Implicit rules of Chinese culture!

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Let’s talk about the past.

In the 1960s, Sukarno, the father of Indonesia, visited Moscow. The Soviet Union arranged several great beauties to accompany him. Sukarno, who had been married six times, was a sentimental person who was full of love for the world. He had never had any resistance to beauty, food and beauty, and naturally rolled sheets with these beauties.

The KGB secretly filmed the process of rolling their sheets. At the end of Sukarno’s visit, the KGB invited him to the headquarters and showed him the secretly filmed video, in an attempt to threaten the Indonesian President and control Indonesian politics.

But what made the KGB collapse was that Sukarno was not ashamed of it, but laughed and asked the KGB to let him bring a video back to Indonesia, because in the cultural concept of the Indonesian people, this kind of thing between men and women is not despised, but envied.

In terms of style, I Indonesian people are three or four floors taller than the French.

On the contrary, Hong Kong star Edison Chen, who had a promising future in 2008, was subjected to a nationwide moral trial after the indecent photos taken with several ex girlfriends were copied from the repaired computer and posted online. He was forced to apologize to the public and never entered the entertainment industry again.

Living in different cultural circles determines the social response to a person or thing.

In the cultural circle of China, there are some unique and implicit rules that the people are not allowed to break, and they are also places where Chinese people are not consistent with other nationalities.

For example, Chinese people always have high moral requirements for politicians, and the public moral image of top-level politicians should not be tarnished; For example, Chinese people can’t tolerate idlers and people who don’t like learning; Another example is that Chinese people always take clan as the link to do business, complete the process of transmission, help and belt, and pass the interest chain to the outside with blood affinity, etc.

The reason for the formation of this cultural rule is that China is a “unified Confucian cultural circle”. None of the nine words in the double quotation marks can be changed, which is shaped by the living environment of thousands of years.

The Chinese nation lives in the easternmost continental region of Eurasia, where a semi enclosed high-quality geographical space has just formed. At the same time, there are seven major river basins that need to be treated. In order to mobilize national resources to overcome geographical disasters and live a good life, China has unified its thinking with Confucianism, unified the country with military power, and smoothed out differences with standard words and weights, all of which are determined by living space, Not anyone can change it easily.

Some implicit rules of Chinese culture are irresistible to any individual. In the past, Chen Guanxi could not, nor can today’s Yiyang Qianxi.

Edison Chen was knocked to the ground by the implicit cultural rule that “public figures must have higher moral standards”, and Yiyang Qianxi finally withdrew from the national dialect theater, which was sniped by the implicit cultural rule that “wealth cannot be both rich and noble”.

Yes, there is a very serious implicit cultural rule in China, which is called “wealth and honour cannot be both”, which is a unique cultural rule in China.

The meaning of this sentence is that if you are in a high position and you have extremely high political power, you cannot have a lot of private wealth; If you have a lot of private wealth, you can’t get involved in politics.

This one is very rigid. Whoever touches it will die.

For example, Shen Wansan, a billionaire in the early Ming Dynasty, helped Zhu Yuanzhang repair the city wall of Nanjing and asked for money to reward the army. Instead of thanking him, Zhu Yuanzhang sent him to Yunnan.

Because Shen Wansan, who had the word “rich”, said that he would reward the army with the intention of buying the hearts of the army, which was to move the political power implied in the word “expensive”. Of course, Zhu Yuanzhang was suspicious and would kill him.

For another example, many officials today usually fall into the hands of netizens because they wear expensive watches, because Chinese people generally believe that if you have the political power to manage cities and counties, you can never have the material life of the rich. If you have “expensive”, you can’t be “rich”.

In selecting political dignitaries in contemporary China, people who have endured hardships and have grown up at the bottom are stressed, rather than from the children of rich families. First, these people understand what civilians need. Second, these people will not form a natural alliance with the rich, but also appear while avoiding wealth.

Today, there are many rich businessmen who have already lived a good life. They always can’t help but want to have real political power and get close to politics. This actually touches the implicit rules of Chinese culture, which is actually looking for death.

It’s really terrible to be illiterate. If you earn a good life by luck, you will die with money and life by strength.

In China over the years, there are so many complacent people who overestimate their abilities, mistakenly regard the dividends of the times and a moment of luck as strength, and lose their lives. They don’t know that the torrent retreats bravely. The most representative among them is master Wang Lin.

The rich are not valuable, and the noble are not rich. There is no sky shattering opportunity. No one can control wealth and honor. At the same time, come to the door. Be a man and stop when you are good. When you are rich and expensive, you should be particularly careful.

The most enthusiastic applause is when the danger is closest.

No one can challenge the cultural implicit rules formed in China for thousands of years. Whoever chooses will die.

After understanding the logic of things, we can now understand social phenomena. Why are people disgusted with the establishment of Yiyang Qianxi as a whole?

Because Yiyang Qianxi, Luo Yizhou and Hu Xianxu, at a young age, have made fame and fortune from the market, especially Yiyang Qianxi is already a front-line star, and he has obtained enough “wealth”.

If he goes into the establishment again, he is squeezing other people’s access to “expensive”. Many people subconsciously dislike other people’s wealth and wealth.

Since ancient times, wealth and honor cannot be achieved by both sides. People naturally have opinions on who wants to achieve both.

In fact, there have always been stars in the national theater, including Zhang Fengyi, Yuan Quan, Duan Yihong, Li Bingbing, my favorite actress Qin Hailu, and so on. There has been no big problem for the national theater to include stars in the list, but because it is the Internet age, information is easy to be exposed to the public. As soon as you see that you are so rich, you still need to plan a compilation. This is no good. We have opinions.

There was a heated discussion on the Internet about the inclusion of Yiyang Qianxi.

Fortunately, it was small enough. Yiyang Qianxi was smart enough to quit the establishment of the national dialect theater in time, so Yiyang Qianxi didn’t suffer any real harm and was able to leave the whole body in this matter.

I’m not writing this article to discuss the Yiyang Qianxi. I think this fact is too trivial. We mainly discuss the subtle impact of social systems, cultural roots and political differences on things in the world.

The Chinese cultural circle is so unique that it is very feared by the white world. Everyone sees that Indians can often climb to the CEO of white top companies. The next British Prime Minister may be Indian. Indians can deeply integrate into the white world, while Chinese can’t. It’s not that Chinese are weaker than Indians. In essence, it’s because Indian culture is too weak and assimilated into the lackeys of Anglo Americans.

But Chinese cannot assimilate. People from the unified Confucian culture circle have eaten hamburgers in the United States for 50 years, and Americans also think that you cannot assimilate. How much Gaohua, so you want to make a coating all your life and can’t get it.

Back to the point, I wrote this article with great care, just to remind some people.

In China, when your family is rich and well-off, don’t think about making profits in the political circle, and try to cover up the sky; When you are in a high position and in charge of the local government, don’t think about using public power to cash in, and try to be fat and light.

What is the way of heaven? It is a common agreement and bottom line formed by a nation after thousands of years of polishing. It is not easy to step on the line.

When the rich reach for power, when officials reach for profit, it is not just the law that will govern you.

In fact, God, I also want to charge you.

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