If you expose your weakness, you should pursue it!

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Source official account: Yan Tajun

The key to the rule of the empire is two points: hard power and soft power, which complement each other.

Hard power is that the challenger dare not challenge, and soft power is deceiving, which makes most people believe that the rule of the empire is for your own good and in the interests of most people. As long as you believe it, the leek can be harvested at a low cost. Otherwise, the cost of cutting leek will be outrageously high by relying on hard power alone. The cost of cutting a crop of leek may exceed a sickle.

For a long time, although the Empire likes aggression and domineering, its soft power has not revealed obvious flaws, because it must be internal. If most people inside believe that even if outsiders do not believe, the Empire can continue. The ancients said that the strong fortress was broken from the inside, and no one dared to take the initiative to be the first bird until there were no obvious loopholes inside the Empire.


Until a rude general came to power, he changed all this. In the siege of all mainstream media, in the siege of all institutional politicians, and in the eyes of all people, he became the general commander of the empire. Although he was in the red camp, he tried to alleviate the hatred of the blue side towards him, and also made some moves to attract the blue side.

However, the blue side did not appreciate it. Instead, it attacked more crazily. It also cheated the general leader out of the stage. Therefore, the initiative of the red side to bridge the conflict with the blue side failed after four years of practice.

When he arrived at the post of commander in chief, Lan Fang tried to bridge the conflict with the Red Party at the beginning, and wanted to be the commander in chief of all people. But he also found that the other side was ungrateful, and his family was also strongly opposed, all in vain.

Therefore, the position of the Blue Leader is also increasingly conservative. After the second anniversary of the ruling, a serious chemical accident occurred in the state where the Red Party is located. According to the past experience, or the experience of all mankind, the Imperial Leader should go to the scene of the accident and make a full gesture, whether it is to attract the people or for personal responsibility.


But this time, the commander didn’t even look at it. When he asked for help at the place where the accident happened, he refused. On the contrary, the former commander of the Red Party who had stepped down went. Many people scolded him for making a show. But I said, at least he would like to dress up. The Blue Party simply didn’t even dress up. He would rather go to the battlefield 10000 kilometers away than go to the place where the accident happened, as if the local people were not his people.

Just because the local people belong to the Red Party, they will be expelled from the Empire. This practice will certainly make the supporters of the Blue Party happy, but it will cause huge cracks in the soft power of the Empire.

The soft power of the empire is not to let others believe it, but to let its own people believe it. You have to let your own people believe that you are free and democratic before you can spread it to other people’s homes. If you don’t believe it and expect others to believe it, you will lose your heart. But obviously, after a series of events, the red side has completely lost heart to the blue side.


This creates a dead cycle. When the Red side is in power, the Blue side does not believe it is democratic. When the Blue side is in power, the Red side does not believe it is democratic, and its weaknesses are fully exposed.

Therefore, the other side of the ocean issued an epoch-making guiding document, explicitly denying that the West is a constitutional government and separation of powers, let alone a democratic country. Is this not ideological rebellion?

Yes, that is, even if you don’t believe in the inside of the empire, can you manage the outside?

When your weakness is exposed, it is inevitable to be chased and beaten.


There is a saying that if I had never seen the light, I could have endured the darkness.

If the empire did not expose its weaknesses, the light would not shine on the other side of the ocean. The other side of the ocean and the whole world would think that the ideology of the empire is light. But after seeing the real light, everyone knows that it is dark.

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