And the Nazis in Ukraine, the consequences of the Soviet textbook problem. There is even a linkage with the waste of Hong Kong’s “British” teaching materials. There is a nest of thieves and mice.


In 2019, the Ukrainian Nazis entered Hong Kong, China, and began to help the Hong Kong Youth riots.

Because in the eyes of the Ukrainian Nazis, China is also a red “remnant”, which is why I don’t like Ukraine very much.

At the same time, in the middle of this month, on May 14, a large-scale shooting occurred in Buffalo. White Neo Nazis in the United States rushed into the black community and killed everyone they saw, resulting in 10 deaths and 3 injuries.

This white mob, let’s see what he’s wearing?

On the left is a white American murderer with a black sun sign on his chest. On the right are Ukrainian soldiers, and the chest is also a sign of the black sun.


Below is the symbol of the Ukrainian Asian speed camp, followed by the Black Sun pattern.


Why does the United States have the Neo Nazi symbol of the Ukrainian Asian speed camp?

Because the United States has long revised its historical “teaching materials”, in 2020, on the anniversary of World War II, the US Department of Defense issued a publication entitled “European Victory Day: a time to celebrate and think”.

It was publicly announced that the Soviet Union and Germany provoked World War II, while the United States liberated the world.


In order to encircle and suppress Russia, the United States also tacitly accepted the development of Nazi forces in Eastern Europe and the restoration of Japanese militarist forces.

In 2010, Ukrainian President Yushchenko publicly announced that Bandra was posthumously awarded the title of “Ukrainian national hero”. BANDERA was the leader of the German puppet army in World War II, and the United States did not respond.

On December 16, 2021, the United Nations began to vote on the resolution “against beautifying Nazism”, and only the United States and Ukraine voted against it.

The reason why the United States voted against it was not that the United States still expected the Ukrainian Nazis to fight Russia.

Under the circumstances that American diplomacy has been giving the green light to Nazis and militarism. Racists in the United States and Neo Nazis in Eastern Europe frequently communicate and interact.

After all, the “teaching materials” of the US Department of defense are so toxic that even the Soviet Union is one of the main anti fascist forces in World War II and is unwilling to admit it.

If it were not for the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in the United States, it would be difficult for the two sides to untie their enmity.

Maybe even Japan’s invasion of China will be interpreted by the United States as how China threatened Japan in World War II. To serve its strategy of encircling and suppressing China’s rise. After all, the United States has already done this to Russia.

Is an aircraft carrier important? Important, we can’t go to dark blue without an aircraft carrier.

Are chips, high-tech and application systems important? It is important that without these, we are still stuck by the United States in the core technology of mobile Internet.

But if your child is taught something problematic from an early age.

It’s full of vilified Chinese, sexual suggestion, sexual perversion, the American Star Spangled Banner, the wrong flag, Japanese pilots


If our children watch this grow up, their minds will be changed.

Just like Gorbachev and Yeltsin in the “career youth” period, they poisoned the teaching materials when they were growing up.

Will it be useful if our aircraft carrier, independently developed chips, lithography machines and application systems are well developed?

Before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, its industrial level, military capability, resource endowment, development potential, number of nuclear bombs and scientific and technological level were still the top presence in the world except the United States.

But can these things save the Soviet Union?

When Chairman Mao embarked on the cause of liberation, at first he had no guns and guns, lacked food and clothing, and was still in poor rural areas. Did this prevent Chairman Mao from leading our party to liberate the whole of China?


Technology and military strength are very important, but thought is the “source code” of everything.

If a person starts from his youth, his thoughts will be “abandoned”, and all other superstructures will collapse.

If there were no problem with the Soviet Union’s “teaching materials”, the Soviet Union would not disintegrate, and today the Russian Ukrainian conflict would not break out.

This is definitely not a trivial matter, even more important than the number of nuclear arsenals!

It is a major event no less than the liberation of Taiwan. Taiwan Province will be liberated, and our people’s thoughts, our education and our own cultural system can no longer depend on the West!

Before, Renmin University took the lead to withdraw from the Western rankings, which is a good thing.

I see people always say something. Renmin University took the lead in withdrawing from the international ranking.

This is nonsense. It is the ranking of western countries that have withdrawn. What does this have to do with the international community? Britain and the United States are equal to the world?

What is the world? Slavic countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, etc. Is this the most populous world? Is this really international?!

The guy who teaches people to draw illustrations in the mathematics textbook of the edition is only recognized by western countries!


He took his paintings of the underworld to the Slavic countries of East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe Has the district gone to the exhibition?

In these countries, will anyone recognize him as a master?!

China’s rise is to give the world a choice for non western countries and give the world our own China plan.

If we all regard the “pawn” recognized by the West as our domestic master standard, how can we liberate the world? Can you live up to the expectations of the people of the world?!

We must learn from the West where it has advantages and advanced. But as far as the western liberal arts is concerned, many contents have been completely dregs.

What is the difference between cultural design and “cesspit” in a country that can regard the following models as beautiful and fashionable?


Reject western soft power hegemony ? international aesthetic decoupling.

The west is never equal to the world!

Is to learn the advantages of the world, not to blindly learn from the West!

If one aspect of the West has no advantages, then we will give up learning!

Build our aesthetics, build our soft power, and liberate our cultural beliefs from the hegemony of Western soft power.

Cultural independence and cultural liberation, from now on!

Poison teaching materials must be thoroughly investigated, and it is more important to find out how and what mentality led to the review.

This is not a thing that can be fooled. There are no small things about children. Even if it is unintentional, it can not be tolerated.

The review of teaching materials must be raised to the level of national sovereignty and security. The bottom line must be raised to the outline and viewed with a magnifying glass or even a microscope!

After all, the Soviet Union has told us what the consequences of this problem are, that is, the collapse of the country and fratricide!

We have not completely experienced all this. The pain of the Hong Kong Black Storm should still be fresh in the memory of the Chinese people!

We must not suffer from this kind of teaching material twice!


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